The Venus in Taurus Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She knows her worth, what she would and wouldn’t do and can’t be convinced otherwise.

Venus in Taurus woman

The Venus in Taurus woman is one of those girls that everyone should want alongside them. She’s a very simple individual who doesn’t like overly-complicated things, someone who prefers living her life comfortably, in the peaceful environment of her own home.

Her urge to please her senses extends even further as she finds the exact partner to complement these needs. Her sense of touch is especially sensitive, and she craves for satisfaction no matter what form it may take.

The Venus in Taurus woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Relaxed and uninhibited;
  • Negatives: Nervous and patronizing;
  • Soulmate: Someone who has a similar lifestyle to her;
  • Life lesson: Luxury and possessions are not completely satisfying.

She’s definitely a hedonist

You won’t find a more comfortable and relaxed individual around these parts than the Venus in Taurus woman.

She will literally try to weasel her way out of all her responsibilities and just procrastinate all day long. If she can do that without having to sacrifice too much, then she will do it.

The pleasure of the senses is immensely important to her, and this means that she desires only the best foods, the softest bed, and the most interesting people. Her relationships are only meant to last, and she makes sure that it stays that way.

Nothing is more essential to the nature of a Venus in Taurus woman than her immense urge to satisfy her senses.

She’s definitely a hedonist, especially on a physical level. She longs to be fulfilled sexually, to be taken care of in an affectionate way by her partner, to live the most blissful feelings.

Other than this, she wants to have a stable relationship, one where she can act free of any inhibitions, and where she can be her sensual self.

Romantically, she knows how to appreciate and keep those who prove their worth, and loyalty is her strongest suit.

When she’s happy and fulfilled with her lifestyle, she can start giving to the others as well. Generosity and kindness are natural to her.

Taking care of her loved ones is one of life’s greatest joys because she knows this only brings stability and mental security in her life. She actually puts more significance on security, on material safety, than she does on emotional balance.

She’s a luxury lover, and whatever people may say, this is not a good thing. Instead of being a snobbish woman who is fussy about being treated to a cheap restaurant, she knows exactly how to satisfy her senses, through what is expensive, of good quality.

Come what may, she is prepared to bide her time and wait for the perfect opportunity if she knows the future holds great potential for her.

These natives prefer the company of like-minded people, especially women who are physically similar.

This is a kind of shared mentality, a sense of belonging to a certain social group which brings with it security, protection, stability.

Also, this social group is a very lazy and procrastinating one. The Venus in Taurus woman would be a couch potato all day long if she didn’t have responsibilities.

Seeing her dreams come true

This woman is caring, kind, with a keen interest in building herself a safe haven, and a passion for taking care of their loved ones.

She likes to see the satisfaction etched on the face of her partner as she makes his dreams come true.

Moreover, her material sense means that she’s a very possessive woman who likes to have as many things as possible and to wallow in her palace filled with luxurious goods.

The woman born with Venus in Taurus is looking for a partner with the same personality and character, someone who will actually actively participate in the construction of a perfect relationship, of her ideal safe haven.

He must be in for good, looking for nothing but a serious and long-standing bonding. The woman born with Venus in Taurus is very loving and affectionate, yet she prefers to show it, rather than utter it.

Romanticism isn’t her cup of tea, and you won’t see her spraying petals on the bed waiting for your home, the candle-lit atmosphere in waiting.

She likes it simple and focuses on what is the basic nature of love, the raw form of affection, and also the pure pleasure deriving from sex.

She likes living in luxury and possessing a lot of things only makes her more satisfied with her lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if she spends a lot of money in the process.

After all, that’s what money is for, right? Sure is, and this will even reflect in her relationships, where material stability will play a very important role.

Besides her slow pace in committing to her partner in the first place, she will have a patient approach in general.

She doesn’t want to share her lover with anyone else, so she will try to destroy the competition. Jealousy is something she has to deal with constantly, as does her partner.

The style of the Venus in Taurus woman

It isn’t often that we see a woman with so much desire for comfort and procrastination that actually achieves her goals.

The thing is, even though she prefers inactivity and living a carefree life, she won’t cower in a corner while her responsibilities are piling up.

Personally, she likes to pamper her lover, to show him that living with her is equivalent to living a perfect life.

Affectionate, devoted, and very sensual, this woman is any man’s dream. She has a certain sense of beauty in her, and the way that she dresses and the accessories that she uses only serve to accentuate her natural charms.

She might be very talented as a singer because her voice is that of an angel, soothing, relaxing, and melodious beyond compare.

She could even be a dancer thanks to her natural charming personality, lascivious attitude, and robust physique.

She exudes a lot of feminine affection, to say the least, and her clothing style amplifies this impression.

She isn’t only beautiful and loving, but also loyal, responsible, she seeks for stability, and she is willing to buy the entire world if that brings her satisfaction.

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