Neptune in 5th House: How It Defines Your Personality and Life

This placement of Neptune makes people benefit from a very rich imagination so their lives tend to take quite dramatic and exciting turns.

Neptune in 5th house

When in the fifth house, Neptune has an influence over romances, imagination and children. People with this placement have the ability to put themselves in others’ shoes and to know what their loved ones are feeling.

Natives having Neptune in 5th house are talented actors, or they just love going to the movies and the theater. Their imagination is very rich and they are more romantic than many other people with different placements.

Neptune in 5th House summary:

  • Strengths: Glamorous, eccentric and diplomatic;
  • Challenges: Secretive, unrealistic and manipulative;
  • Advice: They need to refrain from being envious;
  • Celebrities: Mick Jagger, Che Guevara, Demi Lovato, Mel Gibson.

Attracted to everything that’s erratic, mysterious and unconventional

Very creative and having an imagination that goes beyond any limit, natives having Neptune in 5th house are great people who prefer to express themselves in a dramatic way.

They may also have a talent with taking care of others because they can make people feel good and don’t mind offering their help.

Their strongest need is to be admired, especially when it comes to romance and what they’re doing for love.

Fantasizing about the ideal partner, they’re too dramatic and sometimes imagine things, so many of their partners will decide to leave them.

They may not see love as it actually is because they have these rose-colored glasses when it comes to issues relating to love.

Attracted to everything that’s erratic, mysterious and unconventional as far as love goes, they may fall for people who need to be saved, are cold, don’t want to commit or have no idea what to do with their life.

Being so dramatic can be exhausting for them, so they should find a balance in life and to keep their high ideals, while not expecting everyone to live up to their expectations.

As said before, Neptune in 5th house individuals are very good actors, so their creativity exceeds the normal limits. Passionate and seductive, they could attract anyone and make love whenever they want to.

When they’ve fallen for someone, they really let themselves go and no longer care what is happening with other things in their life.

It’s essential for them not to become unrealistic as far as romances go because they can fall in love with people who aren’t available or with images of individuals that don’t in any way show the real person.

Neptune 5th house natives may need to examine what’s glamorous and fascinating about love in general, their own creativity and the children they’re interacting with.

This planet can cause to feel unfulfilled until they have a child of their own. It can also make them feel very disappointed when their partner or children don’t live up to their ideals.

Many individuals with this placement get involved in relationships that can’t be revealed to the world and fall in love easily.

All these things may be good for them because they make them great artists. It’s also very likely they have an offspring who has great talent with music, painting or other things related to art.

Some of them have their children sacrificing themselves for their happiness, in one way or another, so when feeling life’s difficult, they may turn to their offspring to become safe.

Wherever Neptune is placed in a birth chart, it shows the ideals and dreams of natives. It’s also the planet that’s responsible with influencing people to wear rose-colored glasses, which means it has a lot to do with denial and with making individuals see and hear only what they want.

The 5th house of love, children sex and gambling is influenced by Neptune to bring in a lot of imagination when it comes to all these things.

Those having this planet here would idealize their partner and think of many possibilities they could have with romantically unavailable people.

They may also not see the bad in others and think people who’ve done them really nasty things had a reason for being the way they were or perhaps have rehabilitated.

These natives can only see what’s good about a person and think those who have ugly things to say about others are in fact either envious or extreme.

As they only see what they want, they may think of their relationships as being something more than they actually are.

Therefore, while their partner would be cheating and lying to them, they’d avoid believing all this and staying next to that person for as long as possible. It’s very likely for them to be in relationships that don’t make them happy.

These natives are the type who wants to rescue, so they’ll only grow to be attached those whose life seems to go downhill.

They simply love drama and, even if they don’t admit it, they’re loud, exhausting and too much for others to handle.

When it comes to what the 5th house deals with, they will be very secretive and in the same time overjoyed, no matter if all that’s happening with them is only in their mind, considering they tend to fantasize and be disillusioned.

Obviously, the aspects in which Neptune is with other planets matters a lot when talking about the traits individuals with Neptune in 5th house have.

This planet is a not too clear mirror that reflects the energies received from different other celestial bodies. Therefore, when in positive aspects with planets, it has a great influence over the traits belonging to either house or a planet.

Neptune in negative aspects can be malefic, passive and only a receiver. Amongst other things, the 5th house rules over joy and relaxation, so natives with this placement may really appreciate things related to these aspects of life.

They simply love dancing and if women, can be very seductive in their movements. It’s like water flows through their body and they can dance to any type of music.

It’s also possible for them to be great poets, depending on the aspects in which Neptune is. Also ruling children, the 5th house influences people with this planet here to have dreamy sons and daughters.

These little ones will be fantasizing all the time, and not really care about everyday issues. This means they’d make great artists and could achieve success without even struggling.

But at the same time, they’d be very sensitive and always charged with strong emotions, which will also be a sign they’re good psychics and in school, they can rely on their intuition all the time.

Neptune in 5th house natives will be very secretive about their children. Men with this placement may have one kid and not know anything about him or her, while women would say their relationship with the little ones is complicated.

When Neptune is in bad aspects with Pluto, Mars and other malefic presences, the women with these placements may suffer miscarriages or can have many abortions.

That’s why they should avoid using drugs as these could either make them pregnant when they don’t want to, or cause them to abort the child they’d want.

Adoption is very possible with Neptune and the 5th house so there also many good reasons to be happy about this placement.

The goods and the bads

People born with this astrological placement are very enthusiastic and want others to see the world the way they do. They will take their loved ones with them in their adventures because they want closeness when traveling.

Able to inspire optimism as they’re always happy and positive, they’d make great leaders. Their methods of bringing hope and inspiring people to live life as happily as possible are not known, yet still very efficient.

It’s normal for them to have many friends and to change partners like others change their socks. They don’t see a problem in being like this because falling in love seems to be their favorite thing to do.

And they’re very good at it, considering their partners are always happy and fulfilled. It’s in their style to spoil their lover and to want appreciation in return.

As a matter of fact, Neptune in 5th house natives can exaggerate with the way they’re pampering their other half, making it difficult for many to be able to return the favor.

When not appreciated for what they’re doing, these natives get to feel disappointed and even hurt. It’s important they don’t allow their partner to become as dramatic as them, especially when it comes to problems that don’t even matter that much.

Having a quick temper and a big ego, they may actually be difficult to deal with when in a long-term relationship.

They should pay attention and not fall in love with dose who aren’t meant for them because they tend to idealize people and to fantasize about things that aren’t real just for the sake of drama.

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