Dating A Capricorn Man: Do You Have What It Takes?

Understand how he dates and what he likes in a woman so you can start the relationship on the right foot.

Just like any other Earth signs, the Capricorn man likes to work hard, he is responsible and ambitious. He also has the habit of taking the blame if something goes wrong, even though that had nothing to do with him.

Energetic, the fact that he’s a Cardinal sign too makes this man more pragmatic than dreamy and emotional. He seeks to be successful in everything and he wants someone to enjoy the rewards of this success with him.

The steps the Capricorn man takes in his life, are meant to help him become more successful. He doesn’t like to be in a relationship just for the fun of it, he has expectations. Before doing anything, this sign weighs up all the possible repercussions.

A Capricorn needs to know if his or her efforts are going to be rewarded. You’ll recognize the Capricorn man when you’ll see him. He is the person who listens and doesn’t speak too much, the one who doesn’t need to be in the center of attention.

His expectations

The Capricorn man has leadership skills. Sometimes stubborn, if you want to date him you’ll have to be the first to make a move.

For example, you could meet him unexpectedly, call from time to time and demand something, get tickets to a concert and say you don’t want to throw them away.

All these efforts will not be in vain. He won’t necessarily notice that you’re hitting on him, but you’ll get to spend some quality time together.

The ideal partner for a Capricorn is also career-oriented. They like people who are in control. A nice conversation with a man in Capricorn would be about his job.

He will definitely ask you the same things and he’ll appreciate that you are interested. As he is obsessed with social status, you should always bring up any success you’ve come across so far.

While you may feel in love, the man Capricorn will be a little bit more reserved as he doesn’t part so easily with his single status.

Don’t ask him to exhibit his emotions. It takes him a while to say nice words, no matter how much he may care about you. He prefers to take action rather than play with words.

The Capricorn man can be the love of your life, if you manage to reach to his heart. For him to fall for you, you’ll need to be elegant and always stylish. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t value intelligence and spontaneity. As a matter of fact, these two things are the ones he looks for in a partner.

As a boyfriend, husband, lover, the Capricorn man appreciates reliability more than anything else. He’s not the man to like surprises that much and he take his partner’s side no matter what. Loyal, this man cares a lot about reputation and social status.

He will respect and appreciate you for everything you may be doing. He’s not the best caretaker as he likes ambitious partners who have managed to establish a path in life.

Hands-on dating tips

The Capricorn man will prefer a dating place that is quiet and not so agglomerated. If you’re a clubber, this man is definitely for someone else and not you. Expect the dates with him to be at expensive restaurants and big theaters. He likes going to opulent places.

The rhythm of a Capricorn during the first dates is sluggish, but it gets you there. He appreciates quality, honor and tradition in a partner. It’s not his way to be family-oriented.

He will spend a lot of time at work, for he is workaholic more than anything else. Just like the Virgo, he likes health, talking about it and also practicing all kind of sports to maintain it.

Capture the Capricorn man’s heart and see how romantic this sign can be.

He’ll remember every detail of your relationship’s progress. He’ll buy wine for an anniversary and he’ll dance you to your favorite song.

As he is a Cardinal sign, the Capricorn guy will find the whole dating process difficult. He’d rather jump to the part of being in a relationship.

He can be unrealistic at times, when he wants the results before the “game”.

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Nothing can stay in the way of their love affairs and they are aware that relationships with them are getting better only with time.

You’ll have to share the same way of thinking and the same long-term plans should you want to be with this man. He won’t only praise you for being attentive, energetic and ambitious. He’ll love you for it.

If you already are with a Capricorn native, you must know how caring and devoted he can be. You must also be aware of the fact that he is terrified of failure and that’s what makes him an introvert sometimes.

As soon as the Capricorn man finds the purpose of a relationship, he will start working hard for that partnership to be a success.

He is a hard-worker in every aspect of life, this being the reason why he can find it difficult to relax and have some fun.

Between the sheets

Love and romance don’t make out the main things to drive a Capricorn man. He starts to make plans for his amorous relationship from the start. If he can’t see something in the future for that relationship, he just breaks up from the partner.

In bed, the Capricorn man is as workaholic, just like he is in his everyday life. He likes to build up the pleasure and he enjoys winning his battles.

He values sex and he can be unconventional between the sheets, in the sense that he can open himself wildly.

His energy in bed seems inexhaustible and he likes to ensure you are both satisfied. His few techniques are perfected so the sexual encounters with him are satisfying and fulfilling. Be confident in bed and he’ll appreciate you more.

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