Taurus And Leo Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Taurus and Leo can be difficult to manage as this is a possessive and moody combination.

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The Taurus and Leo will be very attracted to one another. They are both fixed signs, so they will be loyal and stable in their love. While all this is true, it doesn’t mean their relationship will be easy. The fact that they are fixed signs also means these people are stubborn, wanting to have stability and not easy to convince.

The Taurus-Leo couple displays the many things these two have in common. But there’s also space for conflicts and tensions between them.

CriteriaTaurus Leo Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesBelow average❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

They are a good match because they are both fun. The Taurus will help the Leo make his or her dreams come true. The open Leo will help Taurus to be less reserved and enjoy the moment more. As soon as the Taurus will start to trust the Leo, things will be out in the open. The Leo lover likes to show off too, so expect to see a couple that makes many romantic gestures in the public.

When they will first date, the Leo will like that their Taurus lover is possessive and shows their love with expensive gifts. Since they are both great lovers of the life’s most enjoyable pleasures, they will go to the best restaurants or to a dancing night downtown.

When Taurus and Leo fall in love …

As soon as they have laid eyes on one another, the Taurus and the Leo will buy a new wardrobe and go on a diet. Since they both like to impress, their first dates will be at the opera or another fancy place.

Leos like to show they have the upper hand, so don’t be surprised when they’ll show up at parties all alone. Tauruses will know what Leos are trying to do, and will let them do it.

The Leo loves luxury and the Taurus is a sensual creature. They will enjoy being together and tasting from all the life’s pleasures. Whenever these two will come into a room, all the eyes will be on them.

The Leo will probably make more money as people in this sign have leadership abilities, but the Taurus will be the one taking care of the family’s budget. The Leo takes some time before getting to be warmer and affectionate, as opposed to the Bull who is friendly and warm from the beginning.

An Earth sign, the Taurus is patient, down-to-earth and strong. The day when the Leo will realize the attraction between them and will start to be loving will sure come with a sensual look.

Because they want the same things in life, the Leo and the Taurus will be enthusiastic about starting a relationship together. Leos are the leaders of the zodiac, and they can impose on the Taurus. They will shower them with presents and affectionate gestures. The Taurus will say they don’t need all this to be happy, but in their secret life will be more than excited about everything. The Taurus needs to be sure of their partner’s love.

Since they are both loyal and committed, the Taurus will be more than satisfied to have found someone who offers them security.

They will sometimes fight about minor things as they are both strong headed. But this will only make their relationship stronger as they will have a better chance at understanding one another.

The Taurus and Leo relationship

A dazzling couple, the Taurus and the Leo will be invited to many social events. Fixed signs are often territorial, which means they will both be jealous. Their common love for the good things in life will take them to the most expensive spas and exotic holidays.

When they will make something together, that thing will not only be functional, but beautiful too. In their home, the Taurus will renovate and the Leo will choose the new furniture.

People will wonder how they can afford all the expensive things they are buying, but in reality, it may be that they are living on credit. These two can simply not refrain themselves from getting high-quality things that are also very expensive.

They are good at squaring each other, being a couple that attracts and repulses in the same time. Because they have such wild energies, they are among the strongest matches in the zodiac. They understand one another perfectly, but at the same time they have some blind spots they will never get to.

This is how a square relationship is like. Being the first two fixed signs, the Taurus and the Leo have big egos. Usually signs that are in the first half of the astrological calendar are energetic, while the ones in the other half are more receptive and soft.

It is known the Air and Fire signs are masculine, while the Earth and Water sings are feminine. But having two people from the two sides is not enough for a relationship to be perfect.

You can’t say the Taurus and Leo couple is like the Aquarius-Scorpio one. Aquarius and Scorpio are connected in a psychic way, being a brutal force for which no one is prepared.

Taurus and Leo are forward beings. They need something physical, something material to be happy. The Taurus believes only in what he can touch and feel, and the Leo is all about willpower and how this manifests itself.

Leo wants to be where the party is. When it comes to love, they both are all in and they will admire the honesty in each other. The Leo says it as it is, and the Taurus puts their hearth where their mouth is. Intelligent and determined creatures, they will get many things done together.

Taurus and Leo marriage compatibility

If the Taurus and the Leo are happy with each other and ready to get married, everything will be wonderful. Usually, the Leo needs more time for such an important moment. Their marriages often last, and it usually happens to be an age gap between them.

They both want a family and a home where to feel safe and comfortable. The Leo will help their children to be more creative and fun, while the Taurus will take care of all the practical things like planning for school and setting the rules.

If invited to their wedding, expect something extravagant. They will want to outdo the richest stars in Hollywood. Their home will be more of a mansion, and the parties they will throw will be in the garden, with a dress code.

When it comes to having children, these two will make wonderful parents. The Leo wants to have theirs, and the Taurus needs someone to educate. Their kids will probably go to private schools and take violin lessons. The Leo is like a lion mom or dad, protective and strict. It will be the Taurus’ role to support the children to think freely.

Sexual compatibility

The Taurus likes a romantic setting and some candles in the bedroom. The Leo wants role playing and erotic games. They are both passionate, so expect fireworks in between their sheets.

The Taurus has a strong sexual drive and the Leo wants adventure. They will love to satisfy each other’s fantasies. Uninhibited lovemaking is what characterizes their sexual relationship.

If their romance won’t work, they will at least have the great sex to remember one another. If they will resist as a Taurus-Leo couple, they’ll continue to have amazing and passionate nights. They make an art out of sex. Everything is slow for the Taurus takes their time and the Leo needs to be adored whilst their generosity will be expressed very much in bed.

The downsides of this union

Indifference, stubbornness, the inability to compromise, these are a few of the things that will lead the Leo-Taurus couple to fight outrageously. The Leo will be annoyed when the Taurus will be busy with something else and will not adore him or her.

The Leo will also usually make more money as these people are more likely to pursue a career that requires a degree, while the Taurus just wants to relax and be outdoors. This can also create some troubles.

If the Leo is not ready to settle and start a family when the Taurus is, then this is also a problem. Taurus will always get tired of partying first. And there are many other things that set them apart. While the Taurus wants stability and to be shown love, the Leo craves to be at the center of attention.

The Taurus knows how to pay compliments, and the Leo will love them for that but if the former will get bored of whispering nice things to their partner, the Leo will think there is no more love between them. They need to learn how to communicate more effectively if they want their relationship to be a real success.

What to remember about Taurus and Leo

The Taurus and the Leo have many things in common. Both ambitious, stubborn, romantic and loyal, they will be attracted to one another from the beginning. Somehow, once they become a couple, these two reveal their differences and start to have fights.

Demanding people, Tauruses and Leos expect a lot from their partners. The Leo wants to be adored all the time, while the Taurus must have a comfortable and stable life. They have one thing in common, though. They both enjoy the benefits of the great life.

So it isn’t impossible for Leo and Taurus to get married out of interest. If the circumstances are good, the Taurus-Leo couple can have great times together. The Leo likes how the Taurus is sensual, and the Taurus loves being appreciated by their partner.

The Leo hates superficiality and the Taurus can somehow have it. But the Leo will make his or her roar heard and the Bull will become more interested in less trivial things.

One thing Leos love more than anything else is being at the center of attention. They will be everywhere something is happening, while the Taurus will wait home. This is a reason for frustrations and fights in which none of them will give in because they are both too stubborn. In the long run, the attraction between these two can be destroyed by things that make them so different.

Both fixed signs, the Leo and the Taurus don’t like change that much, especially the Bull. The proud Leo and the stubborn Taurus will hold on to their couple even if things won’t be as good as they used to, in the beginning. It’s hard for them to admit where they each have been wrong. If they have been good together once, it wouldn’t matter.

They would both face nervous breakdowns when things will no longer be the same. If you are wondering what makes them fight, find out it’s their stubbornness. The Taurus is more stubborn, but wants something stable more than anything else, so he or she will be the person to give in faster.

But it’s possible they will leave frustrations pile up until they will, one day, explode. If they would listen to each other more, arguments would be avoided. A romance between them is possibly successful because they have similar interests and the same ways of enjoying life.

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