Love Advice Every Capricorn Man Must Know

As the ambitious Capricorn man that you are, learn to be less stubborn at times and more open to change.

Capricorn man love advice

The Capricorn man is unique and surrounded by mystery. Belonging to the Earth element, he’s sincere about who he is: loving, loyal and attentive.

What he wants the most is to have success at work and to live in comfort while sharing everything he has with someone.

The best love advice for the Capricorn man:

  • Don’t turn into the old pessimistic man who is always disagreeing because this will drive love away further;
  • Practice expressing your feelings and showing some vulnerability, to show you are open to love;
  • Accept that your partner has their own views of the world, no need to embrace them entirely but respect them;
  • You are capable of very strong feelings and with them comes some possessiveness which you need to keep at bay, especially at the start of a new relationship.

He’s the ideal man for a woman who wants the same things as him. Seen as the one who’s usually making the rules, he’s methodical and authoritative, controlling only in everyone’s best interest.

Who are you, really, in love?

If you happen to be a Capricorn man, know that you’re down-to-earth and very practical, also that you need a woman who’s the same as you. More than this, you’re responsible and would do a lot to advance in your career.

You like women who are independent and work hard to have a lot of success. The lady who wants to be with you has to be ready to be the one who makes the first move. While you may be interested in her, you would never dare to initiate a conversation.

This is why the ideal setting for you is the one in which you’re introduced by mutual friends. For as long as you’re confident, relaxed and your conservative self, things should be just fine.

You also shouldn’t hide the warm and responsible side of your personality. After all, many women are looking for someone like you. Talk about yourself and be as funny as you can always be, especially when you’re telling a story or one of the intelligent jokes you know.

You’re usually ready to do anything for the person who has managed to get your heart, not to mention you’re very adaptable and supportive.

However, you can’t ever accept being number two for someone, neither losing control. Your lady shouldn’t make more money than you because you have a reputation to keep.

Since you’re competitive, you simply can’t stand coming in second place. Besides, you can be very proud and too stubborn to ever change. When in a confrontation, you prefer to follow your intuition and to stand strongly by your own beliefs.

No one can manipulate you because you have a rigid way of thinking and need to express your points of view. You can’t stand drama and are very logical, so you think you’re the only one who can solve a problem.

The fact that you’re criticizing can be a turn off for many women. You prefer to be enterprising and to do what you want, to give advice and to work hard to climb the social ladder.

You need someone ready to listen to what you have to say. The ideal woman for you is the one that respects your point of view and follows it.

This is what makes you feel happy and victorious. To have a long-lasting relationship, you need to be given the impression that you’re always winning.

The least desirable side

While very good at making the hardest decisions, the Capricorn man’s analytical mind can sometimes be a problem because it’s turning him into a pessimist who’s always disagreeing with others.

You, as a Capricorn man, are a silent observer who needs to be appreciated for your achievements, moment in which you can become cocky and arrogant.

In case you’re feeling defeated, you no longer know what to do with yourself and can brood for too long.

Your biggest weakness when it comes to relationships is that you can’t express your feelings or be empathetic. More than this, you usually put your own goals before anything else, focusing only on what’s in for you.

The fact that you’re detail-oriented makes you criticizing and unemotional. You’re also too stubborn to ever see the world from a different point of view than yours.

Advice on dating for the Capricorn man

Being very hardworking, the Capricorn man loves to make his relationship work by investing some effort into it.

However, this means he can’t relax and have fun, maybe after things have become more serious and he has a deeper connection with his partner.

He likes staying at home rather than going out in bars. However, he doesn’t say no to tickets for his favorite band, not to mention how much he enjoys eating a good meal at an expensive restaurant or going to a spa.

The woman who likes good wine and dining out can surely get him. If you happen to be a Capricorn man, then know that you sometimes need a push, especially when it comes to having a conversation.

You like making jokes, but you may seem very cold for the woman who doesn’t get you. This is because you’re focusing too much on having a successful career and a comfortable lifestyle.

When it comes to dating, the Capricorn man is not very comfortable with the entire process.

Being a Cardinal sign, he can’t just go from being introduced to someone to living a love story. He’s too realistic for this, but nothing is impossible after all.

He’s also not driven by his love life and dating, but he surely can imagine how his life next to the person he likes would look like. In case he’s with someone who can’t offer him what he wants, he won’t stay in that relationship.

If you’re a man born in Capricorn, then you’re also stylish and very classy, appreciating the same traits in a woman but going more for her intellect.

You want to talk to her about what you have managed to achieve and your plans for the future.

She needs to believe in your ideas and to share hers. More than anything, she has to be interested in what you have to say and to encourage you to be even more ambitious.

This is what you want from your date, to communicate on every level and to be supported.

Besides, you’re the type looking for something long-term and a person on whom you can rely on, so it may take you some time before finding someone perfect.

You prefer to meet new people through your friends because you’re more comfortable when surrounded by those you love the most.

When it comes to love, you take things very seriously and are ready to give your all. It’s unlikely to be seen committing if you know you won’t have enough time for your partner.

What about the bed

As soon as he has established a connection with a lady, the Capricorn man will look to make things more meaningful and to deepen the romance. He can wait if he sees she doesn’t want the same thing yet too.

If you happen to be this man, then you give a lot of importance to sex and see it as a way to bond with your other half.

While traditional and conventional outside of the bedroom, you can be a big surprise inside of it, as you enjoy experimenting and even role-playing.

Besides, you pay a lot of attention to every little detail and want to pleasure your lover no matter what.

You are attracted to a woman who’s self-confident and kinky when it comes to sex. In case you’re a little bit bored with how your partner is behaving in the bedroom, just call her to come to your office and try making love at your workplace.

She will be inspired to come the next time with a negligee under her coat. You surely don’t like playing any games when it comes to sex, which means you’re serious about it, just like you are about other things in your life.

Your long-term expectations

When it comes to what the Capricorn man wants, that is for his needs to be fulfilled. Different from other signs, he doesn’t see love as the ultimate thing in life.

However, if you are him, don’t despair or think that you can’t love because you’re capable of very strong feelings. You just need to find the person who can fill the hole in your heart.

As said before, the woman for you needs to respect you for being hardworking and funny. She also has to teach you how to have fun from time to time, all while supporting your dreams.

If you’re being offered all this, you will want nothing else but to be a perfect husband or lover, father, and friend. You want to have a good reputation and are very classy, so your lady needs to focus on the same things.

At the same time, she should take good care of you. You like thinking about the future and planning with someone as ambitious as you are. When admired, you offer a lot of compliments in return too.

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