Aries Color: Why Red Has the Best Influence

Red is the hue of great passion and ambition with the capacity to revitalize and fuel the boundless energy of Arieses.

Aries Lucky Color Red

For the Aries native, the color red rules their entire life. It’s the color of strength, passion, intensity, vitality, eagerness to live and to struggle against the forces of fate.

This individual will establish their own legend, build an epic path for them to treat, to achieve greatness, their goals being endless and overwhelming. It’s really no surprise that their ruling planet, Mars, is called the Red Planet.

The Aries lucky color Red in a nutshell:

  • It’s the color of passion, confidence and aggression;
  • Red brings inspiration and revitalises the Aries natives;
  • This is a combative color that influences people to take action.

Aries natives want to be taken seriously, and no one should underestimate their sheer power to shape the world, to change minds, and to grow in strength by the minute. The redder the hue surrounding these people, the greater the underlying prowess.

Why the color red is so great for Aries

The color red signifies boundless sexuality, sensual pride, a vividness of being that stop at nothing. These natives are aggressive and competitive, fueled and enraged, at the same time, by the sight of the color red.

They are ambitious and perseverant, willing to go against the regulations of the status quo just because they won’t submit to anyone or anything. The world is a playground that they relish in, doing whatever they want.

Red brings courage, grit, confidence, and a molten energy that spikes to bring the Aries natives at the top of the food chain.

Even though red brings out the best in them, making anyone stand in awe at the seer confidence and presence of spirit of such an individual, it should be moderately used unless they explode outwards.

Too much red can also instil a sense of megalomania and egocentrism in them, the presupposition that everyone is beyond them, a God complex of a kind.

They become overly dominative, assertive, and aggressive, eliminating any competition and relaying orders to everyone around. All in all, it will get a lot hotter with a fiery Aries around.

If you’ve ever felt that you’ve been endowed with less strength than other natives of your sign, then it’s a good idea to surround yourself with the dominative astrological color related to you.

In this case, red will take out the beast inside you. More vitality, more self-confidence, and passion for life, more energy to spend on doing what you like.

The color red will simply revitalize and fill you with boundless spirit, ready to be used at any moment. Unleash all that potential and reach for the skies, dressed in a reddish suit of armor, of course. Nothing is more breath-taking and shocking that the color red.

The battlefield is the right place for an Aries native to dwell for the rest of their life. At least that’s what their dominative color points toward.

Whenever such a native feels down or depressed, catching a glimpse of the favorite red sweater, and even better, wearing it, will immediately dispel all the grief and bring out the optimism.

The diet should be meat-oriented, red fruits and vegetables, and also try to sync to the red combative energy.

Nothing will ever touch the Aries again, not lethargy, not dread and fear, and not the prospect of failing. This native is assertive and demanding, aware of one’s potential and desires.

Some people are just unwilling to risk or to get out of their comfort zone, and this is yet another sign that Mars isn’t sending down enough energy. To rectify this, just put emphasis on the revitalizing strength that the color red gives.

Wearing red requires one to tap into the hidden potential, to gather confidence and determination, to step out into the world and demand attention.

Nothing will increase their power and passion more than sporting a red belt or, even better, going all-out and dressing all red. However, at the same time, it’s the worst idea to increase the intake of energy when the Aries natives are already over-energetic and too competitive.

This will only make these natives angrier, more anxious and teetering on the edge of over-enthusiasm. It’s excellent when there’s something holding them back, certain uncertainties or past disappointments.

It’s also a good idea to eat red fruits and vegetables when out of inspiration. Are you currently working on a new book but haven’t had any good ideas in weeks?

No problem, just eat two or three red apples each morning, and you’ll see your creativity hit the roof. Innovative spirit, enthusiasm, and inspiration, everything can be taken up a notch using the power of the color red.

Arians are truly blessed with such a combative and wild color. Impulsivity and spontaneity, passion, positivity, and eternal optimism, these are the traits of red.

Channeling the power of colors

However, just as red is the main color that’s bound to make this native achieve their fullest potential, there are other advantageous colors as well.

For example, yellow is very good when the Aries wants to appear as empathetic and sensitive, to have meaningful conversations and really involved in the flow of the moment.

Pink takes the level of aggressiveness down a notch, making this Ram appear more understanding and peaceful. Orange brings a lot of fortunate events and makes socializing seem like a cinch.

When in full power, red and all of its shades bring a relieving feeling of confidence, a slowly-burning passion and a sense of relaxation that comes from one’s superiority and self-trust.

However, when they are feeling down or unhappy, red can increase this feeling, bring everything to a disastrous conclusion. In these moments, blue and violet are the best.

There is also the rumour that red is associated with failure, with difficult challenges, and that it makes one afraid of failure. Performance and productivity will suffer a sharp drop, that’s the gist of it.

On the other hand, in close-contact sports, those who are wearing red will experience a rise in physical power, the confidence that they can shake mountains and win out any competition.

An exercise of imagination: imagine fighting against an opponent. In one case, you’re the one wearing red, and on the other hand, the opponent is the one dressed in red.

What do you feel in each case? Most people would feel more confident and dominative in the first case when they are the ones covered in red, the color of aggressiveness and passion. Increased blood flow makes one have a tint of red, and so this might be correlated.

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