The Venus in Gemini Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She will usually avoid becoming too emotionally involved in a relationship and has a complex character.

Venus in Gemini woman

It seems like the future belongs to the Venus in Gemini women, at least that’s what astrology points out toward. They are highly intellectual observers who perceive the world through their rational lens, and they are exceptionally apt at taking out the more artistic endeavors.

Writing, public speaking, rhetorical debates, philosophical arguments, they are well endowed in these domains. Electrifying personalities and magnetic attitudes, these women attract people to them, and they know that very well.

The Venus in Gemini woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Elegant and creative;
  • Negatives: Sly and mischievous;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is always on the go;
  • Life lesson: Spend more time doing mentally stimulating things.

They are smart as a whip and can talk on endlessly on most subjects, with great conviction. They are looking for a partner with whom to delve into a journey of the mind, someone to go alongside with them on this avenue of mysteries that is the world.

She has a secret seduction weapon

The Venus in Gemini woman is a very sly and mischievous fellow who uses her wit and deep knowledge of the human nature to put her interlocutors in difficult situations.

Her complex topics are legendary for blocking those who even think of going forward with such a discussion.

In fact, this is not a way to satiate her crazy sense of entertainment, but her natural demeanor, even in her romantic approaches.

Witty dialogue is both her idea of seduction and foreplay because even when she’s officially in a relationship, she’s not going to stop with the intellectual ramblings.

Let’s get a few things straight before delving deeper into the complex character of these women.

A lot of people think them to be proficient at lying, and that they often act in deceitful ways because of their great logocentric abilities.

But is it true? The answer is not, and these natives are actually very honest in general, thanks to their principles. What actually happens is that they have a lot of simulations in their head, counting for all the possible answers and potential solutions to a question.

So, when you ask them something, they often delay coming up with an answer because they are still analyzing all the answers.

These Venus in Gemini women will usually avoid becoming too emotionally involved in a relationship, not because their emotions are fake or they are afraid of something, but that they are naturally less emotional and romantic than most.

Reason and logic make more sense to them. Dialogue, complex and argumentative debates, the simple exchange of ideas in an attempt to equalize the minds, these are much more important to them.

And even when they do get serious about a relationship, they still don’t turn into Juliets all of a sudden. They are devoted to their partners, in general, but they also won’t accept staying in a tedious relationship.

For all her need of expressing her thoughts through verbal debate, the Venus in Gemini woman is often beset by artistic thoughts, and she’s very likely to take up writing as a passion.

She’s going to excel in this respect as well because she has a certain feminine charm that fills her pages with a sweet and womanish tone.

Her wit and word plays are the stuff of legend in her group of friends for being absolutely terrific.

Moreover, she tends to change her personal style and adapt to what she sees in her environment.

An insatiable craving for knowledge

She wants her partner to stimulate her constantly, intellectually speaking, and she might like sexting, phone sex, and just because she’s a very sociable and communicative woman, falling in love seems to be more an experiment than something serious.

Being born with Venus in Gemini, she is flexible, free-spirited, free-flowing, and very adaptative to changes in her environment. Moreover, when she gets bored of something, she quickly moves on to something more interesting.

Her idea of an ideal relationship might not satisfy her after actually experiencing it, and she might want to see the other versions of it.

This native is very talkative with everyone around her, and she likes to get swept up in crazy conversations about the most fascinating things in the world.

She reads a lot because she has an insatiable craving for knowledge, and her curiosity knows no bounds.

Romantically, this trait carries on, in the sense that she still wants to have hours-long conversations with her partner, to talk about who knows what in the middle of the night. This Gemini woman wants an intelligent and mentally stimulating partner for her.

Her dual nature implies that she’ll often do things inconsistently, in an erratic and chaotic manner, with no patterns to be seen.

This happens because her other personality change focus, and more specifically, it means that she’s the greatest flirt of the zodiac.

However, she often does it for the fun of it, and not because she actually wants to find a lover.

Sociable, a free spirit who just feels joy in human interaction, you shouldn’t hold this against her, and don’t even think of forcing her to be static because that would essentially kill her internally.

One of the biggest questions of all. How does the Venus in Gemini woman actually profess her love? In what way, and how you can figure it out with certainty?

Nothing easier because you won’t have to do any digging, geomantic studies, or astral reading. She will tell it to you herself, verbally of course.

Don’t expect any mysterious gifts, kinky looks, or the ever-so-popular hand-holding. This woman is in love with the simple act of sharing ideas, it’s her idea of a good time.

It’s normal that she’s being straightforward and honest with her feelings. Moreover, she can think in two different ways at the same time, so chances are she’s already figured out what you like.

The style of the Venus in Gemini woman

This woman is the type who will always go for brains over brawns because, to her, intelligence, curiosity, an expansive and flexible mind, will always be more important than bulging biceps and a beautiful face.

She’s the fleeting leprechaun of the zodiac, always running head-long without a plan in mind, spraying forth witty remarks, sarcastic comments, and funny jokes, talking about what love should be like, and such things.

Romantically, she wants to experience an intellectual paroxysm, to expand her mind beyond what she originally thought was the limit, to walk the path of the mind.

She might like to arrange her clothing style to be in accordance with her free-flowing and carefree personality.

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Written by Denise

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