Key Traits of the Earth Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Earth Rabbit is great at dispensing advice of all sorts.

Earth Rabbit

Those born in the year of the Earth Rabbit go smoothly through life because they’re easygoing and laid back. As they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, they will get to enjoy a fulfilling and happy life.

They are known as the most down-to-earth Rabbits in the Chinese zodiac. They prefer to stick to tradition and to be as practical as possible because they invest a lot of time in planning for their future.

The Earth Rabbit in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Faithful, elegant and sharp minded;
  • Challenges: Cynical, detached and fearful;
  • Secret need: They wish they would be more attentive to social cues;
  • Advice: They need to take their foot off the pedal at key moments in life.

All the Rabbits love luxury and the finest things in life, and the Earth Rabbits make a true religion out of being materialistic. While very focused on themselves, they are also the most eager to self-improve. The Earth in their chart makes them the less emotional people in their sign.

The character of the Chinese Earth Rabbit

Rabbits are the type of people who never hesitate to give a hand when they’re required to. They are generous and would rather think of themselves than of others.

They interact very well with people’s emotions, making sure that everyone is happy and satisfied. Since cheering people up is their main purpose in life, they are always surrounded by a lot of friends who appreciate them for who they really are.

The Earth Rabbit natives really know how to make a person feel better, so those who go through a lot of drama will appreciate having them around for a good word and for having a shoulder to cry on.

Usually, Rabbits take very good care whom they allow in their life because they’re cautious. They are the type of people who would never hurry to make a decision and who weigh all the options.

Many think of them as indecisive, but they are only trying to give a lot of thought to their alternatives and to make the right choice all the time.

Considered lucky by others, they in fact build their own luck and make good things happen. They don’t go through bad times because they usually make the right decisions.

Because they’re sensual beings who enjoy the finest things in life, their place will always be decorated with the most expensive furniture like satin bedsheets and coffee tables from another century.

They don’t like being away from home for too long because they only feel comfortable in their own space and where everything is familiar. It’s easy for Rabbits to get sick or to have the darkest feelings. Many of them are allergic or suffer from minor health problems.

Not to mention they’re very anxious and allow everything to stress them to the extreme. They feel at their best when they have control over everything. This is their nature and no one can change it.

The Earth makes then steadier and more stable. They usually are creative people, but the Earth doesn’t allow them to focus in this direction at all. The Rabbits ruled by this element prefer activities that require them to be focused and organized rather than imaginative and wild.

You can trust them to always give the best advice because they are the most reliable and most organized Rabbits in the Chinese zodiac.

They will feel for anyone who has a problem and understand the deepest feelings. Before taking action, they prefer to think and to analyze so that the best solution reveals itself to them.

Because they know how life goes and work hard, it’s very likely they will put some money aside for when they won’t feel like they don’t have all they need.

It can be devastating for them to know that their loved ones don’t have enough to be happy, especially since they are known to focus a lot on home and making their family feel good.

The Chinese Horoscope says they are respectful and driven to work hard no matter the situation. They are among the most trustworthy friends, colleagues and partners. That’s why they always attract good luck and have a great life.

A decisive personality

The Earth makes Rabbits more practical and down-to-earth than their other Rabbit peers. These natives are good advisers and highly respected members of society to whom people turn to when in trouble.

They are very proud of their home and don’t mind working hard to make the place where they are living more comfortable and appealing. It’s a well-known fact they’re materialistic and would do anything to have financial security.

The Earth element is all about all these things plus stability and common sense. Its main purpose is to keep things together and to have everything in order. It is the most nurturing and motherly element, inspiring nothing else than peace and serenity.

People who have Earth in their chart are pragmatic and responsible. Because they are able to organize themselves and others very well, they make great leaders.

They believe only in honesty, seriousness and keeping the traditions alive. That’s why they are known to make the best decisions and to build a great life for themselves.

Earth Rabbits are very good at deciding what’s best for themselves because they think logically and never allow any type of feeling to interfere with their judgment.

They make the best out of their diplomatic abilities, thinking twice before acting and never allowing emotions to take over. It’s great to have them as family members or friends because they can help when a difficult decision needs to be made.

They are the quiet Rabbits, the ones who rely more on themselves than on the advice of others. While pretty reserved, they also enjoy adventure and don’t mind taking on new challenges.

They make great students who can come up with their own innovative and realistic ideas. These Rabbits want the finest and most expensive things and are known to be pretty materialistic.

That’s why their money is always low. Because they’re only thinking of themselves, they are considered to be quite selfish. It’s difficult for them to put others’ needs and desires before their own.

It’s essential that they pay more attention to others and think less of themselves. As they get along with everyone, they can usually make it out of any difficult situation. But they should put their talents to use and let others enjoy what they are good at.

The Earth Rabbit man

This man is serious and very responsible. When making a decision, he always tries to choose the best option. He puts his own interests first, so many may consider him selfish.

The Earth Rabbit man is very intelligent and knows how to have great fun. He prefers to be alone rather than with too many friends, but he doesn’t mind the company of his closest ones.

His colleagues will respect him because he knows his job and is very professional. If he will find what he loves to do, he will have a lot of success in his career. He can be pretty devastated by failure, but doesn’t allow it to knock him down.

His determination will never let him to be completely crushed. He’s humble and not the gentlest man in the Chinese zodiac.

But women will still want to be with him because he has a mysterious air and gives the impression that he needs to be known better. He’s mannered and very polite, so it’s difficult to understand if he’s flirting or not.

You can find out how in love he feels according to how passionately he acts. Not to mention that he has the need to withdraw and to surprise the person he likes all the time. He knows how to be romantic but isn’t at all aware of this side of his.

The Earth Rabbit woman

The Earth Rabbit woman is very down-to-earth and doesn’t hurry to make decisions. She doesn’t like being advised because she wants to figure things out on her own. Her colleagues and bosses will respect her because she’s a great professional.

This lady never does anything irresponsible and always focuses on her job. Some people may think of her as not caring and reserved, but she’s only independent and not at all interested in gossip or bad rumors.

She sometimes pays more attention to things than to people. Because she’s calm, she won’t have too many troubles, letting conflicts pass by and leading a peaceful life.

Men find her mysterious and interesting because she seems like she’s living the most interesting life a woman could live. But she only likes to have some time alone with a book and to enjoy a cozy night in.

It’s not easy to have her trusting someone, and she’s only interested to deal with intelligent and educated men. Someone who’s superficial and tries to compliment all the time will not get her attention in any way.

After getting married, she will start an even more organized life. She likes taking care of her children and husband. She will probably get annoyed when her children won’t listen to what she has to say.

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