Aquarius Weaknesses: Know Them so You Can Defeat Them

These people are quite detached from reality, becoming easily agitated or angered when someone criticizes their choices.

Aquarius weakness

Very open-minded, people in Aquarius are real monsters when it comes to the external forces they need to harness and to manage. More than this, they’re vain and can adapt to any situation, doing whatever they can, just to remain fascinating.

As well, they adore being the rebels that are bringing change into the world. However, they’re not precise enough to accomplish something worthy because their mind is all over the place and they want to impress with their deviations.

Aquarius weaknesses in a nutshell:

  • The illusions they create in their heads can make them be quite chaotic;
  • When it comes to love, they tend to keep a great distance and avoid intimacy;
  • They love their families dearly, but they can lack discipline and be too radical about their wishes;
  • With regards to work, they are not used to obeying other’s instructions.

No regrets anywhere

Aquarians are headstrong and can get easily irritated because they think of their eccentricity as the only thing of value and they’re showing great intolerance when debating, rather than launching ideas.

These people are very complicated when it comes to love, and they’re establishing their own rules, no matter what.

They can’t love with all of their heart, not to mention being independent is making them suffer.

People born in Aquarius are natural rebels, but they’re missing empathy and can prevail when overcoming their defects.

Their unique ways are all about emotionally distancing themselves from others, which is setting them apart from others, not to mention is as well opening them to behaving in a dark manner.

These natives have no compassion, are narcissistic and think they’re superior to others. When taken behind the limits, people born under Aquarius have a standoff attitude and are stubborn.

They’re acting with absolutely no regards when it comes to how they’re affecting other people. More than this, they don’t need anything else but themselves.

Their behavior can be destructive and they can persist in their own illusions, causing their surroundings to become chaotic. The dark Aquariuses are often lacking emotions.

Looking at them from a different perspective, they’re capable of coming up with good ideas and accepting what’s going through their mind as a fact.

However, their delusions can sometimes offer them a good perspective on the world. Not having a presence that’s central of their own, they can be illuminating and energize themselves a lot, but they can easily turn into robots that are only coming up with formulas.

Aquarius natives are seeing life from their own perspective. Being fixed signs, they’re certain that they’re righteous.

Those who are fighting with them can exercise their frustration and at the same time know some things, but their perspective can never be swayed.

Since they’re not willful, these detached people don’t actually feel or see how a given situation is going, meaning they’re unaware of what’s missing in their life or the big picture.

If getting angry, Aquarius individuals are becoming angry and agitated, but in the same time, they’re remaining uninterested from an emotional point of view and are ignoring other people.

At the same time, they can become so furious that they’re the wildest and grumpiest, as well verbally nasty.

Each decan’s weaknesses

1st decan Aquarius are artful and capable of rationalizing emotions. They’re free to love, but their liberty is in fact making their most unconventional relationships more difficult.

When it comes to their relationships, these are difficult because they don’t like to be possessed by their partner and at the same time, they’re jealous.

Because this decan is all about liberation and not being submissive, it’s imposing some specific concepts on its natives. These people are letting others choose, and their relationships are not ones of peace.

2nd decan Aquarius are more physical and harsher than others, not to mention cold. They can get exulted out of nothing and they’re affectionate. These people are rational and independent.

Taking account of the already installed order in their love life, they’re not passing their feelings when out with others.

Having powerful instincts, they perceive the world by not trusting their own emotions. These people love experimenting.

3rd decan Aquarius have ways of making abstraction, which can be a weakness. They’re letting themselves to be influenced and can become the victims of emotional transformations.

These people can react by repressing this attitude of theirs or by no longer carrying about what they need.

According to what’s happening into their life, they can be dependent or the victims of some illusions, meaning they can end up no longer having any will or only going along with the situation.

Love & Friendships

Aquarius people have a strong individuality and don’t seem to care about too much in life. They’re pretending to have freedom to be independent while looking to gain autonomy.

They’re avoiding responsibilities and after blame their partner. Their repressed feelings can simply burst when they’re feeling pressured.

These natives are pretentious and their actions can’t be predicted, meaning their temper can sometimes outburst.

The most detached of them are always judging and take advantage of others’ vulnerabilities. Not paying attention, they don’t put any passion in whatever they’re enterprising and are very criticizing.

When it comes to intimacy, this is their weak point because they’re keeping the distance between them and others.

They’re eccentric in bed and can trick their partner by appearing intellectual. It’s rare that these people are getting attached and prefer to do what their heart desires.

When it comes to the bed, it can never be said what they’re going to do, not to mention they can’t picture themselves with someone because they’re only thinking about themselves and how they could use the methods they’re aware of.

Aquariuses are cold, superficial and not at all emotional. This is working in their disadvantage and can confuse their romantic partners.

They’re not wasting their time with people who don’t love them and have problems when it comes to intimacy. In their dark times, they’re becoming cold and are starting to bitch or to fight.

These people are all about being given attention and shocking. They’re flirting with everyone and are kinky, which can have their friends scandalized.

This way, they’re testing their own limits and are watching to see how far others can go. It can be said this is taking them away from naturalness, not to mention it sets their body in a different realm of reality.

Therefore, their darkness is all about artificiality until they’re completely rejecting themselves. This means they can study the psychology of controlling the mind and synthetic biology.

They’re inquisitive, unaccepting, argumentative and mean. As friends, they’re too selfish, but at least they’re feeling sorry for others, even if they’re not getting personally involved in different affairs.

When it comes to long-lasting friendships, these people’s actions and words can’t be predicted, not to mention they can’t be counted on.

However, they love philosophy, but not to obey the Law. It’s difficult for these individuals to work in teams. Their social life is all about standing out from the crowd because they’re original and can make others feel unbalanced.

They don’t ask themselves if they’re being liked and use every absurd notion to have fun.

Family life

People born under Aquarius are trying their best to be original, but they completely lack discipline and are too radical.

They’re the rebels of the zodiac because they want to express themselves freely and their actions to never be brought into the light. These natives are the first to become tyrants when the power is in their hands.

Parents in Aquarius oftentimes believe they’re the only ones right and that their methods can only succeed, no matter how eccentric.

The children in this sign are as well eccentric, from a very young age. They have to behave differently than others because this way, they’re becoming more daring.


Aquarius natives don’t want to obey and are egotistical, cold and never predictable.

Rebels, they can generate only problems, not to mention they risk damaging others if they’re not more passionate about their contacts and aren’t investing some discipline in whatever they may be doing.

As colleagues, they’re not obeying what others are saying because they think they’re the only ones right.

It would be a good idea for these natives to be given freedom when it comes to choosing their methods and the time in which they can work.

When bosses, they’re arrogant and not caring, even with their superiors, as well asking for less work.

If independent, they may run businesses that are illegal. Stubborn to have their methods working, it’s hard for them to accept any advice, meaning their success can’t last for too long.

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