How To Attract A Sagittarius Man: Top Tips For Getting Him To Fall In Love

See the kind of woman he is after and how to win his heart.

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Top five tips:
  1. Act in an intriguing manner sometimes.
  2. Show that you are an independent woman.
  3. Be attractive but not overly seductive.
  4. Be supportive with his plans.
  5. Don’t interfere with his social life.

The Sagittarius man likes a woman who’s imaginative, generous and reliable. This guy enjoys life more than anyone else, and he needs a woman to join him in his adventures.

He will never waste his time with a lady who always wants to know where he is or what he is doing. Don’t ever be jealous as this is what the Sagittarius man hates the most. If you want to be with him for a very long time, get ready to put up with his flirtatious side.

He doesn’t do it on purpose or to make someone hurt, he’s just very friendly and nice. Being in the spotlight is something that he wants.

Before he will get involved in something serious, he will take his time to analyze the person he wants, and to make sure that he’s compatible with her.

Don’t rush him, or you will lose his attention forever. He likes to seduce and explore, and to be in control. If somehow the woman who’s in love with is not into him, he will abandon the chase forever. Be unconventional and flirty with everyone, just like him.

But be careful to have some limits. Intrigue him with your personality and he will be completely fascinated. It’s when things surprise him that he becomes more interested. He’ll remember the person who makes him curious very often. He likes to wonder if he’s being played or if he’s the one you really like.

Not a trace of clinginess wanted

It’s very hard for this guy to settle with one person, so you can consider yourself very special if you have managed to capture his attention. By any means, don’t try and make him feel like he is being tied down.

This is the independent type of person, the man who will run away from those who are needy. Freedom is what he values the most in life. That’s why it is very important that you are an independent person, someone with interests and hobbies of her own.

If you are searching for a partner who’s always attentive and caring, you are definitely wasting time with the Sagittarius man. This guy is most of the time absent, always on the run and changing his schedule. He may not show up for dates oftentimes.

And being upset with him for all this won’t help at all. He’ll go on with his life like nothing happened as he’s too busy to put up with someone’s feelings.

Physical, this guy will expect to have sex from the very first few dates. He has an amazing Sagittarius sexual energy, and he likes to explore and experiment in bed. If you’re too emotional and sometimes a prude, try your luck with a person born in a different sign.

If you are too clingy too, he won’t be able to fake love with you. He will leave and you’ll have to look for someone else to share your life with.

Many would say he’s a player and they would be right. He’s most of the time interested in experimenting, not committing. What’s great about him is that he’s always honest. So if he’ll tell you that he’s not interested in something serious, take his word for it.

Jealous and possessive women have nothing to do with this type of a person. He wants someone who will leave him be, a girl who likes variety and hates routine as much as he does. Don’t hope he will change either. He’s quite adamant to be free and adventurous for the rest of his life.

Channel your flirty persona

If you want to seduce a Sagittarius man, be confident. He likes people who know what they want, like himself. He’s usually provocative and impulsive, so he’ll know from early on if he’s compatible with a person or not.

He is known for not being submissive and docile. This guy likes to dominate and do exciting things. He is intuitive, so he’ll have an idea about what you may be feeling and thinking. If you want to be with him for a long time, make sure you expose your intellectual and sensitive sides.

Also, be sincere as he doesn’t like superficiality and people who lie about themselves in order to obtain something. He’s honest himself, so you should consider being the same if you want him to be interested.

He likes it when his lover expresses her thoughts and sexual desires openly. Passion is what makes him tick in a relationship. Many will be attracted by him. He’s too fun and friendly not to make people curious about his personality.

He likes it when people want to be friends with him, and he hates it when people are trying to make him settle. He’s the type who will act like a fool just to entertain you and steal a smile. If he doesn’t manage to cheer someone up, he will retreat and leave things as they are.

He won’t become melancholic just to make you feel better. Be funny, cheerful and flirtatious when around him, and he will definitely fall into your arms.

People who hide things about themselves are not to his liking. He wants someone who can honestly say who she is and what her flaws are. Even if you have embarrassing things to say about yourself, let them out. He will most likely make a joke and move on. It’s important that you don’t lie.

The Sagittarius man can’t stand people who lie and deceive. If he discovers that you haven’t been honest, he’ll never be able to trust you ever again.

It can be difficult to handle such a straightforward, blunt man, but that’s the way he is and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Show him that you’re not easily offended and he’ll like you more. He’s not too fond of people who are oversensitive.

Be that great companion

The Sagittarius man is more interested in what’s happening with others. He’s not a person of feelings and inner thoughts. It would help if you would be the same.

Also, he likes to discover new things and explore new cultures. This is the traveler of the zodiac, so if you’re the type who can’t leave home for a few days, think of someone else to share your life with. He’s more oriented towards the future, the past being something he no longer cares about. Restless and interested in what life has in store for him, the Sagittarius man will change his mind according to the circumstances.

He’s a mutable sign, so he’ll not be constant and steady with his opinions. Keep up with all this, and you’ll be able to have him in your life for a long time. The more you like to challenge others, the better.

He will be open to anything you have to say, and he’ll want to go with you everywhere. He wants someone with whom he can share his life, and a person who thinks the same way as he does.

If you are only at the stage of making him fall in love with you, make short eye contact with him. He will immediately be curious about you.

He likes a conversation about philosophy or something interesting. Talk to him about politics, the latest news and social issues. He has a way of attracting from the first moment he starts to talk, but don’t fall for his charm that easily.

Let him work a little bit more in making you his. If you two are already together, assure him that things in your relationship will never change. He needs to know that you’ll always have fun together and that you will look for the next challenge to make your couple life more enjoyable.

If you convince him that you are entertaining and a little bit crazy, he will want to love you more. It’s not easy to always have a smile on, but with this guy it’s essential. He needs someone cheerful and always ready to crack a joke. It may be difficult to be around him, but it’s all worth it.

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