Capricorn Relationship Traits and Love Tips

A relationship with a Capricorn is based on open communication and personal ambitions as these natives wish to keep their individuality in the couple life.

couple and a Capricorn sign

The Capricorn natives are the most patient when it comes to relationships. They will never rush things out because of their impetuous feelings. Speaking of this, it doesn’t seem like they have these spontaneous emotional effusions that the rest of us have to deal with.

Pros Cons
They are warm and very loyal.They take their time to get to know someone.
They are trustworthy and communicative.They can be quite harsh and fixed in their ways.
They make inspired gifts.They can focus on material success in the detriment of the relationship.

Communication might not be one of their strongest points, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t know how to express love and affection. Their actions say a lot, enough for everyone to understand.

Where they focus in love

Capricorn individuals will spend a lot of time in analysing the other person in order to determine whether it’s worth it to commit or not.

They can’t reveal all the goodies from the get-go, to give themselves up to the feeling of love swirling about inside. You will have to work your ass off in trying to impress and keep them there because they will notice if you’re putting in the required effort or not.

If you’re not careful enough and slack off, don’t be surprised when you won’t be able to contact them the next day.

In a relationship, Capricorns are extremely loyal and devoted out of a desire to build a truly long-standing future for both them and their partners.

Considering that they have probably thought about the next 10-15 years of their life, making incredibly detailed plans and calculating the possibilities constantly, you can be sure that they will want to include a relationship in that plan.

They are goal-oriented and action stars of their own movie, so don’t even think about one-night stands. From the start, they will tell you about establishing a family in the future, having children, building a future together.

After a few months pass and they settle with the relationship, you will discover their extreme passion and loyalty. Their dedication and love are unmatched.

Capricorn partners can be extremely materialistic and focus on professional success mainly, even before thinking to fall in love or to establish a relationship.

They will behave in the same way, approximately, even after finding someone to share their lives with.

Don’t fret if they’ve become cold or distanced themselves for some time, that’s probably because of some unsolved projects at work, or the appearance of an opportunity to advance. Just be there to support them, and you will witness the rebirth of a dedicated and loyal partner.

Social or not

There is a catch to the Capricorn lovers, and that is their mysterious and distant personality. They will rarely let themselves be known at a deeper level from the first meeting, if at all.

Generally, you will have to spend a lot of time and gain their trust in order to reach that level. Only their friends know more, and those are close friends, who have been close to them for years.

Socially, they keep to themselves, certainly not the social butterflies other natives are. They aren’t looking to impress anyone or to create dramatical situations that will allow them a moment of glory. These are superficial endeavours for them.

It’s good that they can keep calm and patient when in stressful situations but adopting the same distant and analytic approach with their partner seems like an unnecessary thing to do.

They should let themselves be discovered, to express their feelings, to explain their demands and expectations. This is to avoid any future misunderstandings and arguments.

Communication is key to a good relationship. It’s quite tricky being together with a Capricorn because of the lack of affection. They may choose to focus on work too much, and this creates a rift between partners.

Most probably, they’re thinking that showing and expressing their emotions more will lead to their vulnerabilities being exploited, to disappointments and emotional trauma.

Sure, there are risks when you reveal yourself to another, but that’s why they’ve been analysing their partner until now. They should learn to let go of these barriers and limitations.

In the future, they will become exponentially less attractive to their partners if the situation continues like this. Affection and love are essential to a good relationship, just like communication, mutual trust and support are.

The relationship with the Capricorn man

The Capricorn man is just like a typical native of this sign, focused on the professional advancement, restrained and distant when it comes to expressing himself.

He takes it all very slowly, advancing at the pace of a snail with relationships. He believes that you first have to determine if the partner is trustworthy, that you have to spend a certain amount of time together before going further.

Deep inside, he wants to be loved and to show his love, to feel that sense of belonging, to know that there is someone waiting for him at home, dying to hug him.

However, he is also very attentive and wary, because he doesn’t want to suffer pointlessly. Win his trust, that’ll do it!

The Capricorn man in a relationship: Understand and keep him in love

The relationship with the Capricorn woman

Only a perseverant and truthful man will be able to bring out the loving part of this woman’s personality. She acts in a cold and indifferent way to most people, not willing to show herself more than it is necessary.

In order to get her to reveal more, just be patient, take it all slowly and calmly, woo her with nice presents, show her that she can trust you without fear. The thing is, she only wants a long-standing relationship in which to invest her full time, attention and effort.

This becomes clear when she wants to test her partner, to see whether he has the same aspirations or not.

One more thing that anyone who likes a Capricorn woman should know is that she has very refined and eccentric tastes. Be sure to buy her only the most beautiful and artistically splendid things if you want to conquer her.

Seduce her constantly, even when this isn’t necessarily enough. Keep the flames of passion burning constantly, never become dull or lackadaisical.

She’s going to want to grab a hold of the reins, to lead both of you in a certain direction, and you should let her do that. You can intervene at any time, anyway. Usually, she makes the right calls, paving the path toward a brilliant future together.

The Capricorn woman in a relationship: What to expect?

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