Leo Man and Taurus Woman Long-Term Compatibility

A Leo man and a Taurus woman love spending time together so their bond will get very strong quickly although they are both stubborn and will avoid compromises.

Leo Man Taurus Woman

The Leo man and the Taurus woman are very compatible. They both want security and someone loyal to be next to them for the rest of their lives.

While the Leo man will think the Taurus woman is stubborn, she will see him as too dramatic. But all this will only make them want to spend less time apart. These two can love each other for a lifetime, if they learn how to compromise for the better of their relationship.

CriteriaLeo Man Taurus Woman Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

The Positives

Good looking, confident and energetic, the Leo man will win the Taurus woman’s heart in a second. Leos are known to turn many heads, including the one of a Taurus.

When they court, they are very serious and affectionate. A man in this sign is old-fashioned and will impress his date with all kind of romantic gestures.

Because the Taurus woman is a traditionalist too, she will like everything he does. They will go out on many romantic dinners and weekend vacations at the sea.

While she’s reserved and quiet, he’s loud and an extrovert. But they have their passion for expensive and fine things in common.

As lovers, they will make each other many significant gifts. He will assure her of his love with everything that he does. And she will feel secure in the relationship, which is what she wants the most.

They will both be good at what they do at work, so money won’t be a problem. If they are understanding with one another, their love will progress into something more beautiful with every passing year.

They are able to respect and love each other like other people could rarely do. The Taurus woman in love can be possessive and jealous.

Not that the Leo man will be bothered. On the contrary, he’ll regard it as a sign of love. Because he will never break her trust, he’ll be very appreciated and praised by her.

She needs to stability and her partner to be committed like she needs water. He will learn from her rational behavior, and she will stand by him in whatever he wants to do. If they both let go of their stubbornness, they will be a very happy couple.

When she’ll ask for devotion and affection, he’ll want to be praised and complimented. She may have problems with all the admiration, because she’ll be looking for more physicality.

But the Leo man is full of passion and a great lover. So, things between them will be more than fine in the bedroom.

He will grow more distant if she forgets he needs to be the boss. If things go as planned between them, they will bring out the best in each other. And they will do it while having a lot of fun. Their connection has all the chances to be passionate, though. This is probably what will keep them together.

The Negatives

It may be difficult for a Taurus woman and a Leo man to get along, because they are both fixed signs. And this only means they are stubborn. It’s possible they’ll continue with their relationship even if they are miserable.

Too much loyalty can sometimes be harmful. And it’s definitely the case with these two.

They will break up, they will make up. All in all, their life together will be pretty eventful. It’s difficult to say if they will last as a couple for a long time.

Because the Taurus woman doesn’t like to fight that much, it’s more likely she will be the one who’ll give in first when they have a fight. But don’t think this lady won’t support her point of view with strong arguments. She has the same hot temper as her man, the Leo.

If these two focus less on who’s right or wrong, they would have a chance at enjoying their relationship more. They both want something stable in the end. So, they’ll need to work hard for it.

He hopes to influence her in a great way, or even control her. But it doesn’t matter how stubborn and fiery he will be, things will not go as planned. She will be busy doing something else, and he will end up controlling only his half of the relationship.

When they have an argument, she’ll remember things from the past and bring them out to the light.

But in spite of all this, they will have a nice life together. She likes a comfortable home where she can spend most of her time, he wants to go out as much as possible. And this can also cause tension between them.

Long-Term Relationship and Marriage Prospects

Both the Leo man and the Taurus woman believe in marriage and want to commit for a lifetime. But they need to be very careful when choosing with whom they are spending their life, for differences may appear.

If she decides to make him her husband, she’ll live a happy, comfortable life. Respect and devotion will be something normal for both of them. The Taurus woman can be a man’s best friend, always there to keep her partner happy and strong.

Their love will be powerful. There are many aspects to their marital bond, and they will explore them all. They like spending time together, so they won’t hesitate to have fun wherever they may be going.

Because they both have a knack for class and luxury, they will want to buy the most expensive things. She will be the one who thinks of their financial future more often, though. The romantic gestures he’ll make will be highly appreciated by her.

Because he has a big ego, they will fight over the most trivial things. And they will have big fights, not something that can be easily forgotten. Their love will only get stronger in time. As they have respect and pure love for each other, they will be able to be together forever.

Any horoscope would say this is a great combination for marriage. It’s like these two partners truly deserve each other. Having high energy levels, they won’t mind putting on a show for all their friends and family.

As parents, they will be a little too self-absorbed in their love. But at least their children will know what a strong marriage should look like.

Final Advice for the Leo Man and the Taurus Woman

The dating period between the Leo man and the Taurus woman may be the most fun the zodiac has ever seen. Both excited to see what the next date will bring them, these two will put a lot of passion in their relationship. And they will be very generous with the efforts they are ready to invest. Everything from their first date on will only go better.

The Leo man is a fixed Fire sign, the Taurus a fixed Earth one. She’s practical, he’s proud and royal. The fact that they are fixed means they are stubborn and that they want stability. They will often discover they think similarly on many issues.

However, when they’ll agree, they will only be on the same page for a short amount of time. It’s really difficult for them to have the same opinion when it comes to deeper subjects.

He will have his pride hurt every time she contradicts him. The Taurus can’t be moved, while the Leo is too proud to admit he has ever been wrong.

But the Leo man Taurus woman relationship can still be harmonious, especially if he becomes less selfish and she gets to be less stubborn. Thinking too much of revenge in her case can lead to resentment.

It’s necessary the ego of a Leo man is fed. If she remembers to compliment him, they will be much happier. If he’s the one who wants to attract her, he should think seriously about a marriage, because she definitely will.

For their initial date, they should go to a private restaurant. Until they are considering each other more seriously, he shouldn’t express his eagerness for adventure.

If she’s the one who wants his attention, she should be less stubborn. Patience is what the Taurus woman needs to have in the relationship with the Leo man. Giving him all of her attention will also work.

This guy needs to feel special and appreciated. He considers loyalty very important, so making him trust her would be a great idea.

For this relationship to work, both partners need to be flexible. She may think of him as chaotic because he wants to impress people. The more he keeps the grandiose gestures to himself, the more she will like him.

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