How To Seduce A Capricorn Man From A To Z

Discover how to make your Capricorn man fall in love with you and what to look out for.

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One of the worst tactics that people use to seduce the Capricorn man is the direct way, just asking him then and there if he wants to go out, or asking him about his feelings. This native is one of the shyest ones out there, and is naturally someone who likes to first observe the other person before committing to anything.

Between you two, there will have to be a period of time when you get to know each other, and it’s not going to be a short one either.

Seduce your Capricorn man with these top 5 tips:

  1. Be feminine but also strong when challenged.
  2. Smile and be honest about your failings.
  3. Dress well but avoid appearing superficial.
  4. Listen to his aspirations and match them.
  5. Let him lead in domestic decisions.
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No time for games

The Capricorn man is actually pretty affectionate and loving, but these reflexes of tenderness are only meant to be expressed in private, where the two of you are all alone, and not in society, where others will undoubtedly be watching.

It’s just not in his nature to act that uninhibited, and it’s not a flaw at all. Furthermore, as far as professional life goes, or when it comes to his principles, you’d better keep in mind to actually take him seriously, because he isn’t just talk, and neither are his ideas and reams mere chimeras.

He wants to succeed in life, and he wants to achieve all those aspirations of his, and you could be the one he does it with, remember that.

Now it isn’t much of a surprise that the only difficult thing about this entire mission is to actually get the Capricorn man to become interested in you.

The difficulty arises the moment you notice that they are extremely sparse with the expression of their emotions, and will probably do it only after they have come to know you better.

For that reason, the most important aspect here is patience, because once you manage to get through his shields, everything’s going to change. These natives only want to see you try, that you actually want to find out what hides behind all that coldness and apparent glacial attitude.

Again, what matters the most to this native is knowing that you don’t perceive him as just another temporary adventure, because that’s the last thing he wants.

If he wanted such things, he wouldn’t have acted so indifferent and observed you all this time, just to deduce what sort of personality you have.

That doesn’t really matter when all you want is sex, now doesn’t it? Well, considering that the Capricorn man wants to have a long-standing relationship, which should then turn into a marriage and establishing a family, one-night adventures aren’t really his thing.

Tips for seducing your Capricorn man

The fundamental idea here is not to try on many different, innovative, and sometimes overly-exaggerated techniques to seduce him. The basics are enough, just “mere” shows of affection and love, so that he realizes you care enough to get past all the barriers he has set up.

Keep on doing this and things will only get better with time, as he certainly won’t get over his head with all the attention and love you shower him with.

It would be even better if the two of you had the same principles and values, because the bond would then get even deeper and deeper, a lot faster.

Capricorn men like their partners to be independent, to have their own plans, ideas, aspirations, which they should work hardly to achieve. Willpower is the only thing that separates the winners from the losers, nothing more, and they truly believe in this.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither does a successful idea brings immediate rewards. Patience, ambition and perseverance are key here, and their interest would grow exponentially if they discover these qualities in their partners.

This condition stems from their desire to build a relationship which will last throughout time, and will eventually transform into a marriage. They obviously want a partner with prospects for the future.

Some guys actually feel threatened by a woman who knows what she wants, but this is certainly not the case with the Capricorn man, because he isn’t just anyone, and has some plans of his own, which he will eventually attain.

He wants someone similar to him, someone who is able to understand and even support his ideas, and the reverse should also be true. Independence, intellectual depth, creativity, profoundness of thinking, these are all characteristics strongly admired by this man, and his woman should have them as well.

Capricorn seduction turn offs

He doesn’t like women who are manly and behave in a dominant, even impulsive manner, because it’s just not fitting to see someone who should be feminine act in such contradictory ways.

He wants his partner to be patient, observant, strategic in mindset, to have the dignity and self-respect not to create a ruckus everywhere she goes. Simplicity, elegance, restraint, these aspects make a woman much more sexy and desirable, so make sure to keep all this in mind.

Implicitly, the Capricorn man likes things to go smoothly, in a step by step approach, and not rushed, because that’s when mistakes appear.

The Capricorn man has his own plans and ideas that he has thought about for a pretty long time, so it’s obvious you won’t manage to change his mind just like that.

For all the strategies and future prospects that he has made until now, it would mean his greatest disillusionment to just abandon them for your sake.

Even if he would do many things just to make you happy, that would be a truly great sacrifice, and it’s possible he won’t find it to be worth it. Just be patient and calm, because he will eventually come around on his own accord. It just takes a little more than usual.

Moreover, the Capricorn man is very rational and logical, so he will always approach all situations with a clear mind, in a systematic manner, with a defined purpose in mind, and if he fails, then there is something to learn from that.

Now, if his woman is overly-sensitive and reacts in an exaggerated manner to each and every obstacle, then that’s not alright at all. This native doesn’t understand why some people cry when things get too harsh.

Why not search for a solution? What good does crying accomplish? Clearly, he is way too rational for his own good, but it is what it is, and compatibility is important as well.

What you’re up against

For starters, it’s very difficult to know when exactly you have done enough to get his interest spiked, because he doesn’t show a lot of emotions in the first place, so there’s this problem.

Sure, it’s a very nice prospect, that this man approaches perfection in nearly all aspects, but that is only after you have managed to seduce him to reach that level of mutual trust.

What happens until then? Continuous efforts, uncertainty gnawing away at your patience, and pretty much the waning hope that he would finally decide to reciprocate your feelings.

The thing is, the Capricorn man has pretty high expectations from his partners, and until those conditions are achieved, he will probably still perceive you as only a potential lover, nothing else.

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