Neptune in 6th House: How It Defines Your Personality and Life

This placement of Neptune makes people dedicate themselves to serving others, either through their choice of profession or just in their family and circle of friends.

Neptune in 6th house

When in the sixth house, Neptune influences what work environment one is surrounded by and the natives’ need to be of service to others and always healthy.

It may seem people with this placement have a great desire to help others, no matter what they may be doing for a living. At work, they may be very imaginative and the most grandiose people around the workplace.

Neptune in 6th House summary:

  • Strengths: Witty, easy-going and curious;
  • Challenges: Deceptive and manipulative;
  • Advice: They should spend more time helping other people;
  • Celebrities: Mahatma Gandhi, James Dean, Victoria Beckham, Milla Jovovich.

Everyday tasks seem very complicated for them because they can’t seem to focus on details. It’s impossible sometimes for people having Neptune in the 6th house to organize themselves or to be practical.

Very attentive and kind

Neptune in 6th house individuals may have serious problems dealing with the everyday life as they think it’s not that important to follow a routine and to make lists that organize their life all day long.

Having this attitude and ignoring the most important responsibilities can have their life in chaos, and they may feel guilty or confused that things aren’t going so well for them.

It’s possible they’ll just give in when their colleagues will argue with them, and even when these will take credit for their work.

When it comes to helping others, they have high ideals and can’t seem to see the line between being generous and stupid. Many will want to take advantage of them because they feel like they can.

If they have someone they can trust when it comes to everyday activities, they are the happiest as they don’t mind relying on others.

Since health was mentioned, they may suffer from some mysterious illnesses that can’t be diagnosed or have strange allergies that can’t be seen in others.

All the guilt they have about not being able to deal with everyday life will manifest in them through some psychological issues they may end up having.

These natives often turn to alternative medicine in order to become better and love animals more than they do some people.

Neptune in the 6th house of everyday issues, health and service may make natives with this placement feel incapable when dealing with any practical matter.

Their home may look like after the war because they simply hate to tidy up and believe work together with other details about life are overwhelming them.

Neptune makes them very sensitive to anything that for others seems normal, so they may want to escape life and to avoid working as much as possible.

For this reason, they may not be realistic in all the matters related to the 6th house and even with the planets that are in different aspects with Neptune.

This planet can be considered passive and sometimes malefic, so the people having it in the 6th house may get sick more often than others, even imagine they suffer from the worst and rarest diseases possible.

When feeling down, they will only stay in bed and talk with no one else besides their family.

It’s not unusual for individuals with Neptune in the 6th house to feel like they don’t have any energy, no matter what they may be doing.

When there are other good aspects forming, the natives with this placement could do a great job as spiritual healers. They’ll be meant to help other people feel better and make this their goal in life.

They may no longer care about other aspects in their life, and can dedicate themselves completely to serving others. It can be difficult to be them in this situation, but they’d feel good about giving up all of their other wishes and dreams for a life of service.

As said before Neptune in 6th house indicates trouble with the everyday life, so it’s difficult to have this planet here as it brings carelessness and other problems with organizing.

Natives with Neptune in 6th house should be careful not to end up victims of not so well-intentioned people that prefer to use others and to never do anything constructive.

This house rules also over work, so natives with Neptune here cannot care about getting a job or may do different kind of services without a contract.

Indeed, they aren’t in any way good employees because no one can rely on them and they prefer to dream instead of doing their job.

The fact that Neptune is a water planet is not advantageous for them when it comes to matters the 6th house rules over. It makes people chaotic, always late and dependent on others to do their job.

Obviously, it’s essential to also study other aspects rather than relying on what this planet has an influence over because it tends to be passive and to have people always looking for a direction in their career anyway.

When Neptune is challenged by malefic planets like Mars, they may be the ones stealing, lying, or always trying to use others in order to obtain some favors.

The planet of substances as well, Neptune is very dangerous in the 6th house because it makes natives with this placement dependent on drugs and alcohol.

In a situation of many bad aspects, these people should not in any way touch anything that could make their mind blurry.

Also, they should be careful and not handle any substances or chemicals that could poison them. As a matter of fact, there aren’t other people with different birth chart as prone as they are to getting poisoned.

It wouldn’t matter where Neptune is, or if it’s close to the Ascendant, the possibility of them being poisoned by others would still exist.

However, when in the 6th House, it indicates mishandling of different chemicals and getting poisoned by mistake.

Big procrastinators, natives with this placement are usually leaving their tasks to the last minute and hope in secret that these will disappear by magic.

They have a tendency to get sick with the most unusual diseases and have allergies that others wouldn’t even think of.

That’s why they’re curious about how they could cure themselves and about homeopathic treatments. Lovers of animals, they may have at least a cat and a dog at home.

The goods and the bads

Neptune in 6th house natives need to add their imagination to everything they may be doing, and also allow themselves to believe they’re meant for great things.

Very creative, their vision may inspire others to create and to be as productive as possible. These people always want to bring something new, but they need to know when to take action.

The more experience they’ll accumulate, the better life will get to be for them. Remembering they have great intuition would help them finish their plans and projects faster, while they’d be investing all of their strength and energy into the task at hand.

In order for them to deal with the everyday life more easily, they should learn different techniques of coping and always rely on their memory.

Only this way, they’ll manage to have respect for themselves and to no longer be afraid to offer their help and advice.

Natives with Neptune in 6th house shouldn’t pressure others to clean after their mess because this can lead to feelings of resentment. It’s true they may have problems finishing projects, but they shouldn’t ask others to do their job.

While their friends will always support them, it’s important they don’t allow others to encourage them to procrastinate as they’re the only ones who can handle their own affairs.

These people should never pass on their work to colleagues or the ones they love just because they think it’s impossible for them to get it done.

Sometimes imagining and other times actually suffering from different diseases, they would always be stressed that they may have incurable illnesses and end up suffering from insomnia or panic attacks.

It’s essential for them to learn how to deal with stress, whether is through yoga, meditation or just practicing a sport.

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