Neptune in 2nd House: How It Defines Your Personality and Life

This placement of Neptune influences people to behave in less practical ways and so their money will always get spent on more or less useful things.

Neptune in 2nd house

While they don’t like to admit it, people born with Neptune in the second house of their birth chart have problems with their wealth and possessions. They tend to spend too much, so their life pretty much revolves around having to pay debts.

It’s like they don’t have any financial judgment, which means they should have someone to do their accounting for them. It’s also suggested they’re not dishonest because this can cause them more problems with money as Neptune in 2nd house wouldn’t allow anything illegal to happen.

Neptune in 2nd House summary:

  • Strengths: Elegant, indulgent and sociable;
  • Challenges: Unrealistic, resentful and superficial;
  • Advice: They should beware of too much speculation;
  • Celebrities: Isaac Newton, Carl Jung, Tom Hanks, James Franco.

A challenging position

As said before, Neptune in 2nd house people prefer to say they don’t care about money, so perhaps karma gives them many problems when it comes to owning things and bringing in the cash.

It’s possible for them to pursue an interesting career, but they shouldn’t trust too much their own ideas because these are usually unrealistic.

They should advice regarding their finances because they lack practicality and don’t seem to have any luck when trying to hold on to a budget.

It’s like they can’t think of solutions to generate a good income as they’re always using their intuition and don’t pay too much attention to what logic is telling them.

These people dream wealth will come to them one day, and that they’ll get to be very rich. Maybe this will work, especially if they’ll trust themselves to be able to accomplish something in their life.

In case they struggle to make a living, it’s suggested for them to revise their attitude towards money and to appreciate themselves for their own true value.

When Neptune is in good aspects while residing in the 2nd house, the natives with this placement may feel they’re rich regardless of how much money they have.

This is a good attitude to have because great things regarding their finances may happen one day for them.

The situation in which Neptune is in challenging positions, they may not ever be practical and their money will always get spent on useless things. They can even be too generous, so they should avoid situations in which they may need to give away their money or to negotiate business.

Therefore, Neptune in 2nd house individuals are impractical, confused and even chaotic when it comes to the financial aspect.

This position also suggests they may have dreams about earning a lot, but this can’t be in any way beneficial for them because if they wouldn’t do anything about it.

They’re also easy to trick and usually get involved in schemes that promise them quick earnings.

Many people will tell them about opportunities for tremendous wealth, and they’ll invest without taking a closer look at what’s being presented.

It sometimes seems impossible for these natives to see reality as far as money goes. If they’d be more discriminating and interested in materials, they’d also be able to identify opportunities that can bring them everything they want.

It’s also important for these people to learn how to say no when someone is asking for their financial help because they’re usually the type that would give up everything so that others become emotionally available with them.

Not to mention they’re also sympathetic with those who happen to have less. It’s the planet Neptune that gives them this compassion and that in the same time drives them to give up what they have until ending up depending on others for money.

Often times, the placement of Neptune indicates where natives are the most helpless in life. The house with this planet is reveals the areas that leave people unhappy with their achievements.

Creativity enhanced

Neptune in 2nd house people are quite detached, which means they can face many financial difficulties because they have either literally lost what was in their wallet or gave it away to those who don’t deserve it.

As a matter of fact, Neptune’s role in the 2nd house is to make them very imaginative and not the at all lucky when it comes to materials. It’s like these natives are the victims of bad fortune.

They’ll have unpaid bills and prefer not to think of them until one day, they’ll wake up without electricity or water. Banks will repossess their house or car and they’ll think there’s still a way out of the situation.

There is also the possibility when Neptune is in a beneficial position in the 2nd house, which means the natives will manage to get their hands-on money, no matter how rarely they’d be thinking about this issue.

This is a great thing, considering Neptune rules over creativity and makes people poets, artists and sometimes addicted to alcohol and drugs.

Therefore, some Neptune in 2nd house natives can make a lot of money from painting or writing books. Many of them will be nurses or pharmacy assistants because they’re good at dealing with different substances.

As a passive celestial body in astrology, Neptune is definitely not ideal for the financial aspect when it’s placed in the second house.

Needless to say it again that it makes people resentful towards material gain and fortune. Individuals with Neptune in 2nd house lack practicality more than any other people who have this planet in a different house.

They will not pay attention to how much they’re spending and definitely not think about their finances as of a priority.

If it happens for them to be very wealthy, expect excessive spending and for them to give away their money without thinking too much.

In case Neptune is in negative aspects with Mercury or Mars, it is influencing natives to be easily tricked by all sort of religious charlatans. They will spend money on books saying they should change their faith, but also on concerts and many other forms of entertainment.

This happens because Neptune needs to be satisfied when in the 2nd house, and its desires can be pretty expensive to satisfy.

When it comes to art, this planet has the finest tastes. It’s often that people with Neptune in 2nd house give their last penny for tickets to a concert rather than keeping it for food or something else they may urgently need.

This is a behavior that leads to bankruptcy, but still, it won’t make them feel in any way desperate or depressive as they wouldn’t even care they no longer have anything left

If Neptune in the 2nd house is in trine with any of the planets that bring fame or even the Moon and the Sun, and these would be in the 10th House, the natives with such placements can become famous for their generosity and availability to give everything they have to others.

Another problem individuals with this placement have is not knowing their own value and for how much their work should be appreciated.

In the situation in which they’d be artists, everything coming out of their hands would have a spiritual note because this is the direction their personality tends to take.

The goods and the bads

Natives with Neptune in 2nd house are full of ideas and have great taste, which means they also have a special way of seeing the world.

Many will be impressed by their vision and encourage their career or hobbies. It’s important for them to believe in themselves because only this way, others will get to recognize their efforts.

Neptune in 2nd house indicates that if they’d have clear objectives, they would also be able to work hard and make their dreams come true.

These people shouldn’t let anyone tell them that what they have in mind is impossible. If they want to join a cause or charity organization, they should just not care about what others have to say and just do it.

Their energy needs to be invested in something they actually love, no matter if this brings them any money or not. Being happy seems to be enough for them, so they should go ahead and do what their heart is telling them to do.

Furthermore, they need to pay attention and not rely too much on their intuition as far as business goes. Their great ideas on how to make more money are not always the most realistic ones, so they should count on others to suggest them what they have to do for more wealth.

In case they refuse to do so, they may need study a lot and watch their strategies are, in order to be as effective as possible.

Living only in a world of dreams won’t do them any good. In case they have been raised in a wealthy family, they should think carefully what needs to be done for their finances to remain the same as they can have a too optimistic attitude when used to have everything they need.

When feeling things are not going in the right direction from a financial point of view, they should take a look at what responsibilities they have because it’s possible they may still be able to come up with a remedy on their own.

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