Traits Of The Capricorn Man In Love: From Shy To Incredibly Romantic

He is patient and reserved on the outside but also fiery on the inside.


The love choices of the Capricorn man don’t seem to have a logic. He has a unique taste in the way his lover looks, and he checks the character carefully before he gets serious with someone.

The road with your Capricorn man may be bumpy and complicated. You’ll have to keep up with his work energy, and be able to sit somewhere up on the hierarchic ladder. It all depends on where exactly he is situated too on this ladder.

Ambitious, this guy centers his life around being on top and taking care of the people around him. He has a few friends that he appreciates and loves, and he’ll expect his soulmate to accept these people in her life too.

Romance is for him a set of experiences that he has gone through. If you are in love with him, find out that he will try and see how you fit in his life and schedule. It’s not about the present moment and how you influence it. It’s about the way you are going to be on the long-term, as a wife, lover and a mother. He plans everything carefully, and he needs a partner to make things work.

When in a relationship

When he’s in love, the Capricorn man acts very strangely. He doesn’t discern his own emotions very well, so he will be confused. This can pass as soon as the first relationship that he had ends.

Or as soon as the second one does. Or it could never go, and he would forever be puzzled by the feeling of love.

If he wants to win someone’s heart, he needs to learn more. If the love that he has is mutual, he will remain the same guy forever. Stubborn and stable, he has deep emotions but he doesn’t understand them. Not liking to be superficial, everything that he does will be serious.

When he loves, this man loves with all his heart. But he is very difficult. No one can be tougher to be with. Strict, he has expectations that few people will be able to meet.

When he’s still waiting for his true love, he will be stubborn to find it, and he won’t make any compromise. Many women will want him because he is so hard to get. They see him as a challenge, someone who they need to open and reveal to the world.

When he’s in love, he will do anything for his partner to be happy and satisfied. He will most likely be with the woman he loves forever, and there will be nothing to change his mind about her.

The woman he needs

Shy and composed, the Capricorn man will be patient in love. He thinks of romantic relationships as something he invests in for long-term.

He falls in love quickly, but he won’t do anything before he has assessed if the person he likes is good for him or not.

This guy needs a woman with a strong personality and the same interests as him. He wouldn’t fall in love with someone who’s only beautiful.

He has to have ladies who are intelligent and anchored in reality. You will never see him with a woman on high heels and with a ton of make-up. This is simply not his style.

The right girl for him will invest the same feelings in the relationship, and will be willing to put in some more effort to make things work. He doesn’t like to play games and he expects his partner to be the same.

Understanding your Capricorn man

You may discover that it is difficult to understand the Capricorn man. He always looks distant and reserved, and he criticizes everyone and everything with his rational mind.

Down-to-earth, a Capricorn will always see what’s real, leaving others to dream. He is very good at business, as he analyzes things with a cold mind and never daydreams.

Prepared to make the next step and take on the following challenge, this guy is cautious not to do something and the Universe to turn things against him.

He usually has great jobs, being in senior positions like the CEO, a famous attorney or an incredible chef. And these are only a few of the careers that he could have. Determined and objective, he could do anything he would want. Life obstacles wouldn’t be a problem for him.

You will be able to guess the Capricorn man’s feelings and thoughts very easily. His main purposes in life are to have a successful career and to find the right woman. He is very dedicated and traditional.

More than this, he never accepts others’ opinions. This guy needs a woman with whom he will spend the rest of his life, someone who can understand and love him. Sweet, he will make any girl fall for the lovemaking that he knows.

Being in control is one of the things at which he is very good, so he pay very much attention to what he is doing. He has many practical goals that he will achieve with not that much of an effort. He wants to be protected from being hurt, so he will build some imaginary walls around him, not allowing anyone to trespass.

He will try and make the partner that he has chosen happy, and he will in the meantime work at his own happiness in the field of work and in his social life. Organized, this guy will often be the CEO of a company or the proud owner of a successful business.

He is a good leader and he has a mind analytical enough for him to be a doctor or an engineer. He prefers to stay at home rather than go at parties. Events at work or charity fund raisers don’t bother him, but he just wants to avoid the noise and the crowds.

Not at all superficial, he will want a woman who’s reserved and simple. He doesn’t look for appearance, but for character and intelligence. If you are a person with her own goals and you are ready to help someone achieve his, you should definitely look for a Capricorn man. Be serious and a little bit conservative, and he will love you.

Dating him

The dates with a Capricorn man will be perfect. He will take his partner to the places he loves, he will respect the woman he’s with, he’ll take her home, hold the doors and pull the chairs.

He knows how to be tactful, elegant and well-behaved. Besides, he is also this strong man who realizes what he wants from life, and who is not afraid to get it.

If you are on the first date with Capricorn man, admire and appreciate everything that he is doing. But in the meantime, keep the mystery and the distance.The negative side of the Capricorn man

Pessimism is one of the main negative traits of the Capricorn man. As he is such an overachiever, this guy will always think that he is not doing the best job, even in love.

And he is pessimistic at times, being often annoying with this attitude of his. Another downside of his character is his stubbornness.

He only likes what he likes, he only does things one way and that’s it. If you disagree with him, he prefers not to listen. He will always be stuck in the way he is doing things and thinks situations, and he will believe that he’s the only one doing things right. This can annoy people too.

And the last negative trait is his shyness. He can be extremely reserved, especially at the beginning, when he barely gets involved with someone.

This may make some women think that he’s not interested. If you have fallen in love with him and you don’t understand what’s going on, find out that your Capricorn man is just being shy.

Keep him close and be more giving with your signals. As soon as you will get him, you’ll be completely happy with how he will work tirelessly to make you happy.

His sexuality

There is a lot of confusion around the Capricorn man’s sexuality. Being a sign of exaltation from Mars, he will have enough sexual energy to satisfy even the partner with the most elevated stamina.

Governed by Saturn, he will make meaningful, deep love, and will not reveal his true techniques until the relationship is emotionally stable and complete.

In other words, he’s an energetic sex partner who needs meaning and emotion in order to show his skills in bed.

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