The Cancer Man In Bed: What To Expect And How To Turn Him On

Sex with a Cancer man – the bare facts, turn-ons and turn-offs from sexual astrology

The Cancer man needs to always be encouraged. If supported, he can be one of the greatest lovers in the zodiac.

In bed, he likes being the one that teaches the language of love, so let him explain to you his lovemaking tricks. He will patiently tell what he’s doing and also why he is doing it.

Whatever you do, don’t interrupt his performance by saying you already know what he’s doing. He will retract like he always does, and you would have missed an amazing experience.

Gentle and bold. That’s how the Cancer man is in bed. They make a catch that is very hard to find. Intuitive, he’ll know what you want and he’ll offer it to you. Everything is beautiful when in between sheets with this man.

All attention on foreplay

If you are attracted to a Cancer native, avoid being vulgar and impatient. He usually idealizes the person he’s in love with and he’s the type to be patient and sensitive.

If you dare to disappoint him from the beginning, you would throw away your chances at having an amazing sexual journey with this guy.

He is not unconventional but he can make a strong emotional connection with the partner. If hurt or bored, he’ll retreat into his shell and you wouldn’t be able to connect with him anymore.

Since he’s the best at making his partner happy, the Cancer man knows foreplay. He’s not like other men who only look to prove their masculinity in bed. He’s sensitive and he knows how to make you scream with pleasure.

He doesn’t like to begin the foreplay in bed though. You could start on the table or against the wall with him. He will carry you to the bed as soon as the contact has been made.

He knows how to perform oral sex on a woman, this technique being one of his favorites. When doing this, he likes to include one finger in the mix.

Another technique he is very fond of is rubbing the penis between the breasts. You could play with his penis this way, touching it with the tongue. It will increase his wish to take you and you’ll have more passionate sex.

Cancers are known for having a good memory. Your Cancer partner will remember when you felt the happiest and when you gave yourself to him with the most passion.

He will be very happy to know he can completely satisfy you in bed. Cancer men have an interesting strategy when it comes to sex.

They take all their adolescent experiences and play with them when adult, in an imaginative way. This man is all about lingerie. A homosexual Cancer man will often dress as a lady. Many even undergo surgeries to become women.

Your Cancer partner may have dressing up fantasies too. Dare to play this game with him if you haven’t done it yet. You will be amazed at his acting talents.

You can never know what’s in a Cancer man’s heart. He rarely shows his sensitive side to others. He has secrets not even his closest friend knows.

As an idealist, he dreams big and he has a sensibility other signs don’t have. People love him because he’s so soft and gentle. Don’t ever think that because he’s sensitive he is also weak because he isn’t.

Behind the fun and flirtatious façade

He’s only ruled by the Moon, which gives him mood swings according to her phases. His emotional states are often deep and he can induce the state he has into others.

If you have just met him and he’s too flirtatious, don’t take him seriously from the beginning. It may be one of the moods he keeps having. The next minute he can be distant and cold.

It’s difficult to know with these people. Even those who know them well are confused by them. He will excuse himself for being grumpy or mean. He’s a too polite man not to.

In a woman, he likes beauty and intelligence. He would enjoy any conversation, as long as it’s witty. He himself is very charming and brainy. However, be careful with him as he can become really possessive after he has managed to get you.

The Cancer macho tends to expect too much from the people he loves and if these can’t deliver he withdraws into the comfort of his home.

He doesn’t like to speak about what he’s feeling and this is often the cause of breakups in this sign’s life. He likes living the life, having all the drinks and all the food. He won’t know how to dress for an occasion as he isn’t too worried about the way he looks.

He would never flaunt with his clothes and he’ll most likely come in his college sweater to the first date.

Being a good conversationalist, the Cancer man’s words can convince people to do what he wants. His incredible memory is helpful in arguments, when no one remembers what others have said. He’s opinionated and he will try to convince you of his point of view, when you contradict with him.

He will end the debate only if you’ll surrender and he wouldn’t mind continuing the same discussion for a few days.

Nothing makes a Cancer man more happy then a home where he can relax and enjoy a good life. He believes that beautiful things between two partners begin at home. He can become too comfortable, though.

He wouldn’t notice something is wrong, so if you notice he’s starting to become too comfy with a cozy situation, do something.

A long-term relationship is what a Cancer man wants from a partner. If he breaks up with someone he can easily find someone new as he’s friendly and he easily makes connections with others.

However, he will never forget a woman in his life, regardless of how things have been. It can be complicated to be with a Cancer and endure all his mood swings. At least he’s not at all boring. If you are looking to marry him, find out he’s a career man who will be able to provide.

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