Neptune in 4th House: How It Defines Your Personality and Life

This placement of Neptune encourages people to achieve inner peace and harmony in their lives, perhaps even build the home of their dreams.

Neptune in 4th house

People born with Neptune in the fourth house of their birth chart need security and have a strong link with their mother and their home.

As a matter of fact, their subconscious is strongly attached to everything related to family and the idea of a place that belongs to them. These natives love being near water and when older, it’s very likely for them to be very lonely and withdrawn from the society.

Neptune in 4th House summary:

  • Strengths: Complex, original and introspective;
  • Challenges: Sensitive and indecisive;
  • Advice: They should try and understand themselves more;
  • Celebrities: Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, Sigmund Freud, Nicole Scherzinger.

An introspective personality

Natives with Neptune in the 4th house have probably had a complex childhood because and were sensitive, worry, absent-minded or even confused by one of their parents.

It’s possible the home in which they were raised was somehow chaotic, so they don’t actually know who they are or how to stay grounded in reality.

Therefore, when adults, they may look to have a secure home and a partner that’s very nurturing with them. This means they’re family-oriented and want their friends to take good care of them.

Nurturing themselves, these natives give everything they have in their heart to the ones they love and expect to be appreciated or given a lot of affection.

If disrespected and taken advantage of, they should set some boundaries between them and the ones whom they consider to be rude.

It’s normal for them to want moments of loneliness because solitude is their only way to renew their energy.

When life becomes overwhelming, they simply isolate themselves and no longer want to talk to anyone.

It may be a challenge for these people to see their family and childhood realistically because they seem to live in a dream world in which everyone around them is perfect and no one ever makes a mistake.

Alternating between idealizing people and thinking they actually are more difficult than seeming makes them jump from one extreme to another when it comes to their relationships. It’s essential for them to try and see family issues as clear as possible.

When in the 4th house, Neptune deals with personal space and it’s all about what natives feel inside, referring to the past and their close family.

This means its misty nature embraces the home and connections with family, not offering a solid foundation for the feelings people with this placement have for their loved ones.

In their youth, they probably were very confused and couldn’t see one of their parents very clearly. It’s more than often that they have strange emotions and dark feelings about their father because it’s like their entire childhood can’t be understood.

Probably many things relating to security and nurturing feelings have happened to them, so their need to be protected is very strong.

When this planet is in negative aspects, it means these people might always be unhappy at home as their family can’t live up to their ideals.

All of their life, Neptune in 4th house individuals will look for a safe home or perhaps the one they dreamed of as children. Inner peace, harmony and security are essential to them.

The presence of Neptune here also indicates frailty, and while the toughest ones may not have so many vulnerabilities, they’d still be weak inside.

Neptune gives natives a desire to explore realms beyond reality and indicates where they want to feel emotionally connected, depending on the house in which it’s placed in the birth chart.

This is a mysterious planet that uses its shades on different houses, and when in the 4th, it influences origins, childhood memories, making the connection of natives with their roots blurry.

It’s not easy for people having that Neptune in 4th house to grow up with this planet placed here. When older, if they had problems in their childhood, they’ll try to hide any memory relating to the places where they grew up, in their subconscious.

It will be like their first years of life are a movie, and they’ll only remember periods of time that made them happy.

Neptune in the 4th house can be very difficult for a child because it makes one of the parents absent, whether physically or just metaphorically.

People with this placement probably haven’t talked with many of their relatives until they became adults. However, when this celestial body is in positive aspects, they may have dreamy parents who are never authoritative and who get along with everyone.

In this situation, they’d feel like no one actually raised them and that they had to teach themselves things about life.

They may believe the passivity of the people who raise them is actually proof of the fact that these individuals aren’t in any way powerful.

It can be their life goal to live by the ocean or near any other water of that matter as where their home is placed is very important to them, especially when older.

As a matter of fact, Neptune in 4th house individuals are very compassionate when it comes to their parents and attached to their home until death.

They’ll always connect with those who have the same problems as them, especially when it comes to mother and father issues.

These natives should pay attention as far as property matters go because they risk to be the victims of fraud. This can happen more in the situation in which Neptune would be in bad aspects with Mercury.

It’s possible for them to change homes very often, while some will leave in hidden houses. Of course, all these things are different, depending on the aspects of Neptune and other planets.

This is the planet of Pisces, a sign that makes people moody and influences them to dream. Natives with Neptune in 4th house can only see and hear what they want in matters of family and home, regardless of how old or experienced they might be.

In the 4th House, this planet rules also over the sea, so it makes natives with this placement obsessed with destinations that are close to any water. Their father is probably the unemotional type, the parent who hasn’t been there for them when they needed him the most.

Ruling also over drugs and other types of substances, Neptune can influence people to abuse drugs, particularly if it’s in negative aspects here.

It’s essential for these people to pay attention to what they’re consuming because they can grow dependent on alcohol and other substances much easier than others.

The goods and the bads

Neptune in 4th house people are great hosts or hostesses. That’s why they want to own a comfortable and cozy home everyone can visit and enjoy for hang outs.

For them, the most important things on Earth are related to the home and family traditions. It’s possible for them to have a wrong impression about their past and to see things as they didn’t actually happened.

They should, once in a while, just slow down and to let others take care of them. Being spoiled and forgetting about all of their problems will only have them relaxing and no longer worrying about what’s going on with their loved ones.

If they wouldn’t drink so much, they could more easily attain their goals. They shouldn’t rely on false memories and aim their love depending on what may not have happened and it’s only in their head.

The more they’re themselves, the more others love them because they can see how thoughtful and supportive they are.

Neptune in 4th house people are nurturing and usually forget about their own needs, when having to make others happy.

All this comes from the fact that they probably didn’t have the family they wanted as children, so as adults, they’re trying make things happen as they were longing.

When feeling confused, they should think what the ideal parent in their mind would say and act upon it. Life can be sometimes difficult, but they surely have inside themselves the resources to deal with it.

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