Venus in Aries: Key Personality Traits in Love and Life

The position of Venus in your Aries natal chart tells you who you are as a lover and how you use your charm and seduction powers.

Venus in Aries

Those with Venus in Aries are put in their best light when in a competitive environment because that’s how they manage to showcase their skills in many diverse contexts.

These natives will offer the same working capacity, fiery attitude, and ambitious personality, no matter what they’re doing. Either a task at work or just the incentive of their friends who learned something new, those who are influenced by the Venusian Aries will always feel the fire burning deep within themselves, in and outside love.

Venus in Aries in a nutshell:

  • Style: Impetuous and daring;
  • Top qualities: Cheerful, straightforward and carefree;
  • Challenges: The fiery attitude and disregard for authority;
  • Advice: Less playing the conquistador, more feelings involved;
  • Celebrities: Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, Rihanna, Audrey Hepburn, Bob Marley.

Born with Venus in Aries: The bare facts

Venus is the planet of romance, of relationships, material fulfillment, and it’s manifested through the deepest desires present in all of us.

The Aries sun sign is impetuous, explosive and enthusiastic. The native born when Venus passed through Aries will obviously benefit greatly from this Venusian influence, becoming quite the daring individual, the conqueror who is keenly aware of what they wish for, and how to get it.

Responsible, straightforward, a risk-taker who never settles for anything boring and tedious, this native will rather quickly become the main focus of their group.

These natives have sense of the hunter in them, which means that they won’t shirk away from having fun, even if that means someone’s going to be the prey.

Shoot first and ask later! Metaphorical as it is, this is basically the overall attitude of the Venusian Aries when it comes to spending money. Being almost unable to control their strong desires, they won’t ever hesitate in using all the resources at hand to satisfy them.

Even if there may be problems later on because of this carefree behavior, they still won’t stop this carnivalesque journey of theirs.

However, this doesn’t come as a surprise, because the Venusian Aries are naturally very childish, prone to extreme playfulness, recklessness, and require constant stimulation. Otherwise, they’ll deflate faster than a flying balloon.

If you were wondering how exactly to satisfy these natives born under the mysterious energy of Venus, then there’s a pretty simple solution to this problem.

Just take care not to form a routine, always think about new ways to entertain them, just like you would a child, and be honest in your discussions.

They hate deceptions, behind-the-back gestures, and repressed emotions, almost more than they dislike boredom.

Understand that they want for nothing else than to have fun, to fight for their desires, even if the opponent is someone they love. Constantly in search of a new form of entertainment, they would be very happy if they could find one in their partner.

What attracts Venus in Aries?

For starters, the Venusian Arians will act on their impulses most of the time, so believing that they had any previous thoughts before kissing you is a mistake.

They didn’t and only did that to see how you’ll react. If you were to become even fiercer, then that would have been the best result.

These natives want to instill a sense of urgency in a relationship, to make it fly into the sky, unimpeded by mere obstacles, and they keep their partner eternally shocked with satisfaction.

However, while Venus provides the romanticism, and the depth of feelings, their fiery Aries nature means that this behavior can’t go on like this for too long.

Just like a rocket left without fuel, it will come a time when things will slow down to a crawl. To avoid that, just make sure they are always stimulated and intrigued.

Natives born under Venus will experience the greatest thrills when they’re out there, satisfying their desires, doing what they always wanted.

And it would be a good idea to support them because they’re likely to gain more trust in themselves, overcome their anxieties, and be more self-aware, if only you’re there for them.

Nothing can stop their high-strung vitality and enthusiasm, and even more than that, these natives want to prove to themselves, and you, that they can overcome their limitations, and reach a new level.

Venus in Aries woman

Emotionally impetuous, the Venusian Aries woman will likely blow her top when an argument continues for longer than necessary. Because she has a very powerful personality, with strong principles that she follows to the letter, it’s normal she won’t take any berating or belittling, even if it comes from her partner.

In order to avoid these situations, it would be a good idea for her to manage her temper, try to relax, or learn how to say sorry after such an event.

On the other hand, on the positive part, the Venusian Aries woman is also very energetic in her love, bringing joy and pure bliss into her relationships.

With passion and charm, she makes her partner always crave for more, sentimentally and especially sexually. She’s really on top of her game in this regard.

Venus in Aries man

Let’s get some things straight from the beginning. Aries men are impulsive, reckless, unpredictable and childish, so while they may seem to be serious, patient, and calm, that’s just a facade.

Deep inside, they crave for action and fun. Now, Venusian Aries men are a little more tempered, in that they will realize their explosive demeanor, and will just as quickly put off the fire, and drive away the smoke.

In other words, they also try to repair the damage they’ve done, under the influence of Venus. Moreover, you also shouldn’t forget that the Venusian Aries man loves a good challenge, and he will like it even more if you don’t let him succeed that quickly in seducing you.

Because he wants a stable and long-term relationship, he will do everything necessary to get you in his grasp. And don’t even think about hiding things from him, because that’s a complete no-no. These people value honesty above all else and would like it to be the founding point of their relationships.

Craving novelty

As true personalities influenced by Venus in Aries, these natives have an urgent craving to immerse themselves in the thrill of different activities, the kind that gives them a surge of adrenaline passing through their veins.

Thus, for example, if they were to undertake a task, or start a project, they would be really into it in the beginning phases, when there’s an overall sense of challenge present.

After things stabilize, they quickly get bored, because there’s not anything to enjoy if nothing exciting’s going on.

Also, while they may prefer living in the present, even in relationships, it’s not like they don’t make plans or look forward to what is to come. It’s just that long term planning is not their forte, and if they don’t have to do it, they won’t.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.