Are Capricorn Men Jealous And Possessive?

The Capricorn jealousy surfaces when they are totally in love with someone.

The Capricorn man is passionate about everything he may be doing in life. He has energy and he works hard to get what he wants. It is best that you don’t make him jealous as he likes honesty and he always says what’s in his mind.

Jealousy will only make him leave, not want you more. He likes being adored by his partner. If he feels that he doesn’t get too much attention from the person he loves, he starts suspecting something. In other words, he’s getting jealous.

He is possessive too, so if you are with a man in Capricorn, make sure you only pay attention to him.

As he works hard at the relationship he’s in, he will get very upset if something goes wrong. You will need to spend some time making him feel secure about what you two may have.

It isn’t that Capricorns are permanently suffering from jealousy. But if it happens for them to be jealous, they reject the feeling until it’s gone.

This may sound weird for some, but it’s just the way these natives are coping in matters like this.

He needs to know he’s the only one in the life of his partner. When with him, you need to compliment and reassure him. He will get jealous at times, but he won’t express it officially.

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He will keep it secret and he will suspect as it is difficult for a Capricorn man to express what he’s feeling.

What’s good to know is that the jealousy of a Capricorn man doesn’t last for too long. He wouldn’t ask anything because he would be afraid of the answer, and he wouldn’t accuse because he would be afraid he may be wrong.

He could be extremely jealous and no one would even know it. Trying to involve him in games or attempts at making him jealous won’t work with a man in Capricorn.

He would immediately leave if you would even try something like this. Only if things in your relationship would become really ugly, he would get to be possessive.

He’s a very loyal partner and he expects the partner to be the same. With him, things are very clear: you are together, you are only for him.

Be careful what you are talking about with other people in his presence as the Capricorn man jumps to conclusions very fast.

When he decides something, it is very difficult to change his mind afterwards. He considers the person he loves is the most precious individual on Earth and he won’t allow someone else to get involved.

It’s not that the Capricorns’ jealousy is too extreme. They also worry about what others may think about them and they are afraid of being humiliated.

You need to know that if a Capricorn walks out on you, he is sure to never come back again.

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