Neptune in 3rd House: How It Defines Your Personality and Life

This placement of Neptune makes people express themselves with candor and charm, so no one can really get bored with them.

Neptune in 3rd house

People born with Neptune in the third house of their birth chart are influenced to be intuitive and able to communicate better than others, some even taking that on a whole new level.

When young, they tend to be very undisciplined and to not do a single practical thing. Their youth years will also bring them a lot of insecurity. The older they’ll get, the better they will learn how to focus and how to become productive.

Neptune in 3rd House summary:

  • Strengths: Intuitive, eloquent and sociable;
  • Challenges: Absent-minded, undisciplined and controlling;
  • Advice: They shouldn’t let other people step over their feelings;
  • Celebrities: Kurt Cobain, Al Pacino, Kate Winslet, Keanu Reeves.

Creative and charming

It’s not easy for natives with Neptune in 3rd house to absorb factual information, so they may be not be in any way interested in academics.

However, when it comes to open-mindedness and the type of learning based on visualization, they are the best. Always dreaming and having their head in the clouds, these people may only see the big picture and miss out on the details that matter the most.

It’s difficult for them to follow a schedule or to deal with everyday life because they’re always thinking of something they consider is greater than just paying bills or cooking dinner.

It’s also very possible for them to be absent-minded when someone is giving them directions, so they will miss out on important things and after wonder what they have done wrong.

If you have a date with them, expect a cancellation or for them to be late. At least they seem to communicate without any efforts and to understand others without asking too many questions.

The way these people express themselves is creative and charming, but this doesn’t mean they can’t create confusion considering they rarely keep a determined attitude.

As children, it will be a challenge for them to learn because they’re undisciplined and too creative. Neptune in 3rd house individuals are very sensitive and rely a lot on their intuition, so you can often find them in a melancholic mood.

This planet makes natives having it in 3rd house receptive to everything that’s going on happening around them, and also to people’s feelings.

Their conversational style is usually entertaining, and other people can really impress them because they allow themselves to be easily influenced.

Their imagination seems to always be running wild, and when dealing with new ideas and concepts, they’re always bringing in their emotions. Neptune in Third house makes natives with this placement psychics and aware of what others are thinking.

When it comes to their personality, they’re not in any way conventional and prefer to dream instead of focusing on what they’re being told.

This is the reason why they may have problems absorbing new information. The concepts being presented to them need to be defined and clear.

Neptune is a planet surrounded by mystery and that brings many problems to those who have it in the 3rd house. In this position, it influences the natives’ way of communication, their siblings, close-by neighbors and short-distance travels.

Furthermore, it makes them erratic and not at all able to deal with details. When it comes to abstract notions and creativity, however, their mind starts to be intuitive and to know what to do.

They should be very careful when signing contracts because they tend to forget what they need to write and often make mistakes because they simply cannot concentrate.

Neptune in 3rd house natives can be great writers and artists as their soul is full of poetry and mind of philosophical thinking.

When this planet is in good aspects with Venus, they have all the chances to follow a career in the art world or to become great dancers. Usually calm and likable, they attract a lot of sympathy and others always want to help them.

Many will think of these natives as cute and a little bit boring because they only seem lost in their own fantasy world. When it comes to the relationships with their siblings, it’s possible for them to have stepbrothers and sisters they not know about.

They will treat their neighbors and friends as their siblings because they have this need to be like family with everyone. At least one of their brothers or sisters would be artists and perhaps addicted to drugs and alcohol, especially if their Neptune is in difficult aspects.

The third house is the ruler of pseudonyms, so the natives with this placement may use nicknames to identify themselves. This is even more possible if they’re artists who wish for an alter-ego and to have a persona under which they can present their work.

The Neptune in the 3rd house aspect makes people with this position talented at astrology because they can understand how and why the stars are moving, all while looking at the big picture and really understanding something.

The 3rd house reveals how people can interact with their immediate surroundings, so the presence of Neptune here makes things agitated and even erratic when it comes to this type of interaction.

Therefore, people with this placement would probably forget all about their appointments and always be late. Like said before, when it comes to everyday issues, they simply can’t deal with this type of tasks and have problems with studying because they can’t concentrate.

When kids, they’ve probably read only fairy tales and fantasy stories because their imagination asked this of them. Preferring to be intuitive and to learn through images and their other senses, the conventional type of education is very boring for them.

Neptune is the planet of illusions amongst other things, so it gives natives rose-colored glasses, depending in which house it’s placed.

When in the 3rd house of communication, its effects are influencing people to only see and hear what they want.

Dreaming and always late, they’re still charming and good with communication because they have a great imagination and no one can beat them when it comes to writing or creating art pieces.

It’s even easy for them to act, and if one of their siblings is addicted to drugs or alcohol, they may have had a difficult childhood due to this and to the fact that they weren’t able to learn and focus.

When something isn’t captivating and interesting enough, they simply can’t keep their focus.

Caring about others and very intuitive with their feelings, they will always make their loved ones feel good. It’s suggested they take a GPS with them in their short trips because they tend to get lost easier than others.

The goods and the bads

When it comes to their career, natives having Neptune in 3rd house could teach because they’re good at sharing their knowledge with others.

Very enthusiastic, they immediately attract people and inspire boldness as they’re not scared of anything themselves.

When the unknown is presented to them, they become very curious and want to do anything to get all the information on a certain matter.

Since they’re so good at expressing what goes through their mind, those around them will be inspired to do the same.

Their creativity and enthusiasm make everyone wanting to be the same as them. It’s suggested they learn how to deal with details and keep notes of everything they have to do in order to no longer be late to meetings.

Their memory is quite short, so if they want to function properly in the society, they need to do something about it.

Dreaming big and making things happen is their own responsibility, and they’re pretty capable of achieving great things because they know how and have the mind for it.

Being idealists, it’s not easy for them to deal with the real world. They will always be dreaming about what to do and where to go, so they may sometimes have no more time to pay attention to what’s happening around them.

The more aware of the fact that they have their head in the clouds, the more grounded they’ll become.

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