Venus Retrograde: Explaining the Changes in Your Life

Venus in retrograde offers great opportunities of acknowledging what relationships are toxic and becoming clearer or more confident about love in general.

Venus Retrograde

Venus happens to be in retrograde every 19 months, this period lasting for 42 days or 6 weeks, which means this planet is in such a transit only 7% of the entire year. This makes it the celestial body with the shortest period of retrograding.

When this is happening, everything in our love life becomes a matter of fate and expressing affection or receiving it can become really difficult for us.

Venus retrograde in a nutshell:

  • This retrograde is perfect for making peace with past love issues;
  • Be careful about the expectations you are harboring for those close;
  • Learn that you need to look at your love life in a realistic manner;
  • Natal Chart Venus retrograde means a person finds it hard to connect with others and is quite moody.

During this transit, it’s possible for old lovers to reappear and for issues from past lives to start haunting us, just for the karma to be re-established. Since Venus is also the ruler of money, it’s not a good idea to make investments or to spend too much when this planet is in retrograde.

What to expect during the Venus retrograde

This is a transit that encourages people to introspect and to reassess themselves. It’s possible for them to become more interested in value and pleasure during this period.

Destiny will have a lot to say too when this retrograde is happening, so it’s very possible for people to meet their soulmate during this time.

It will be easy for them to become aware of this as they’d feel very familiar and have a sense of inevitability around a person. However, it’s suggested to only make a move when Venus is being direct again.

Venus in retrograde should be used when natives need to love themselves more, when they have to feel good about whom they are. Therefore, during this period, they should analyze what makes them feel good and identify the root of their problems when it comes to relationships.

This is also an occasion for old lovers to reappear in order for things about the past to be made clear and for them to welcome new relationships into their life. Even remembering things about their old affairs could help people clean their karma and have a happier life.

Astrology identifies Venus as a feminine celestial body that takes care of love matters. However, Venus is also the ruler of pleasure, so regardless of its transit in a chart, it influences how much attention natives are receiving, the money they’re making and their romantic life.

Things may slow down during the 6 weeks’ period in which Venus is in this transit because relationships would get tested and breakups may occur.

Therefore, those bonds that weren’t very strong to begin with will encounter many problems, this being an opportunity for people to assess who’s worthy of their love and who’s willing to make efforts for their happiness.

It can be said Venus in retrograde is an eye-opener that’s revealing the friends ready to be by their loved ones’ side in difficult times.

Venus has a lot of grace, so when it doesn’t seem to be present, politeness can turn into rudeness, meaning people may become harsh, nasty and irritable when this planet is in retrograde. It’s suggested to try for more compassion and kindness during this period.

On the other hand, the same retrograde can put an end to too much drama and help natives escape love stories that aren’t bringing them any good, which means it’s also a good time for them to analyze their perspective about love and relationships.

The questions to be asked with Venus in retrograde are about changes that need to be made regarding relationships and about partners’ own role in relationships.

Planets in retrograde are dealing with our inner feelings because they’re examining our motives, hidden wishes and the demons we’re facing when feeling very dark.

The magic here has to happen and to be focused on matters of healing, restoration, unification and revival.

The same Venus in retrograde requires that people are being taken off pedestals and regarded in a more realistic way, which can be a little bit confusing in the beginning, but absolutely important, especially for problems in relationships to no longer appear.

This is a time when new love connections and careers shouldn’t be pursued because people’s ideas of romance are very much challenged and transformed during this period.

A love at first sight can become a terrifying nightmare after only a few weeks of relationship now.

Because Venus is also the ruler of money, things are going to happen the exact same way in the finance sector as well. Investing and looking for a new job is not at all a good idea when this planet is in retrograde because things may sound promising at a first look and become tricky after approaching them closely.

Just like all planets in retrograde, Venus during this transit is a little bit daunting, especially in the beginning. While the rest of the astrological year has been focused on keeping healthy and strong relationships, this moment becomes important for getting rid of any baggage coming from the past.

The purpose of Venus is to focus on pleasure, the love of others and on having fun, no matter if it’s in retrograde or not.

During the 6 weeks of the backing down transit, natives can get rid of old pain very fast, but they should remember to never hurry if wanting their relationships to be truly meaningful.

It’s possible for many to feel like things are not moving forward and that their resources have been exhausted during this retrograde. It’s not at all unusual for many to think love is too challenging and that the perfect relationship doesn’t exist.

Those who happen to be in a stable relationship may find their partner to be colder than usual and encounter many problems with their love connection, but only on the surface.

While a little bit uncomfortable, Venus in retrograde offers great opportunities of acknowledging what relationships are toxic and becoming clearer or more confident about love in general.

Some people may come across shocking things about their partner, thing that will make them renounce that love altogether. While it will be painful for them to break up, they’ll have enough insight to realize things weren’t going so well and that a relationship looking good only on the surface has no value.

Being clearer about their desires and needs, it will be more likely for them to attract a new partner after Venus will be out of the retrograde. Furthermore, this retrograde transit can help natives open their heart and set some boundaries for others to no longer take advantage of their love.

Those who are being cheated on, neglected and left without energy by others will have to check themselves twice and make some changes in order for their life to become better and for their closed ones to no longer consume all of their energy, without offering anything in return.

When Venus is in retrograde, people can build up their shields and protect themselves from the harm caused by some individuals in their life. It’s normal for anyone to be sensitive at others’ energies, so when interacting, things have to be carefully measured so that no one is getting hurt.

It’s true having to be on guard all the time may sound harsh, but it can also be very helpful during difficult times and when people are being taken advantage of.

What to do about it

Relationships built when Venus is in retrograde are going to bring a lot of trouble to the partners, even if they both may feel everything has been perfect in the beginning.

The shadows in the subconscious mind and all the psychological insights are playing an important role when trying to get involved with a new person, so many aren’t taking these things into consideration because they’re too passionate about what’s about to happen and their new love.

Often, romantic relationships built when Venus is in retrograde are meant to teach natives important lessons, even if through suffering.

Venus is also the planet of sexuality and conception, which means it’s a great idea to pay attention to it before hurrying to be in a new affair or thinking about having a baby.

Those who are doing this have better chances to fulfill their dreams about love and being parents after the retrograde of this planet has ended. In case they’ve already been too passionate and sometimes exaggerated with love during this time, they shouldn’t be stressed because they’d have enough time to fix everything.

Despite all the negatives things Venus in retrograde is bringing, it also offers amazing opportunities for people to get closer to their own heart and to take the lead in any situation because they’d no longer need to be praised and admired by others.

Venus in retrograde can teach many that nothing is going to happen until they’re ready to really love themselves and to no longer wait on others’ approval.

During this time, those who are feeling anxious and introverted when in public are starting to find it easier to open.

It’s true this may not be easy for them because it requires self-confidence and trust in others, but it’s essential for people who want to build strong connections and to put themselves out there.

This also works for when having to be creative at work, when dealing with family issues and matters that are more related to the heart and not to other aspects of life.

Venus in retrograde can bring about many deep meanings when it comes to relationships, creative work and the way natives are loving themselves because Venus’ energy is present in all the people.

The more a person can work with this energy, the more he or she will flourish when it comes to the things this planet rules over. This is a transit that can bring to the surface many issues of the heart, so anyone should make use of it and try to be kind.

Venus in retrograde in the Natal Chart

People with Venus in retrograde in their birth chart may have problems with their relationships because it will be more difficult for them to make connections or to feel secure around others.

This is a placement that makes natives more comfortable loving themselves, so it’s very possible for many of them who are having it in their chart to be successful artists.

When it comes to romance, they may go through many on and off periods that will annoy their most passionate and devoted lovers.

From a psychological point of view, natives with Venus in retrograde in their birth chart want to be loved and surrounded by warmth because this is what’s making them feel worthy.

It’s true they may not know how to express their affection, but their partner will know there’s something more beneath their difficult and detached exterior.

The pain Venus in retrograde can bring has its roots in the childhood, especially if natives weren’t in any way encouraged or taught a thing or two about values in life.

With time, people having Venus in retrograde will manage to establish some balance between their need for security and what the Universe is asking of them with regards to connecting with others.

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