Pisces Man in Marriage: What Kind of Husband Is He?

The Pisces man will feel right at home, although to begin with, it may take him a while to get used to his status as a husband, and especially with the new duties.

Pices man in marriage

Just like the symbol of their sign, Pisces men are going with the flow when it comes to life. They seem to never hurry or make any rushed decision.

It is only natural for things to happen this way considering they’re ruled by the planet Neptune, the governor of dreams and spirituality. This planet helps Pisces husbands to be more creative and to escape reality with the help of their own imagination.

Pisces man as a husband, in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Emotional, simple and kind;
  • Challenges: Duplicitous and indecisive;
  • He will love: Being offered all the comfort he needs;
  • He needs to learn: To take charge of the marriage more often.

Is a Pisces man good husband material?

In case you’ve decided to get married with a man born in Pisces, expect things between you two to become very romantic. It doesn’t matter how long you’re going to be with him, he’ll write you poems and bring you many flowers.

His affection will be expressed every day, so you may get to experience the most beautiful relationship you’ve ever had.

You may think marriage is just the thing for him since people in his sign are very emotional and sensitive. While they really do explore their relationships according to what they’re feeling, there’s more about these natives than just the deepness with which they’re experiencing emotions.

It’s true this aspect is very important when they’re about to get married and many are exaggerating when describing the way Pisces are feeling things, but it’s more about them than just their emotional depth.

The relationship with the Pisces man will also be focused on how flexible and generous he can be, not to mention how his ability to love unconditionally and to forgive will be highlighted as well.

It doesn’t matter how hurt he may be feeling, the man born in Pisces will always be the one apologizing first. As your husband, he’ll make many sacrifices to see you happy because his needs don’t matter that much to him when it’s for his other half to feel satisfied.

Sometimes too submissive, he may not be the perfect partner for the woman who wants someone strong and assertive to be by her side.

Those ladies looking to be dominated and to dump all of their responsibilities on the man who happens to be in their life at some point should look for someone else.

As a matter of fact, the Pisces man can be very shy when facing responsibilities, not to mention he’s never ambitious or driven to succeed.

If you’re looking for a husband who makes a lot of money and wants to support you, search for him someplace else because he’s definitely not in Pisces.

Being all the time dreamy and living in his own world, this man is not very easy to live with either. It’s true there are many of his qualities that he’s keeping hidden and he’s the most compassionate and loving men in the zodiac, but he can also be quite a handful when refusing to face reality.

Furthermore, he may never allow you to enter his world because this is the place where he’s the most comfortable, which means you may never guess what’s going on in his mind.

He’s very touchy, moody and easy to hurt, so the woman who wants to be next to him for a lifetime has to understand this man the best way she can.

If you happen to live with this person, expect him to never put things where they were and to reside in a disorganized environment.

He really doesn’t like doing anything domestic and prefers chaos over discipline and order. Therefore, it’s very likely you’ll have to be the one taking care of all the practical matters when living with him.

He’ll repay you for all the great job you’re doing by making sure you’re always emotionally fulfilled, by listening to your problems and by being by your side each time you need his help.

His instincts are always telling this man to get married and to settle down, but he really doesn’t know how to choose his partner, so it’s possible for him to end up turning down the woman of his dreams because he has emotional problems, especially if he has been hurt before.

People born in Pisces love women who are always complaining and are playing the victim. The men of this sign are very attracted to ladies with strong maternal instincts, which means they may have great success with the older ladies.

The Pisces Man as a husband

The Pisces man could be the perfect family man who takes good care of his loved ones. He’s among the most generous and loving men in the zodiac, not to mention mannered.

You’ll always find him enjoying his time spent at home, but not more than the man born in Cancer. Either way, the Pisces husband will always be a good provider for the ones waiting for him every night.

He seems to possess a great intuition and to work on making his dreams come true in the cleverest way possible. While he often wants to make his wife feel like she has chosen the perfect man for her, he seems to sometimes fail to do this.

Furthermore, he often loses his grip on reality because he’s getting lost in his own ideas and dreams. Many of the mundane problems seem to overwhelm him, not to mention the ideas he comes up with can be very unrealistic.

He can be everything his wife wants him to be, but what’s going on in the back of his mind is always distracting and messing his pragmatic approach to life.

This is not something a woman would want from her husband, especially if they’d both be struggling to make ends meet. His most negative traits are his lack of energy, power and stability.

Many women are expecting their husbands to be providers, but the Pisces man needs a lot of encouragement and motivation from his lady if he’s to play this role.

He’s sensitive, emotional and easy to hurt. His wife should expect anything to happen when with him because he has many contradictory opinions and ideas.

If with a stable lady who can offer him all the comfort he needs, he may start trusting that person with all of his heart. Since it’s very easy to influence him, he may adopt his wife’s behavior and interests.

He needs a nice lady in his life if it’s for him to be compassionate. The woman who has decided to be his wife and to live with him may think he’s the simplest and most easygoing person she ever met as he just goes with the flow when it comes to living his life.

He doesn’t want to shine, so when in a unfamiliar environment and surrounded by people he doesn’t know, he can be really quiet and reserved.

When arguing with his wife, he’ll always choose the easy way out because he doesn’t know what being practical means, especially when it comes to the dynamic of a relationship.

The Pisces man knows how to talk but has a difficulty synthesizing his ideas, so he may confuse people with the way he expresses himself, not to mention he’s always full of contradictions and can change his mind from one minute to the other.

He’s sensual, so he doesn’t want a woman who can only make him look good in the world, also one who can sexually satisfy him. As a matter of fact, he gives a lot of importance to sex and is all the time looking for his perfect lovemaking partner.

His lover should be able to understand how his mind works and to never point out his insecurities. This man needs to be encouraged, so his passion should be kept alive.

When a husband, he may have high ideals, but he’ll never give up on being generous, charming and ready to sacrifice everything for his family to be happy.

If stimulated enough, he can make the connection between him and his wife very strong and mystical. He may be too focused on spirituality and his religious pursuits, but this would only help him be more elevated and connected with the Universe.

Pisceans can also ruin the good things happening to them, especially when being too needy and starting to feel no one can truly understand them. It’s good they’re creative because the role of the tormented artist suits them very well.

These natives can easily become dependent on alcohol and other substances, this being one of the reasons why many of them are getting divorced.

It’s very likely their partner will ask for a breakup, especially when they don’t seem too able to get their life together, which makes them guilty for the separation most of them time.

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