Leo Man and Aries Woman Long-Term Compatibility

A Leo man and an Aries woman relationship unites two very strong characters and the love and affection to follow are as big as their fights and domineering tendencies.

Leo Man Aries Woman

The Leo man and the Aries woman make a happy couple, for they love each other passionately. These two appreciate and admire one another in a way no one else ever understands.

The only problem that may appear is when they become too competitive and each try to be the boss of the relationship. If they want to resist a long time together, they need to be able to share the spotlight from time to time.

CriteriaLeo Man Aries Woman Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤ ❤
Common valuesBelow average❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

The Positives

The Leo man-Aries woman relationship has good chances to turn into marriage. It’s all about two people who have passion and an immense thirst for life. The romance between them will never die.

He will not allow himself to be intimated by the Aries woman’s independence and ability to deal with everything that seems too difficult.

This is one of the best matches in the zodiac. Both partners know how to have fun and they usually prove their love by being jealous. These two will stimulate each other in everything they do.

While they may fight from time to time, they will always make up afterwards. Other people may not understand how they can have an argument and get back together so easily. But Arieses and Leos like to be challenged and to have confrontations.

It can be said they borrow some personality traits from each other. She’s confident, passionate, courageous, independent and spontaneous. This lady can turn impossible things into possible if she puts her mind to it.

Because she’s innocent and simple, many men will want her for themselves. And he’s exactly the same.

If she falls for him, she will turn into this happy and bold lady who keeps admiring her man because he’s strong and warm. He will always feel loved when with her.

It’s great that both the Leo man and Aries woman are romantic and believe in true love. They will play the roles of the prince and his princess, of the victim and the savior.

When it comes to playing the game of love, you can count on these two to do it right. Because they are both adventurous, they’ll never get bored when together.

As far as expressing their feelings goes, they won’t back down and will say what’s on their mind openly. In bed, there will be a lot of passion and role playing as they are both Fire signs.

The Negatives

Because she can be very selfish, the Aries woman may refuse to compliment and praise the Leo man all the time. And this is all this guy needs in order to be happy.

If he doesn’t get what he wants, he may as well go and look somewhere else for it. Leos don’t think twice about breaking up if they are not feeling happy and satisfied in a relationship.

She needs to win all the time, he doesn’t accept other people’s opinion. This only means big fights and raised voices. None of them is known to keep their calm in a confrontation. If she thinks he no longer loves her like he used to, she’ll start becoming restless.

Both of them want to dominate and be the leader. These two will compete over the most insignificant things and for the most trivial reasons. Both will want to have the last word, so their arguments won’t be in any way solved easily.

If they are not careful to sometimes stroke each other’s egos, they will end up thinking only about themselves. As they are Fire signs, these two are impulsive and sometimes aggressive.

Long-Term Relationship and Marriage Prospects

In spite of all the fights, the Aries woman and the Leo man are good candidates for a marriage. It’s like they deserve one another.

Both of them are energetic, appreciative towards the efforts the other one is willing to make for the relationship, and they both like when family and friends look at them in envy.

They will be honest with each other since the start of the relationship. When they make up after a fight, they’ll have amazing sex. Because both are such extroverts, they like when people watch them fight.

It is suggested they have children after they are both mature enough to no longer act selfishly. She will be feminine and sweet, while he will play the macho role. With her help, he’ll grow more confident. And because she’s so supporting, he will be generous and gentle with her.

These are two people who love to be in each other’s company. This is why their relationship works so well. It doesn’t matter how tough the times get, they will face them together. He will build a comfortable home, and she’ll protect it with everything she has. There are no other two signs to support each other better than these two.

The Leo man and the Aries woman will want to be together everywhere they go. The more time they spend together, the more he’ll be protective and less domineering.

It’s only normal to fight from time to time, especially since they are two signs with big egos. However, it won’t matter how big of a fight they have, they’ll get back together armed with more affection and love.

They will learn how to no longer have ego clashes and they will build one of the strongest relationships in the zodiac. The combination of these two signs is dynamic because both of them have high energy levels.

If they want to no longer fight so often, it’s important they understand the other one needs the limelight, too. When they keep their egos under control, they’ll have the best chance at building a relationship based on respect, support and admiration.

The more common goals they share, the stronger their relationship will become. When these two commit, they are in for the deal of a lifetime.

Final Advice for the Leo Man and the Aries Woman

As Fire signs, the Leo man and the Aries woman will take turns at who wins the heart of the other. They will fight for the role of the leader, but they’ll make up fast afterwards.

An outsider won’t understand how they are able to do this all the time. But this is a couple in which both partners need to exercise their authority. One of two things will happen: their relationship will start strongly and will carry on strong, or nothing will happen between them at all.

If they are to last as a couple, it’s important that she acts helpless from time to time. The Leo man loves being the knight in shining armor for a lady.

But one thing’s for sure: both these people are passionate and adventurous. It’s important for them to always keep moving. The Leo can offer the Aries woman some guidance, but only if he does it without playing with her ego.

They will want to dominate each other. When they have a disagreement, both of them will strongly believe they are right. Being bossy is something that characterizes the Leo and also the Aries. It’s suggested they are more tactful if they don’t want to fight so often.

The Aries woman should be more diplomatic, like the Leo is. It’s easier for an Aries woman to be submissive than it is for the royal Leo.

This man needs to be calmed after a fight, so she may need to make him acknowledge her point of view without hurting his ego. If she tries her best to be charming, he will totally fall for it and they will make up faster.

Being truly happy and lasting longer as a couple means the Leo man and the Aries woman must learn how to compromise. After all, they have a great future together, so why not make it perfect?

If he lets her be first from time to time, and she remembers to appreciate him more for being generous, they will be that perfect couple everyone will envy.

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