The Venus in Aries Man: Get to Know Him Better

He likes to be the one who inspires people to get out of their comfort zone.

Venus in Aries man

The Venus in Aries man is the hunter of the zodiac, always on the prowl, looking for the next prey. When he falls in love, he expects the target to fight for her independence, to struggle against his advances, to not give up easily.

Only that would satisfy his desires, his need for adrenaline and the need to assert his dominance. Nothing stands in the way of his boldness and supreme confidence.

The Venus in Aries man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Straightforward and confident;
  • Negatives: Self-indulgent and vague;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is very honest and reliable;
  • Life lesson: Taking less risks and being kinder to himself.

He wants to get physical right from the beginning, so don’t even think that you can keep him at a distance and still have him interested. Moreover, he wants his partner to be independent, to have her own plans, and not depend on him for living her life.

His love personality

The Venus in Aries man is attracted by a direct, straightforward and confident woman who isn’t afraid to say what she wants, to express her feelings, and to grab a hold of her potential.

He doesn’t want someone who’s anxious, highly emotive, afraid to speak her mind, and introverted. That would only bore him out of his minds and ultimately drive him away.

He’s a fan of risky endeavors and dangerous adventures. He would never say no to such an opportunity because he knows what he wants from life.

In a relationship, he will assert his desires and expectations, while also going straight toward the point, asking for what’s necessary to satisfy him.

He needs action, dynamic events, to go and take what’s his, to release all his energy outward, and this may present itself as a healthy form of romance in a relationship.

This man wants to feel the rush of adrenaline course through his veins, to feel like the world ends if he doesn’t react fast enough.

Everything must be pushed to the limits of the extreme, to the verges of possibility, in order for him to feel satisfied. Emotions, feelings, all are passionate and intense, and the routine is perceived as the enemy of life.

He’s just like rocket fuel – an incredibly fast-paced start, followed by the most incredible course ever taken, with plenty of spontaneous and over-the-top reaction, just to deflate faster than a stung balloon.

He likes to be the one who inspires people to get out of their comfort zone, and in a relationship, he’ll be romantic, incredibly affectionate, open-minded, and initiate energetic adventures to spice things up.

What this means is that once he’s started something, he won’t automatically take it all to an end. In fact, chances are he’s never going to finish, just wave his hands in the air like a lunatic, in the beginning, appear extremely intrigued by this, but then quickly lose their interest.

He’s a very competitive partner and likes challenging bouts, debates, and arguments. He feels alive doing these things, being the one who takes the initiative, the one who takes the relationship to a new level, and also the one who leaves, if it comes to that.

Now, for his tastes, they are pretty simple, actually. It’s not about physical attractiveness or the way she dresses specifically, it’s just that she has to have a strong personality, go against his wishes if it comes to that, and never abandon her principles.

One of the problems this native has is that he doesn’t really think things through, and he only ever thinks about the excitement and enthusiasm of stalking and seducing his prey.

When it all becomes normal, comfortable, and his lover starts getting used to his advances, then the Venus in Aries man gets bored and starts looking for entertainment once again.

What makes it even more complicated for the Venus in Aries man to have a peaceful relationship is that he can feel insulted very quickly.

He takes a lot of things personally, even though they were just said in the middle of a debate or in a heated discussion.

He really cannot hold his pants when his girl says something that he can interpret as an insult, and this is one of the reasons why he usually doesn’t stay for too long in such a relationship. Immaturity is one of the reasons why he’s so quick-tempered and has a flimsy ego.

Attracted by …

The Venus in Aries man is very intrigued by a girl who knows what she wants, and who puts everything away as she goes to fulfill her dreams.

Lively, outgoing, energetic, and very intense, this is what he wants from his dream girl. It would be good if she practiced sports or if he had a very healthy lifestyle in general.

This means that she cares about her own looks and general wellbeing and that she’s not lazy. What’s more, he wouldn’t mind even if she were to take the lead in the relationship, as long as she makes the right decisions. He enjoys having a strong woman at his side, and you would do better to show that to him.

The man born with Venus in Aries needs constant challenges in his life, whether we’re talking about his professional life, day-to-day chores, or his romantic life.

He needs to be pushed, to be at the edge of his seat, to see that there is someone better than him.

This incentivizes him greatly and makes him wish for more, to overcome his limitations.

In a relationship, he wants to keep it alive, to go straight for the kill every time, never to hesitate or to wait for the right moment.

There is only one life, and you have to live if fully. He appreciates a straightforward and honest partner who doesn’t beat around the bush.

In conclusion

This man likes his woman direct, bold, and confident enough to make the first move and not feel sorry about it. He wants her to be dominant, to push away all the uncertainties and just do it.

If she gets all physical, that’s going to drive him crazy with intrigue and anticipation, so think about that for a second. Surely you can grab the courage to give him a soft kiss next time you see him, just to incentivize him further.

About the Venus in Aries man himself, he is a very energetic and enthusiastic native brimming with confidence and vitality.

Naturally, his partner will feel all this energy unfolding right before her eyes, and it’s impossible that she doesn’t get affected by it. He will turn your fears into confidence, and he will support you even when no one else believes you can do it.

With this much impetus and determination at his disposal, it’s really a surprise that he’s not blogging about how man achieve whatever he wants as long as he so much as desires it.

What he needs to learn is that his partner also has his desires, wishes, likes and dislikes, her own opinions that he would do better to respect.

We all know he’s dominative and fierce, but not everyone can run at the same distance as him, so do be careful when setting expectations.

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Written by Denise

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