The Venus in Taurus Man: Get to Know Him Better

He are observant and meticulous with their seductive techniques, preferring to go head first in everything.

Venus in Taurus man

The Venus in Taurus is a highly sensual individual who values pleasure above all else. He can be described as a hedonist through and through. He doesn’t see life as anything else than a journey, an adventure that you take for the sole reason of finding excitement, pleasing the senses.

Venus is vibrantly releasing its energy through this sign, allowing for an easy-going and free-flowing energy to course through his veins. He knows how to find the right setting, and how to arrange it in order to give off a pleasant feeling to his friends and close ones.

The Venus in Taurus man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Energetic and patient;
  • Negatives: Domineering and forceful;
  • Soulmate: Someone who takes life with attention and determination;
  • Life lesson: Should value their friendships more.

Due to its astrological rigidness and immovable character, the Venus in Taurus native can sometimes go through harsh bouts of jealousy. He’s a very devoted individual who would sacrifice a lot for those he loves, and he obviously expects the same thing in return.

His love personality

The man born with Venus in Taurus is very resolute, unwavering in his convictions and beliefs, as well as immutable when he is fixed an idea.

If you are even thinking of convincing him of the contrary when debating a controversial subject, you can say goodbye to any chance of victory. He’s going to maintain his opinion no matter how forceful you become.

In romantic relationships, he values devotion and loyalty above all else, and he sets the pace in the first place.

Flirty, pretty simple in tastes, and very affectionate, he wants a long-standing and deep relationship, one that will evolve into a full-fledged marriage preferably. He might be a materialist, just because he likes to be spoiled and to fulfill his desires.

With Venus passes through the Taurus astrological space, the men born under this sign are even more sensual and traditional.

They will prefer their partners to be calm, patient, with principles stemming from traditional places, and not impulsive or over-the-top women.

They are very simple individuals who like doing what they enjoy, and their sensuality reaches the heavens when you know how to approach them.

They are observant and meticulous with their seductive techniques, preferring to go for physical contact as soon as their love interest is available.

One thing can be said about this native, that he’s totally worth it, but it’s going to take a very patient partner to truly discover this aspect of his.

He’s very calm and takes it slow because he wants to be sure that he’s not going to waste his time or get hurt.

Once it’s clear that the relationship is not just another adventure, and that there are deep feelings involved, he will throw away all his hesitations and become the perfect lover.

Even then, he likes to set his own pace, build the bond in time through experiences, mutual trust, and understanding. Stability is all he wants, and he’s prepared to wait a lot to gain it.

Don’t expect to be taken to fancy restaurants or on a cruise to the tropical islands by the Venus in Taurus man.

He likes to take things slowly, and he likes it simple and to the point. He likes to maximize pleasure in the short term, a form of instant gratification that comes as a result of sensual pleasures.

For this reason, he will cook for you, and he will bring you a lot of gifts, maybe even flowers, to cheer up the atmosphere.

In general, he’s very easy-going and relaxed, acting with a natural grace that is hard to copy. Nothing can get him out of his comfort zone, almost, and he spends most of his time at home, in the comfort of his own space.

Attracted by …

In terms of the ideal partner, this man likes a good-looking woman who knows how to take care of herself.

Not too skinny, but also not an overweight person, just the middle category, someone with forms.

As for the perfect personality and character, he wants a traditional woman who takes her social expectations for granted, a calm, patient, and obedient woman, not someone who makes a scene every time she breaks a nail.

Steady-minded, down-to-earth women who know how to make use of their feminine allure to fulfill his innermost desires.

Most importantly, that special someone must like comfort, routine, the feeling that no other place is better than home.

He doesn’t want an adventurer, someone who craves for action and adrenaline, someone who takes him out to town every day and expects him to maintain the same energetic attitude all day long.

He hopes he can tame such women through sweet affection and warm physical contact, but he could also achieve the same result by showing that he’s the man of the house, the protector, the one who brings security and stability to the relationship.

He just wants to build a stable financial situation, to live comfortably, and for that, he will put a lot of effort at work.

In conclusion

Counts your lucky cards if you’ve been eyed by a Venus in Taurus native because you’re in for something special, enduring and sublime.

He won’t give up until he gets to know you, to see whether you’re good enough for him and once he establishes that, he will begin warming up to you, prove that he can be the best lover and husband.

In the beginning phases, just focus on showcasing your best traits, how creative and imaginative you are, how interested you are in taking care of yourself, and how much you like comfort.

Essentially, with him, you will never have to worry about hiding things, or that something unpredictable will happen. Everything will be clear right from the get-go.

These natives can be one of the most reliable and trustworthy natives of the entire zodiac because of their firm and steady personality.

They aren’t going to call it quits at the first sign of trouble, nor are they going to waver when the situation turns critical. However, their stubborn nature can sometimes go too far.

He might not realize that his pleasures and interests are not shared by everyone else, especially his partner. Compromise comes as a hard thing to do because he’s just unwilling to do so.

Egotism, selfishness, it could be called many things, but the cause is their hellish stubbornness that’s just going to bring ruin to their relationships unless taken care of.

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Written by Denise

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