The Venus in Aries Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She loves to be in charge and to be able to express her passion as freely as she wants.

Venus in Aries woman

The Venus in Aries woman is very dynamic and active, someone who always stands up to her principles, and who never takes back her words.

With a strong impetus and a fiery determination, she goes forward with an indomitable will, topping all the competition and taking big steps towards achieving her objectives.

The Venus in Aries woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Spirited and seductive;
  • Negatives: Quick-tempered and possessive;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is eccentric and independent;
  • Life lesson: Not allowing things to get to a standstill when something can be done.

This woman never waits for things to come to her, even though she might have an advantage, given her feminine charms. Instead, her highly spirited personality and combative character demand immediate gratification.

She is an initiator

Even though Venus instills in this woman a sense of endless love and tender affection, the marring fires of her natural disposition burn everything eventually.

She likes fulfilling the role of hunter, or prey for that matter, as both consists of an active role.

Innovative and with the spirit of an initiator, she does want to have a long-standing relationship to last throughout the ages, but the truth is, that’s highly improbable.

Why is that? Simple, because her unending energy is so powerful that not many can stand face to face with her.

Mostly all of this woman’s relationships are infatuation-based. The beginning phases, when the impetuosity drives her every action are the most important, and the ones that offer her the greatest satisfaction.

She loves to be in charge, to go after her chosen one, to cook up seduction plans, and to put them into practice with her overwhelming desire.

Once things start coming to a standstill, and it looks like her target is starting to get used to her advances, even reciprocate them, she loses interest.

However, during those times of great passion, she longer rationally realizes what she’s doing, and this explains a lot.

The woman born with Venus in Aries bases her desires on spontaneity and impulsiveness, so it’s not really a surprise that she gets herself involved with all sorts of people, each more different than the last.

It’s pretty rare for her to really become serious with someone because she wasn’t looking for serious in the first place. Adventure, the thrill of adrenaline, the rapid flow of blood in the veins, that’s what she was looking for.

If she were to get to that level, she would need a free-spirited, independent, and free-flowing partner who has the same natural callings as this Venus in Aries woman. She’s frank, direct, honest, and she doesn’t beat around the bush.

You won’t find a more intense and passionate woman in the entire world than this native. She wreaks havoc everywhere she goes, but not out of a destructive tendency, but because she likes to compete, to challenge herself to be better, and this takes her throughout many dynamic encounters most of the time.

A lot of other women hate her because she’s so much better and puts so much effort into everything she does.

Moreover, her impetuousness plays a major part in her personal life, but she knows how to take it slower when it comes to romance, and we’re speaking to when she actually gets interested in someone for more than a fortnight.

She will want to experience adrenaline

The Venus in Aries woman is marked by a deep contradiction as far as her astrological influence goes.

On the one hand, Venus is the planet of love, tenderness, affection, and it releases a soft energy, filled with the prospects of inner balance and fulfillment.

Mars, on the other hand, the planet innate to the Aries sign, fills her with a combative energy ready to burst out at any moment, and her warrior senses get amplified with time.

In other words, there is quite a blatant opposition here, and the result can only be surprising.

The woman born with Venus in Aries is very resolute, firm in their beliefs, and will try their hardest to get what they want. So, pay attention to their behavior.

Are they dominative, aggressive, and fight with you square on, demanding understanding? That’s a good thing because it shows that they care. The moment that disappears, they have lost interest.

She doesn’t find it uncomfortable to stay with her guy friends, even if her lover might find it upsetting. The thing is, she has way more manly characteristics than most women do, so it’s actually normal for her to have these social needs.

She will want you, however, to be loving and affectionate, and to validate her feelings.

She will want to experience the ultimate type of adrenaline and emotional turmoil in a relationship, so she doesn’t want anything too complicated.

It’s a pretty simple affair being with this woman, and it will only take a moment of intense passion to make her yours.

For all her impulsivity and impetuousness, it’s true though that she prefers some men to others, just like any self-respecting individual out there.

She prefers those masculine alpha males who are independent, who know what they want from life, and how to get it.

She wants to be free, to live her life the way she wants, without being restricted by the possessive drives of her partner.

Her Venus instills in her a craving for affection, the sense that balance is essential in a relationship. She’s looking for spiritual fulfillment, the kind that one receives in a loving bonding between two people.

These women don’t like being in second place or having their satisfaction taken away from them.

They are the ones who take the first step towards the achievement of their goals, and also the ones who find the most exciting opportunities, the most thrilling, and the ones filled with the most adrenaline.

In a relationship, she likes to be in control, to decide the comings and goings of his partner, and she has high expectations that she wants to be fulfilled.

With age, she abandons some of the most exaggerations and hones her patience, while also turning into a more understanding and more devoted partner. In general, her impulsive nature allows for more flexibility in this regard, but maturity will have its final word eventually.

The style of the Venus in Aries woman

Her style is feisty, dominative, the kind most men only dream about, the perfect woman.

Resolute and determined, she doesn’t take shit from anybody, and she always takes the reins of her own life, going forward to achieve her goals.

She doesn’t really like romanticism, sweet whispers, and tender affection that much. In other words, this woman perfectly fits the description of an Amazonian, the warrior women of the Greek mythology that lived a spartan style, and who took what they wanted with ferocity.

Her prey might get terrified seeing how she haunts him constantly, how she enjoys the thrill of the hunt.

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