The Venus in Gemini Man: Get to Know Him Better

He wants his actions and feelings to be appreciated, to be acknowledged, to see that he’s doing the right things.

Venus in Gemini woman

The Venus in Gemini man likes people who can intrigue him on an intellectual level. Those who know how to speak, how to form interesting phrases, who know exactly what it is they’re debating, those who are curious, studious, intelligent.

Physical attractiveness is secondary for this native because a mental bonding is much more important than that. So, if you want to impress him, get ready to indulge his need for witty conversation, for funny wordplays, for sarcasm and verbal debauchery.

The Venus in Gemini man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Sociable and free-spirited;
  • Negatives: Bossy and inconsistent;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is mysterious and decisive;
  • Life lesson: Acknowledging the value of certain human connections.

His love personality

He’s more into enthusiastic, playful and smart women, the ones that can whip up a fresh subject just when the previous one has started to get boring.

Physically speaking, he’s pretty much just like any other man, and appreciates beauty when he sees it.

Be prepared to be taken through many adventures and experiment a lot with him because he’s very open-minded, he has an expansive perspective on the world, and he’s a free-spirited individual for whom nothing is impossible.

He likes his freedom and independence too much to ever give it up, so don’t even think about becoming possessive.

He might appear as super funny, charismatic, and the smartest guy in the room who can speak about anything, but no matter what sort of relationship you have with him, he’s still going to have his secrets, the parts that no one gets to see.

He’s very mysterious and confusing at times, and you may never be really sure about his motivations, intentions, or overall thoughts actually.

Romantically, he wants his actions and feelings to be appreciated, to be acknowledged, to see that he’s doing the right things.

As for his partner, he wants her to have her own life, to do her own things without depending on his approval or constant support. He’s going to brighten the atmosphere with his charismatic and talkative personality.

As Venus in Gemini, you are the brightest and most cheerful guys out there, always talking, chatting people up until they die laughing, knowing exactly what to say when the situation gets too serious.

Your humor is top-notch, and your easy-going nature deflates even the grumpiest individuals, it brings a smile on their faces, it relaxes the tense, and it cheers up the sad.

Curiosity is your best weapon against boredom, against the ignorance and superficiality that pollute society, and your favorite spots for relaxation are libraries, shadowy places under trees, flowery meadows, places where you can find out more about the world.

This guy loves a woman who can hold her own in a debate without resorting to fallacious arguments, and if she notices logical errors in others’ arguments, that would be even better.

Intelligence is the best aphrodisiac for him, a sapiosexual through and through. Humor is also highly appreciated, and so is liveliness, enthusiasm, vitality, an affectionate and tender attitude. He’s never going to be boring.

How could he be, after all, when he’s always talking about the most intriguing of subjects? Moreover, they are very open-minded and very tolerant when it comes to cultural differences.

They have friends from all over the world, and could even have a romantic partner on the other side of the planet. Experimentation is the way he lives his life, and he’s a very lively and springy fellow.

Attracted by …

She must be curious enough, skeptic, and deep enough for the Venus in Gemini man to notice that there’s much more to an idea than what most people say.

He would like his partner to be a multifaceted woman, someone who tries a lot of things just for the fun of it.

A passionate and smart woman who knows that learning never stops, and who will always choose to reinvent herself rather than wallow in that sense of boring routine day after day.

There is nothing more important to him than engaging in a day-long conversation about the nature of morality, about the unexplained mysteries of the world, about how the world appeared.

He keeps his mind active at all times, and he never rests until he’s exhausted his ideas.

It’s obvious that he won’t be interested in a shy person who doesn’t like to talk, or even worse, someone unable to have a conversation due to being plain stupid or uninformed.

Moreover, he’s very slippery and likes feeling free, so don’t try to hold him against his will, and never get overly-romantic with him.

He’s a very rational individual who likes looking at the world through a logical and objective lens.

In conclusion

You do know that the Gemini is most reputed for being a multifaceted individual, and even someone who may suffer from a split personality disorder, right?

Well, this means that he’s very well prepared to face someone who’s emotional, hmm, let’s say emotionally challenged.

He can take whatever you throw at him, especially witty remarks. Oh, he loves those a lot! He wants diversity, variety, imagination, innovative experiences, of the kind that transcends social conformity.

He’s a very good person to have close by when you feel like it’s going to get boring because he’s energetic, enthusiastic, and knows how to brighten up the mood.

One of their worst traits, and possibly the most annoying one is that they just can’t focus on a single thing at a time. They are very spread apart between their interests, and honestly speaking, these interests are endless.

They find new ones each and every day. Everything is interesting and intriguing if you look close enough, and this means that they’re very unexpected, spontaneous, impulsive, and unsteady.

This changes his general attitude, unfortunately, and this is where things get serious. He could cancel your date out of a whim, arrive later because he stopped on the way to gawk at a funny-dressed man, start up a project and never finish it.

His partner will get tired of this very quickly, so if he doesn’t intentionally want to get to a break-up, he should control this impetuous drive of his.

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