The Pisces Man: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

The brain of the Pisces man is definitely wired to a different plane: his visionary nature is unique.

Governed by the last sign on the Zodiac wheel, the Pisces man may exhibit some of the most important traits met in other signs. The Pisces man is a dreamy person who is giving and spiritual.

Characterized by emotions, this man will always be attentive and deep. All this makes him intuitive as well. He has a way of guessing what those around may be thinking about. Some people believe Pisces are genuine telepaths and they even avoid them because of this.

The man in Pisces gives the impression that he lives two separate lives: one in this reality and another one in a different reality. His brain is wired to a different plane, thing that makes this sign very imaginative and artistic.

The Pisces man seems to get his ideas from somewhere else and this is what makes him so interesting for other people. It isn’t easy to read a man in Pisces, he will always keep his inner feelings to himself.

I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.

Kurt Cobain – A famous Pisces

Since it’s a double sign, the Pisces can have a split personality. Embodying his element, which is the Water, the man in Pisces is even-tempered and casual.

He likes to go with the current and he lives a lot through his imagination. That’s why Pisces are good writers, dancers or singers.

Their incredible creativity makes them a hit in the artistic environment. Steve Jobs, George Washington, Dr. Seuss and Albert Einstein were all Pisces.

A devoted lover, not expecting much in return

Love is the supreme ideal for the man in Pisces. He has a genuine purity that makes him true and romantic. While apprehensive, the Pisces man will happily let himself carried away by love if he finds it.

However, he won’t make the first step fast and he will study the partner before carefully asking for a date.

If you get a date with a Pisces man, hold on to it. He is a very good catch. The Pisces man will always help and share your dreams.

He is a romantic and he loves to take care of you. He will even surprise you without expecting anything back.

Devoted and trustworthy, the Pisces man can make your life relaxed and enjoyable.

A family man, the Pisces puts others before himself. He is always entertaining and understanding. People are looking to be around him for this reason although some may exploit the Pisces for being too understanding.

While he doesn’t like to lead, he is often the one to listen to others’ problems. He is a man of help and he is well-known for being a great empathic.

When a Pisces man is in love, all the mixed feelings in him can emerge and make the story a beautiful one. The most important thing is that at the end, the relationship is going to be calm and resourceful.

The Pisces man expects a romance that can only be seen in the movies. When he falls in love, he falls for good. Click To Tweet

The Pisces man is a giver, and he will not hesitate to give everything he emotionally carries to his partner. He is always looking to be crazy in love. As soon as the right person is in his life, he becomes the most careful and loyal companion.

As far as the bedroom goes, you’ll never find a sign to bring in more passion than the Pisces. He is a man of role playing. He likes to offer pleasure and he is very imaginative in bed. Flirtatious, the Piscean is very popular as a partner. He is known for offering pleasure with no limits.

The signs that are the most compatible with the Pisces are Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, and Capricorn.

A bit naïve with his money

This is definitely not the man for an office job. His creativity and imagination place him in an artistic position. He would make an amazing architect, writer, musician, actor, dancer or psychologist. Also, the Pisces man would be a great veterinarian as he has a big heart and a caring soul.

The Pisces man will use his imagination to evade to a different reality. There, he can be anything and he can fulfil all his most secret wishes.

Many would say the Pisces native avoids real life and problems, but for him it is only an innovative way to deal with what may go wrong.

It would be wrong to say the Pisces man is good with money. He is an emotional spender and this is what causes him to sometimes be broke.

He can easily get caught in different schemes that promise money fast and easy. While he is not money wise, the Pisces man knows when to pay more attention to his pocket.

Attentive and caring, the Pisces man is popular among his group of friends. His companions could be from any background and they all appreciate him for being such an altruistic person.

Don’t think that if a Pisces man is sensitive and humane, he is also weak. Actually, these are signs of strength and not of weakness.

Being trendy requires sacrifice

As he is emotional, the Pisces man lives his life intensely. That’s why he is prone to headaches. The excesses he makes can result in low energy levels.

It would be wise if the man in Pisces would moderate his consumption of alcohol and take better care of his own wellbeing.

As the two fish is the symbol for Pisces, the man in this sign will prefer to match the sea in his clothes. He likes blue and turquoise. Many things in his wardrobe may have a nuance of blue.

He likes to be trendy, so he will buy clothes that have just been released. He tends to buy more than he needs and his numerous items of clothing may end up in the closet, not being worn.

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