Taurus Man and Taurus Woman Long-Term Compatibility

They may not be the romantic couple in the zodiac, because they are both very practical and down-to-earth but the way they spoil one other and their passion cannot be found easily.

Taurus Man Taurus Woman

The relationship between a Taurus man and a Taurus woman can be described as sensual and full of sparks. Whilst their beliefs and value system are similar, and they agree on many things, their stubbornness often comes in the way.

One thing’s for sure, though. They will be loyal to one another till the end. This means it’s unlikely they will ever break up.

CriteriaTaurus Man Taurus Woman Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Because they are both traditionalists and materialists, two Taurians will understand when the other one wants something old-fashioned, or to spend only on high-quality things that are durable.

The Positives

The dates between two Taurus natives are going to be expensive. They both like to work hard to get the finest things in life.

On a perfect date, these two will massage one another, eat a lot of expensive chocolate and make love till the morning comes.

The most conservative people in the zodiac, Taurus individuals are patient and never rush love. This means he will be a true gentleman with his lady.

Neither of them will ever need to look for happiness and fulfillment outside their relationship. Cheating or even the casual flirting is something these two will never do.

They are both relaxed people, which means they won’t argue unless things are serious. But one thing is sure about them: they will both be possessive. The love between them will be strong, but they will want to know they are the most important person in each other’s life.

When Taurus individuals commit, they do it for a lifetime. These two will be one mind and soul wherever they may go. They are not known to take love easily.

As soon as they decide they are right for each other, they won’t waste too much time thinking and they’ll decide it is time to make their relationship more serious.

Both of them like routine, which means they will organize so they have opportunities to talk to each other and live their life as a couple. They won’t hesitate to talk a lot. This is the only way they will get to know one another better.

She would want a small dose of mystery, while he will be very imaginative in bed. They might even role-play whenever he gets an interesting idea.

Because they are both ambitious, it’s possible they will leave their love life for once in a blue moon. They could miss important events and anniversaries, because they are stuck at work. But they will understand this about each other, because they are both equally hardworking.

The Negatives

The fact that a Taurus man and a Taurus woman together can be too possessive may lead to them feeling somewhat suffocated by the other one.

They don’t like to hurry, and when they make plans, they take a lot of time to weigh all the pros and cons. This means they don’t make decisions if they haven’t seriously thought things through.

When two people who are the same in this direction get together, they can end up not accomplishing anything.

Taurians are known as tempered people. They are responsible and loyal, and they expect their partner to be the same. Problems may appear when one of them pushes the other one to their limits and anger becomes the main emotion.

The partners won’t forget how much they resent each other after they have had an argument. It’s not likely one of them will ever apologize. They will just forget about what started them in the first place.

When they make plans together, they will end up being very detail-oriented and meticulous. But when something unexpected happens, they will not know what to do, for Taurians are known to not like changes and surprises.

This is also an opportunity for frictions between them to appear. They would definitely break up if one of them became unfaithful or too irresponsible. It’s sure they will have an ugly break up and that they will never talk to each other again.

Long-Term Relationship and Marriage Prospects

The Taurus woman likes to test her partner and to be courted the old-fashion way. Two Taurians together will build a beautiful home and have a financially secure future.

When they get married, all these two will see is family. He will work hard to bring in as much money as possible, she will take care of home and children.

They will not be the most romantic couple in the zodiac, for they are both very practical and down-to-earth. But they will know how to spoil and love each other so they’ll both be happy and want more.

They are not known to want to explore the world and risk. They prefer the comfort of their own home and a life without thrills. So, two of them together will love to spend their nights inside, watching a movie.

They will shine the most when everything in their life works perfectly: career, children and hobbies. If they have to take a risk, they’ll become emotionally unstable.

A Taurus man with a Taurus woman will be great as husband and wife. They both want a family too much. If something goes wrong at home, the Taurus man will become angry and he can hurt his lady a lot.

She will not say a thing and will endure it all for a long time. The Taurus woman is known to sacrifice a lot of her wishes and personality for her family.

If they want to avoid all this, they both need to keep their temper in line. Knowing how to take good care of the family doesn’t mean she can’t have a great career and a fulfilling professional life.

When two Taurus partners are involved in different and separate projects, they end up treasuring their time and don’t ever fight or contradict each other. Astrology says that if two Taurians in a relationship both have careers, they will be happier people.

Final Advice for the Taurus Man and the Taurus Woman

If the Taurus man is ever annoyed at the Taurus woman, he must keep in mind it’s just like if he were angry with himself. Two Taurus together are pretty much the same. She won’t be interested in him unless he captures her attention and does everything to impress her.

The Taurus woman loves to be courted and to see her date struggling a little to get to her heart.

Because they are both in Taurus, these two partners will express their intentions from the start. They will promise each other long-lasting love and devotion.

The Taurus can be tempered, so when these people are deceived or cheated on, they become very angry and nasty.

The Taurus man – Taurus woman relationship will be pretty much like routine, which will be to their liking, since they hate change.

Not to mention that Taurus people are not at all adaptable. They panic at new things, and don’t know what to do anymore. Never adventurous, they will be satisfied with what they have planned and will be angry when something and someone interferes with their schedule. If things get difficult, they keep going and never give up.

Because they are under the same sign, they understand each other at a deep level.

They will hardly resist the attraction the other one exerts, and they won’t remain simple friends for too long. As a matter of fact, many Taurus man – Taurus woman couples were born from deep friendships.

These two will get along very well as they have the same tastes and they share the same philosophies in life. The lady may be emotional, but he will remain the same rational and materialistic guy.

Their egos are big. But there won’t be clashes between them. They could never deal with the fact that their partner is flirting with someone else. They would go crazy even hearing about this, especially the Taurus woman.

She would be emotionally and mentally devastated. He should try not to flirt with ladies, while she could be more flexible and allow her man to be more free.

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