The Pisces Child: What You Must Know About This Little Dreamer

These kids often prefer to be around those who are more mature and wiser and appear to be very compassionate from early on in childhood.

Pisces child

The creativity and compassion of the Pisces zodiac sign is granted to those born between the 19th of February and the 20th of March. The imaginative prowess of a Pisces child knows no bounds, and these babies are often found captivated in a world of their own creation.

Parents don’t have to worry about their kid throwing a fit if things don’t go their way. On the contrary, when they want something, they simply sweet talk their way through it. The passage of time doesn’t really affect their creativity and love for the unreal and fantastical.

Pisces children in a nutshell:

  • They are amazing at communication and socializing skills;
  • The challenging times will come from their lack of diligence and sense of duty;
  • The Pisces girl can often be somewhat of a tomboy;
  • The Pisces boy has an interest for everything that is new and peculiar.

The little dreamer

You need to get used early on to your baby doing things on a whim. These children tend to do what they want, when they want it. So you can forget routine. Maybe this might even teach you how to relax and do things more freely now and then.

These children tend to lack determination and diligence, mainly because they don’t trust their own abilities that much. The only thing you can do is try your best at encouraging them to fight on.

While growing up, their usual happy-go-lucky personality might be exchanged for a gloomier one from time to time. There’s nothing much you can do about this, other than give them some space. They’ll rebound in no time.

Due to their distaste for general norms and routine, it is difficult for them to follow the basics of school, such as homework and projects.

Most of their motivation goes into subjects of artistic nature. Pretty much anything that uses their imagination to its full extent.

Their amazing communication and socializing skills also enable them to become rather brilliant word smiths, so maybe someday writing a best-selling book isn’t an unrealistic idea.

Their sense of duty is rather dull and you might need to spend a lot of time teaching them to be responsible.

The intellectual aptitude they show generally makes them want to be around those more mature and wiser than them. As opposed to spending their time with others of their age.

They may see reality as a harsh place and will often spend their time in a make-believe world because of this. It’s your job to accommodate them to what is real and help them accept it for what it is. Since there’s nothing they can change about it.

They do have to grow up eventually, don’t they? Remember to always be understanding and compassionate towards them, otherwise they’ll fall into a deep sense of sorrow.

The baby

The compassion and understanding of a Pisces toddler are truly something to behold. They have a spiritual maturity and insight that far exceeds their age.

But because of this they require more attention than the rest of the zodiac. You’ll have to constantly shower them with love, affection and snuggle time if you want your Pisces baby to be happy.

Since they’re governed by their heart, you need to be aware of their emotional radar. They might either wake up as the cutest, happiest baby or they might do so emanating nothing but gloom and there’s nothing you can do to change this mood until they go back to sleep and hopefully wake up brighter and happier.

Their emotional sensitivity makes it easy for them to see into the heart of others, so you’ll instantly know if they like someone or not.

Due to their abundant imagination, you’ll often find them day dreaming while raising them. This isn’t necessarily bad, it just means they’re concocting one of their creative goals or relaxing in their fairy like world.

They show great affinity for anything that equals affection, so they’ll always be pulling on your sleeve asking for a hug or to be carried around and there’s pretty much no way they’ll be okay with the idea of sleeping alone when they could do so in the loving embrace of their parents.

The girl

Pisces girls are deeply rooted in the realm of imagination and fairy tales. Their adorable features and sly intellect enable them to get pretty much anything they want from their parents. All they have to do is resort to their honey like voice and the weak spot you so obviously have for them.

You won’t have to bother that much with keeping this one busy. She’ll spend most of her time imagining things up. The only thing you might need to give her is an incentive or spark to rev up her creativity and she’ll be on her way to Narnia on the back of a talking lion.

While her traits are definitely feminine, from time to time you’ll notice that her character might err to the side of a tomboy with how she behaves.

Throughout the years your daughter will develop an otherworldly insight or clairvoyance. She’ll be able to see through the thickest of lies and catch on to bad omens straightaway.

So you ought to be careful and heed her word when she says something is amiss. More often than not her advice will save you a lot of trouble.

The boy

With great imagination comes an abundance of interest for everything that is new and peculiar. This means that the Pisces boy will explore everything he can so you might want to keep an eye on him so that he doesn’t expose himself to danger.

You’ll also be bombarded with interrogations daily, since his thirst for knowledge has to be satiated. You might start feeling frustrated, especially since his questions seem so out of the ordinary and so peculiar.

It’s because Pisces see the world through different eyes than others so you might find it hard to understand what he’s talking about most of the time.

Their deep emotional connections make them fond of their surroundings and anything related to life and nature. His empathy will also make him liable to intense feelings of compassion for any beings he encounters.

His sensitivity means you might catch him shedding a few tears whenever he’s being treated harshly or witnesses unjust treatment.

Make sure not to deny his feelings since this is also a method of releasing all that pent-up stress. If he ends up bottling all these feelings, you’re bound to have a sad, if not depressed Pisces on your hands.

Their brilliant imagination needs to be nurtured. Towards this end you’ll be constantly asked for tales of old and fairy tales filled with fantastic creatures. Might as well stock up on science fiction books while you can since their desire for such stories will far exceed your own imagination.

Keeping them busy at playtime

Entertainment for these kids is rather simple. You just have to appeal to their imagination and creative abilities so just go to the art store and buy them a canvas or sketch book and some crayons and they should be good to go.

Their physical abilities are something to reckon, especially when it comes to sports that put emphasis on running, such as football, soccer, going out on roller blades and even skating. And of course, evidently, swimming, since theirs is a Water sign.

You might even consider signing them up for acting lessons since they seem to show an affinity for these arts as well.

One thing you want to make sure of is keeping them in touch with kids their age. They need to socialize with other children, otherwise they might become rather detached and aloof as the years pass by.

Pisces children can also be a great help in the household, especially when it comes to cooking. If your kid wants to lend a helping hand in this regard, make sure you accept!

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