Libra Color: Why Blue Has the Best Influence

Blue is deeply connected to the brain, the mental faculties, to the way a person sees and interacts with the world.

Libra Lucky Color Blue

For the Libra natives, the essential color that has a very good influence is blue. On the one hand, blue makes them become more open-minded and expand their perspectives to new ideas, but it also leads to an overall emotional balance.

It instils kindness, benevolence, and generosity in these natives, capitalizing on their already affectionate nature.

The Libra lucky color Blue in a nutshell:

  • It’s a color of great spiritual potential and of self-revelatory energy;
  • It helps Libra tap into their resources of calm and reassurance;
  • Light blue puts the mind at ease, encourages honesty and discourages petty acts.

Why the color blue is so great for Libra

The color blue is one of the colors associated with mental profoundness, with a certain sense of intuition and freedom of thinking. It not only gives one the choice of standing on the same level as society’s rules and the status quo but also to transcend it. It encourages devotion, loyalty, honesty, and wisdom beyond all else.

However, blue also affects the body in magical ways. It rids the individual of irrelevant and useless worrying, cleanses the body of impurities, and brings a state of calmness and tranquillity over.

At the same time, more aggressive and dynamic shades of blue like the electric one or the bright blue will convey other feelings as well.

It can make the individual tap into a font of power yet unknown, a wellspring on inexhaustible energy that burns on without end. Or it could extinguish the fires of his willpower as well.

In general, blue gives off a feeling of security and equilibrium, that everything is good in the world, and that any dangers are miles off from affecting these natives. It stands for stability and structure, order and balance. At the same time, too much blue can cause… the blues to appear.

No, not the musical style, but the state of melancholy and self-induced sadness that seem to be too strongly anchored in their subconscious to dissipate.

Softer hues of blue will instead achieve the strongest effect of calming the mind and the body.

In terms of colors, Libra people absolutely love blue, and there is no coincidence that they’re getting such strong influences from it either.

Lighter blue, to be more precise, is looked up as the color with the most spiritual potential, one that’s deeply connected to the brain, the mental faculties, to the way a person sees and interacts with the world.

Blue precious stones will increase this soothing and self-revelatory energy even further, make these natives experience a real, substantial cognitive growth. It amplifies attention and concentration, it keeps negativity at bay, and it heals the body of all aches.

If you want communication in a relationship, consider wearing something blue the next time you’re meeting that special someone.

There is a whole plethora of meanings and possible interpretations associated with the diverse range of blue colors. The classical one stands for peace, balance, and relaxation, the dark one gives off an elegant and classical outlook, inspiring respect and admiration.

The lighter blue puts one at ease, encouraging honesty and discouraging petty acts.

In fact, here are some of the opinions about the colors blue that various people have brought to the table:

Some would view it as a somber and powerful color, an incentive to seek self-development and the path toward ascension, a modest and yet extremely intense color.

Others would look at it as the symbol of freedom, independence, of the moment of fracture, the separation from the rest of the world.

However, most agree that blue stems from the desire to understand the world, to increase one’s breadth of knowledge, to introspect oneself, and to focus on the inner conflicts, to come to a consensus. Since it brings fulfillment and peace with it, blue can be quintessential to such people.

Add the color pink into the mix for extra powers

For the beautiful Libras ruled by the planet Venus, there are no better colors to emphasize their splendor and profoundness that white and pink. Bright red colors are to be avoided unless they want to become impulsive and receive overwhelming streaks of energy.

Pink is one of the cutest and most symbolic colors, standing for prettiness, childish innocence and kindness, naïve and natural charms, sweetness, and the tenderness that only little children have.

This color symbolizes love, affection, union of being, communion with loved ones, friendly relationships and inner balance. It takes from impetuousness and agitation, turns them into peace, calmness, and tranquillity, and, if used in excess, it can also bring vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

White, on the other hand, is associated with the purity of being, with cleanliness, spiritual awakening and intuitive perfection.

People who like dressing in white are open, honest, the absolute peak of virtuosity, innocent souls sent into this world to spread happiness all around them. It stands for goodness, for new opportunities and a bright future.

Other than blue, pink is actually the next in line as an essential color for Libras. It’s simply a very beautiful and powerful color, but not in a passionate and dynamic way.

It sparks tenderness, sweet affection, a continuation of love made to appear slow and steady, thorough and profound. It’s often linked to the feminine part of our psyche. Romanticism in its most powerful form finds itself hiding behind this color.

Pink incentivizes people to adhere to a common goal, to come to an understanding, a union of being, one based on the sharing of vulnerabilities and weaknesses. This creates a connection strong enough to last throughout the years.

It’s soothing and calming, relaxing and comfortable, but it can also lead to feelings of inadequacy borne from these weaknesses. It stands for hope, happiness, optimism, it’s like looking through an altered mirror.

Reality may be harsh and cold, but not anymore, not when wearing pink. It might also be associated with naivete, with how some people just don’t see the negative parts of life, only the good ones. This, in and of itself, is part of what we call optimism and a bright outlook on life.

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