Capricorn Man in a Relationship: Understand and Keep Him in Love

The Capricorn man will take the role of the protector and will devote himself to his partner, without second thoughts.

man with a Capricorn sign

Generally, it’s very hard to hit it on with a Capricorn man because of his high expectations. If he doesn’t manage to find one of his desired traits in you, then he’s very likely to give up.

Pros Cons
He is reliable on the long-term.It can be hard to get to know him.
He will fix things around the house.He easily takes things personally.
He will try to keep an up-beat atmosphere around.He doesn’t always follow his feelings.

He’s rigid, strict, inflexible and stubborn to not make any compromises. Either he finds the perfect one or none at all. He’s a very devoted and loyal man once in a relationship, willing and able to do almost anything for his loved one.

If he’s lucky enough to strike gold with an understanding and loving partner from the first time, then that’s that. The Capricorn man will always know how to appreciate the efforts of his partner, how to be there for her and how to comfort her in times of need.

He has an inclination to think for the long-term

Because he will be ultimately devoted and loyal to his partner once in a relationship, the Capricorn man expects the same from her. He’s already thinking about marriage, having children, establishing a home of their own, living there until the ends of time, so he wants to know his dreams and desires are well-founded.

If you don’t provide the affection and love that he wants, he will get cold and eventually questions the relationship. Worse will happen if you so much as make him suspicious about cheating. He takes betrayal very seriously and will retaliate cruelly.

He’s going to perceive his partner as someone very unlike him, someone that he doesn’t understand and that he must learn a completely different language in order to get along with her.

Expect the whole course with dessert as well when you are in a relationship with a Capricorn man. He not only wants to marry you, but he also wants to have children, to have a home of your own, to leave something here for future generations, and to see his children grow up.

He’s always thought about the long results, the long-term, so he naturally wants to be very sure that his partner doesn’t fake it.

Only by spending time with her and seeing how she thinks and how she sees the future would he seriously commit. Preferably, he will want to have his life set out before him before settling down.

He’s the father figure of the zodiac, always taking command of the troops, paternally taking care of their needs and desires. He will be a perfect husband, a loving father who teaches his children about morality, about the principles good men should have, and he wants them to become better than him.

Simply by having a family will be the biggest fulfillment of his life, nothing could satisfy him more.

The one thing that he hates is being forced to change his plans and be thrown into a state of disarray.

In order for the Capricorn man in love to truly feel happy and fulfilled in a relationship, there will have to a sense of equality between partners. This is to say that his lover should strive to strengthen his confidence and determination if she has a better professional advance.

Showing off will only make him go down a dark path. His partner should realize that she ought to make some concessions, some compromises, to give him the spotlight from time to time, to give him the upper position.

Don’t have to worry about responsibilities anymore

He wants to feel in control, to dominate the situation. You can surely do this, even if it may be a bit hard in the beginning, but any relationship comes with its own ups and downs.

Sometimes, the Capricorn man might stumble upon a needy woman who needs a strong and protective man alongside her, to give her a secure and stable respite from the rest of the world.

He will take on the role of therapist or psychologist for you, but be careful that he doesn’t become only that, and that you don’t completely give yourself to him. He might offer advice, but he’s not certified to deal with these situations. Be firm and determined with your own opinions and arguments.

If you’re looking for stability and security in time, to have a good financial situation and good prospects for the future, then look no further because the Capricorn man is just what you’re looking for.

He will take care of all the responsibilities and ties to the real world for you, but in exchange, he will want you to put so much more effort in being affectionate, supportive and loving.

He will be the caretaker and the provider, but as his partner, you must take on the role of spiritual guidance for him.

Don’t think that he will be the overly-romantic type who’s going to buy you flowers every day, take you on moonlit walks or take you out on romantic dinners all the time. He’s not clingy nor is he too sentimental.

He’s not going to go out of his way to prove his love with grand and eccentric gestures. Rather, the old traditional confession will do.

He’s a pragmatic guy in all respects who prefers doing things in his own way, and you will like this determination and ambition because he’s very responsible and knows how to deal with the day-to-day chores.

Professionally, he’s really resolute and resourceful, as well as willing to advance even further.

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