Libra Birthstones: Opal, Agate and Lapis Lazuli

These three Libra birthstones channel inner confidence and a new sense of purpose in the lives of those born between September 23rd and October 22nd.

Libra Birthstone

Libra’s main birthstone is the Opal, but this doesn’t mean this sign doesn’t respond well to Agate and Lapis Lazuli, the other two dedicated birthstones.

Libras are intellectual and friendly people, so these stones bring them a lot of good luck by influencing them to be more purposeful and stronger when dealing with challenges.

Libra birthstones summary:

  • Opal is known to amplify any good traits a person has and to ease social interactions;
  • Agate makes individuals more courageous, energetic, strong and it removes any fear;
  • Lapis Lazuli was used by the Egyptians to interact with their consciousness and for soul searching.


The term “opal” comes from Latin and Sanskrit, and it means “precious stone”. Ancient Romans used to think of it as a good luck bringer and a hope enhancer. French people believed it makes those who wear it invisible, so they associated it with thieves and those who do illegal things.

There is an Australian story that says this gemstone rules over the stars, love and makes the gold in the mines more abundant. When it comes to health, Opal gives people the ability to enjoy life more. More than this, it’s great for the kidneys, the ears and the skin.

Many use it when they’re dehydrated or suffer from water retention because it balances the water in the human body. This is the reason why many hydro-therapists and the people who work on water use it so much.

As it enhances sexual desire, it is great for couples who have problems in the bedroom. Opal makes people more open to their emotions, sensual, energetic, optimistic and even eccentric. It’s known to bring all feelings of joy and a lot of relaxation, which means some of its wearers can be a little bit light-headed.

Artists use it because it increases their interest in muses and gives them a need to create. There is no mental obstacle that Opal can’t deal with as it can motivate anyone to take action and to have a more effective perspective.

Any good traits a person has are amplified just by wearing this stone. It encourages transformation and makes people understand what true value is. Those who are highly affected by others’ pain and suffering should definitely use it because it protects them from all of this.

Those who are too sensitive and find relaxation in water are meant to wear Opal and to benefit from its effects as this stone has a high content of water and changes negative emotions into positive ones.

The colors in Opal are the way they are as a result of diffraction and interference, so these processes will be as well employed when this stone protects people against difficulties and negative emotions.

The stone of the artists, Opal makes anyone original and energetic. Therefore, those who make music, paint or do any other form of art should use it to express themselves more clearly.

It absorbs and reflects, which means it takes on feelings and amplifies them in a very effective way. Those who are depressed can use it and gain an increased will for life and fun. It’s the stone of variety and joy, not to mention it’s also the best at interacting with the water’s force.

In the ancient Greece, people used it because they thought it gives the power of prophecy. Sexuality and passion are matters of love with which this stone has a lot of interaction by being seductive and having the power to release any inhibition.

Anyone who feels emotionally unstable should use Opal to become more centered and to have appropriate feelings. If you can’t mingle at parties, the use of this stone will help you interact with others. Giving people a sense of responsibility over their own feelings, the Opal can make anyone see what the lessons of the past were.

The emotions it inspires are only positive and the gemstone is known to make individuals faithful, loyal and spontaneous. Those who happen to be a little bit more superficial will become even more like this if they decide to wear it. In the healing techniques, Opal rejuvenates the earth’s energies and stabilizes the vivacity in a person.


Agate is a micro-crystalline quartz that has been identified as a semiprecious stone. Observed under the microscope, the Agate is either opaque or semitransparent and has a rare to structure that can’t be seen in other minerals.

It seems to have the mystical power of improving people’s oratorical skills. It is a stone of the Earth, and it seems like there’s no other mineral to have the same strong connection with this element.

Studies about the esoteric and ethereal wisdom are saying Agate is an entity that forms in the crust of the planet Earth. It’s believed this gemstone doesn’t have any pair the entire Solar System and even beyond.

It’s no surprise the ancient civilizations from East saw it as a protector and an inspiration for improved connections with reality. Colorful and beautiful, Agates can be found all over the world, so there’s no problem for anyone to find it.

Not crystalline, these crystals are of macroscopic scale and get chosen by looking at its level of transparency. There are other things like color, beauty and pattern after which they can be chosen, plus the skills of the master who cut and polished have also a great influence over the magical and healing properties of each and every stone.

The color and the pattern on the surface classify Agates as crypto-crystalline forms of quartz. They can be purple, brown, moss, brown and many other colors. However, regardless of how they look like, they always bring about balance, abundance, intelligence and increased creativity.

It’s normal for people to sometimes fantasize too much and to forget all about being realistic. In this situation, they need to get in contact with reality and to restore the connections with the planet Earth.

This is when Agate comes into discussion. It makes individuals more courageous, energetic, strong and it removes any fear while increasing the respect one has for him or herself.

When it comes to physicality, it helps the teeth, the sight and protects against irradiation coming from electronics. Those who wear Agate will live long, be rich and will be protected against headaches or any skin disease.

Lapis Lazuli

Spiritual enlightenment starts only in a person’s mind and soul. Lapis Lazuli is a crystal that makes people travel within themselves and discover their own destiny or purpose on Earth.

While being a sedentary stone, it has the power to enlighten the soul and to help people heal themselves more rapidly.

Bearing the color of a life-giving element, which is water, Lapis Lazuli is blue like sapphires and represents awareness or an easier way to express feelings. What gives it its blue color is the sulfur that happens to be in the matrix of the stone.

Because it features calcite and pyrite, together with a little bit of gold, it has great benefits over wealth and prosperity. It’s a stone belonging to the Third Eye chakra, so the ancient Egyptians, especially the royal ones, used to believe it opens the path towards the spiritual world, making one’s imagination richer and more beautiful.

Those who have negative emotions and don’t feel like themselves should use the Lapis Lazuli crystal and look at its beautiful blue color because they may see the ocean and the sky combined in a heavenly image.

Many employ it to find their happy place as it’s a stone of effective interaction with the higher consciousness.

Because the Egyptians used it for the spirit and for soul searching, Lapis Lazuli is also great for healing and helping the human body regenerate.

It’s the crystal version of the aspirin because it removes headaches and it belongs to the chakra of the head. Placed on the forehead, with another stone like some Sodalite or Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli can make any physique find its healing abilities.

It’s suggested to use Lapis Lazuli for releasing all of the negative energy while exhaling. A sense of peace and quiet is known to follow this technique all the time.

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