Signs A Capricorn Man Likes You: From Actions To The Way He Texts You

Spoiler alert: Your Capricorn man is into you when he wants you to feel comfortable next to him and starts adding emoticons to his texts.

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When trying to read into your Capricorn crush’s behavior, keep in mind that this is a highly ambitious and perseverant man who wants to lead a good life.

Top 13 signs a Capricorn is into you

  1. Takes from his work time to spend it going places with you.
  2. He will not hesitate to tell you his opinions.
  3. He turns very emotional in your company.
  4. He is uncharacteristically romantic with you.
  5. Don’t worry if he is still not demonstrative through words.
  6. Goes out of his way to help you with little things.
  7. Craves physical contact but not of the naughty kind.
  8. He is very concerned for you to feel comfortable around him.
  9. You will feel that he is constantly analysing you.
  10. He starts taking good care of his look.
  11. He gets shy around you at times and maintains long eye contact.
  12. He starts adding emoticons and sweet expressions to his texts.
  13. He has a straightforward and physical flirting style (see Capricorn flirting style).

So, when he decides to take the time, he would otherwise invest in important endeavors, and spend it with you, and when he takes you to a restaurant, a pretty expensive one as well, then it means that he has fallen hard in the mires of love.

Furthermore, he values time like no one else, because time equals money in his eyes, so you won’t see him hesitate or beat around the bush when he wants to say or do something.

Instead, he’ll be straightforward and direct, which means that you won’t have to wait for too long before he asks you out. Don’t expect anything too romantic though, especially at the start.

How to figure out if your Capricorn likes you

Amongst the first markers that a Capricorn has fallen for you is the heightened sensitivity, the profound emotions that will burst forth once he sees the object of their desire.

We all know that Capricorns are the responsible, pragmatic, and ever-so-serious workers of the zodiac, so when they turn into a mushy romantic who actually shows interest in something else other than his work, then we can clearly surmise that something has happened, and that something has to do with love feelings.

He will take it slowly though, in accord with his own character and personality, but the feelings are there. He is generous, altruistic, kind, and ultimately very benevolent with people who are in need, and that plays out quite well in a relationship.

The Capricorn man, being an Earth sign, will focus more on actually making you happy and for you to see that he loves you, rather than openly stating it.

It’s not that he can’t do it, but that he prefers to emphasize actions more, and he isn’t a very good talker either.

So, in order to clearly understand him, just pay close attention to him the next time you guys meet. If he goes out of his comfort zone to help you, or show you that he wants to support you when you need it, more than a friend would, then he is definitely into you.

In a relationship, he’s also the one who assumes most of responsibilities, and who does most work around the house and you should be able to sense this in his initial reactions as well.

Whenever they feel like it, they will want to be next to you, to feel that you are that person who will always be there, who comforts them from an emotional point of view. Closeness is extremely important to these natives, and they will want to spend most of their time with you.

Because they tend to be this clingy and affectionate, it then becomes obvious why they are so practical and determined to work so much around the house, because they want to make it ideal for you. If you like it, then you’ll find it more enjoyable to stay there, and that’s what they want the most.

Even though the Capricorn man doesn’t hesitate if he really wants to tell you about his feelings, that doesn’t mean that this will happen from the first meeting, because he isn’t the type to hurry things up.

On the contrary, he will take his sweet time analyzing you, and because he was probably hurt in the past, he wants to be very sure that it won’t happen again.

So, you might want to reassure him by showing you are also interested, willing, and have the sincerest feelings for him.

Sometimes, he might end up thinking that he’s trying too hard, which might make him back off for a few days. But that’s just him overthinking things, no need to stress out.

The Capricorn man will want to appear at his best when talking to you, because they realize that only by showing you exactly what they are capable of, could you ever decide to stay.

Also, he tends to not find his words, not even to think, that is, when he gets closer to you, and that should immediately raise a warning flag. If you see him fidgeting and making eye contact for an unusual amount of time, then that means he is basically falling in love with you.

However, even though he may appear as shy and embarrassed at first, once you reassure him of your interest, nothing will stand in his way then to show you his confidence and strength.

Texting with your crush

This native is a very generous, loving, and kind individual who will always jump to the rescue and is a family man above all else.

Even from the start of a relationship, what they want the most is to feel that the partner is always close by, if they want someone to talk to, or someone with whom to explore the world.

They want that, you know? For someone to support and help put their ideas in action, to go out of the day-to-day routine, and do the stuff they’ve always dreamed of.

And of course that with their phones in their hands all day long, for business or entertainment, love is also at their fingertips. Whilst at first they may respect your space, just like you do with theirs, as you two get more comfortable, do expect an avalanche of short and sweet texts.

Even in writing, he is not the biggest fan of long missives so his communications will have a rather pragmatic style. But when he starts adding some emoticons, especially the lovey gooey kind, you should know there is something greater going on behind the phone screen.

In reality, the Capricorn man is a very sociable individual, who feels the safest when surrounded by close people, by those who understand him the best, and who won’t judge him. Therefore, you are not going to find him in too many chat groups, perhaps just those with his family and closest friends.

Moreover, if you’ve got the brains and the social gusto to win over most other people in his life, then you’ll likely win him over as well. He will, after all, give you this occasion because he prefers to be pragmatic and fast in his plans so you will be included in his basic groups from the start.

Is he falling in love?

The Capricorn man doesn’t’ have the luxury to waste time on beating around the bush and fidgeting in a corner, while you are there, talking to other guys. Who knows when you’re going to give in to their advances?

Well, he’s not that kind of guy, and he will come directly to you, might be clumsy about asking you out but you will know that he means whatever is saying.

His feelings and emotions are rather straightforward and simple, which means that romance like the kind to sweep you off your feet, is out of the question, but this doesn’t mean that what you have is not very special, and perhaps meant for a lifetime.

He’s going to be very responsible and caring, just because he understands every woman’s need for a confident and protective man.

Whatever he’s enjoying, he wants to share it with you, as you would if that were the case.

He wants to have a very fulfilling union, one based on mutual understanding, a friendly attitude, and most importantly, boundless love and affection and when he is falling in love, this simply transpires even through his day to day actions.

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