The 12th House in Astrology: All Its Meanings and Influence

The twelfth house has strong connections with karma and governs hidden secrets and talents, a reminder than when a door closes, another one opens.

Twelfth house

The 12th house deals with matters of the unconscious and of the dream world. Being associated with restraint and payback, it has also been named the house of Karma.

Planets and signs gathered here can reveal secrets about the unconscious personality and about how psychic or ready for self-sacrifice people are.

The 12th house in a nutshell:

  • Represents: Completion and renewal of life cycles;
  • With positive aspects: Flexibility and versatility in the face of change;
  • With negative aspects: Obstipation and strictness, bad luck;
  • Sun sign in the twelfth house: Someone who is a dreamer with a deep sense of compassion.

When the ending marks a new beginning

This house is ruling over secrets and talents kept hidden. Especially during childhood, the denial of it is very obvious.

It’s important for natives to just deal with their pain and to face their fears through acknowledgment and meditation. Only after experiencing with life and revealing themselves, the real release of tension can appear.

When doing so, individuals are not only making sure their 12th house is clean, they’re also becoming able to discover some of their hidden gifts, the ones that can take them straight to paradise.

This is the house that deals with the deepest thoughts and the most complex actions, whether they’re launched by the subconscious or the unconscious. Therefore, it’s the house that protects what people are keeping inside and prefer not to focus on.

Here, many psychological issues can be identified, not to mention weaknesses, so natives can really work on themselves to become better and to look great in the eyes of others.

Usually, the problems presented here are strongly related with self-undoing, which means dealing with them can really improve your life and convince you to be as realistic as possible.

For example, Mars in the 12th house will be all about aggressiveness, even to the point of extreme, not to mention how dangerous it can be if such a behavior becomes uncontrollable.

This doesn’t mean people with this placement will necessarily react loudly when angry because there’s also the possibility for many of them to be introverted and to explode inside their heart.

Usually, it’s indicated to know what planets and signs reside in the 12th house of the birth chart, because this way, it becomes easier for natives to understand themselves, especially when it comes to matters that they aren’t even aware of.

This is a house that has strong connections with karma, so it influences memories from past and even future existences. More than this, it’s the always open gate towards other lives, which means those strongly influenced by it should pray, meditate and even concentrate on their other incarnations, as much as they can.

People who seem to have a hermetic life and to desire the lifestyle of a monk have an interesting activity in the twelfth house. The transits here seem to be slow, but always focused on presenting reality as it is, no matter how harsh and scary.

The 12th house is also the ruler of dreams and the biological clock when it comes to sleeping. As a matter of fact, the science of psychology is entirely related to the mysteries of this house.

Furthermore, psychic activities and clairvoyance are also represented here and most of the time, uncontrollable.

While the 8th house is the ruler of the conscious falling into other worlds, the 12th house rules over what natives can do without being aware, so the main themes addressed here are related to the deepness of the soul, which means that in this house, pain and self-sacrifice are very present matters, together with anonymous charity.

If the theory that taking advantage of the new requires people to discard the old is true, the 12th house represents nothing else than the proverbial closet people need to clean in order to start their life again.

As soon as ready to deal with the pain and the dark energies in their life, individuals get the chance to release their true potential and to become enlightened, especially when it comes to matters of the twelfth house.

A birth chart with plenty of planets in the twelfth house

This is a house that should be taken seriously because it needs to be worked, no matter how much it hurts. Dealing with the unconscious, natives may not notice what’s wrong with their 12th house until they’ve experienced and expressed what happened in their other houses.

However, the most courageous of them, who will decide to exploit this section of their birth chart can accumulate a lot of knowledge about self-sacrifice, compassion, pain and self-healing.

As a matter of fact, the experiences related with the 12th house can make individuals more empathetic and able to heal themselves.

The 12th house in the Western zodiac can be really confusing because it deals with things people are not fully conscious of. However, this doesn’t mean their subconscious won’t be extremely influential since many emotions are emerging from here.

While a lot of individuals believe about themselves that they’re rational and that what they’re doing has been thoroughly analyzed, their emotions seem to play a crucial role in making decisions.

The twelfth house doesn’t encourage people to focus on their subconscious because this way, the situation would become a matter of the conscious, which means individuals should pay a lot of attention to what their body and intuition are trying to say to them.

Being the last house in the astrological cycle, many think this section is not at all important, when in fact, things aren’t at all like this because this is a house that ends cycles and determines how new beginnings are going to happen.

Obviously, the behavior of the natives is the most important, but everyone should pay attention to their subconscious and not try to change anything about it.

What to remember about the 12th house

Also known as the house of the unconscious, the 12th house can help people determine what they need in order to succeed, also what it takes for them to deal with failure.

Such issues are matters of the subconscious, so the twelfth house can also be called the one of reckoning, as here it’s being decided what needs to get done, but only according to what has already happened.

In the subconscious, all the hidden strengths and weaknesses become more dangerous and influential. Ruling over the mind that isn’t fully aware, the 12th house deals with intuition, mysteries, hidden talents, dreams and instincts, meaning it simply rules over secrets and even what’s happening behind the scenes.

Psychics and psychotherapists seem to have a very strong 12th house, especially for these reasons. Planets and signs gathered here can reveal what their intuition tells people as well.

Ancients believed self-undoing is all about what humans are doing when they’re unconsciously destroying themselves, so this is also matter of the 12th house.

This house is also that section of the birth chart that rules over rest, the end of cycles and even other things like getting out of jail or from the hospital. Furthermore, it rules over self-sacrifice, healing, suffering and hidden enemies, also charity done without expecting anything in return.

Being the last house in the zodiac, it deals with confinement and the feeling of being stuck, which means it’s the ruler of those who ended up being jailed, institutionalized or hospitalized.

The dangers coming from here are related to secret opponents and clandestine gatherings. It would be unfair to call this house the garbage can of the zodiac because after all, it deals a lot with transformation by making people determine the way they’ll proceed for their future to become better.

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