Neptune in 1st House: How It Defines Your Personality and Life

This placement of Neptune makes people benefit from an immense imagination and power of self-definition but prevents an easy communication.

Neptune in 1st house

People born with Neptune in the first house of their birth chart are only indirectly affected by this planet, so the influences of this celestial body are not quite noticeable in them.

Highly intuitive, they’re always employing their spirituality and transcendental abilities to deal with the everyday life. It’s normal for these people to sometimes feel deceived about themselves, disillusioned and confused.

Neptune in 1st House summary:

  • Strengths: Subtle, mysterious and relaxed;
  • Challenges: Suspicious, insisting and negative;
  • Advice: They should refrain from trying to control everyone around them;
  • Celebrities: Cristiano Ronaldo, Anne Hathaway, Alicia Keys, Woody Allen.

Neptune in 1st house natives don’t really know who they are, therefore, the support of others is essential for them. It’s not like they don’t have a great mind, they simply don’t know how to use it. They may not have clear objectives in life, so many of the opportunities that reveal themselves to them will be missed.

They seem to absorb the way people feel

People having Neptune in 1st house can be great artists because they dream a lot and usually act very gently as their sensitive nature asks them to be kind.

This can happen especially when Neptune’s position is very close to their Ascendant.

Very aware of their surroundings, they can also make the wrong impression on people, so many see them in different ways that sometimes oppose each other.

These people don’t mind encouraging the wrong perceptions, so they’re aware of their adaptability and always really trying to work with it in order to be to the liking of many.

Loving peace, these natives don’t all the time reveal their strength and are interpreted as subtle, mysterious or alluring.

Many are attracted to them and think they really understand what’s in their mind, but in fact they can be very moody and trying to escape problems by feeling sorry for themselves and acting helpless.

Not sure of who they are, Neptune in 1st house natives don’t know how to impress by using their own skills. They seem to absorb the way people feel and have an imagination that is very strong.

When it comes to worldly problems, they prefer to be relaxed and to just let life happen. As said before, their identity is not very well-shaped and they really don’t have any idea about what they want to do with themselves.

When it comes to self-definition and awareness, they’re struggling to be grounded and surer of themselves. Their Ascendant will influence their personality a lot, but the position of planets in their 1st house has a lot to say about who they are because this house rules over the self and the way natives approach life.

Neptune placed here creates individuals who are sensitive, imaginative, enigmatic and interested in their own appearance. In astrology, this planet reflects the unconscious needs and how people play many different roles in life.

Its influence is usually over avoiding reality and seeing only what one wants to see. Therefore, this celestial body rules over dreams and delusions.

When in the 1st House, natives with this placement always see life the way they want to because Pisces is the sign that is ruled by Neptune.

Many think of them as sensitive, dreamy and poetic because they only seem to live in a world of imagination.

This is the result of them changing their ways according to whom they are meeting. Others are intrigued and in the same time attracted to them because they have a way to make other people’s problems their own.

These are the natives most prone to suffer from alcohol and drug abuse, seeing these as ways to escape their reality. Neptune makes it easier for people with this planet in the 1st house to dream and also interact with different planes of reality.

Not to mention these natives are very aware of their surroundings as they seem to strongly perceive feelings and to merge with different people or situations in a way no one can.

This can also be a downside for them because they’d absorb negative energies amongst other things. It’s important they continue developing the traits Neptune brings them, but they should pay attention not to become dependent on drugs or alcohol in order to escape what’s real and painful.

Idealistic without limits

Neptune develops personalities that don’t want to be grounded, so dreaming is something that Neptune in 1st house people are always doing.

In case this planet is in positive aspects and protected by other celestial bodies, the natives with such placements will try to understand how the Universe works and be very interested in everything that’s strange.

However, they should keep this about them under control because once again, it may lead them to become dependent on different substances.

One thing to note about Neptune in 1st house is that it gives natives a special magnetism and a stare that could conquer anyone’s heart.

Their look always seems to be different than that of others’ and they can read minds like others read books. Meanwhile, no one can see what’s really happening in their minds.

It’s difficult to betray them because they know when someone is lying but no one could guess if they’re themselves not telling the truth.

These people should feel less guilty about everything because they tend to think bad things are happening in the world because of them. This is also what makes them feel like victims, so they’ll give their best to be saviors.

It’s good to be altruistic, but protecting oneself is also necessary because many people are not so well-intentioned. Only this way, they’ll be able to really help others and be as giving as they can only be.

When around other people, Neptune in 1st house individuals can really understand feelings and emotions. For example, as soon as entering a room, they start attracting energies just like light attracts moths.

It would be good for them to once every few days spend some time alone and renew their aura because their psychic abilities can really wear them down.

Not to mention how, during this period, they could reflect and determine who they really are or what traits can help them become better. Holding on to other people’s feelings is not at all a good idea for them.

The goods and the bads

Neptune in 1st house people are very sensitive and attract many others with this trait. Their friends see them differently and they usually have a very busy social life.

This is the reason why they all the time have many dating opportunities or people waiting to get together with them.

Being tolerant, they usually accept anyone in their social circle. These natives don’t mind others wanting to be with them because they’re aware of their generous and mysterious attitude, and have the most easygoing personality.

They need to research on their own how their life can become more peaceful or how they could be more productive because letting others control their life is not at all a good idea for them.

Therefore, they should always focus on themselves. Taking on responsibilities will make them more confident and sure of themselves that they can do anything.

It can be hard for them to find a partner who can get used with how much attention they get from others, so they should pay attention to their loved one’s feelings.

Natives with Neptune in 1st house are not that flirtatious, but they surely are nice, therefore, the wrong impression can always be given to those who are their lovers.

It’s important to let their partner know where they’re standing, no matter how much they want to just go with the flow and not give explanations.

Fighting all the time with their lover would truly disturb their life. They shouldn’t be with someone whom they feel is always bringing problems in the relationship.

These people need to talk about their issues so their other half doesn’t feel he or she is guilty of something.

Not to mention there are things that can grow very big when held inside for too long.

Their partner would deserve to know their problems and they shouldn’t hide in fantasy when life becomes too hard. It would be wise for them to use their intuition and ability to observe if they want to determine what’s wrong in their life.

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