Pisces Mutable Modality: A Gentle Personality

The mutable modality means these people are very adaptable, quick to give out all their emotions and very gentle in their behaviour.

Pisces mutable modality

This flexible water zodiac sign is deeply rooted in matters of spirituality. Pisces people feel on a much deeper level than the rest of the signs. So much so that their vulnerability to emotions enables them to peer into the feelings of others, gaining somewhat of a sixth sense.

The Pisces can easily dabble in the arts of the occult or even excel at art with their abundant creativity and guidance with their patient and comprehensive nature.

Pisces modality in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Adaptable, enthusiastic and compassionate;
  • Weaknesses: Agitated, irritable and unrealistic;
  • Advice: They need to stop fearing rejection so much;
  • Dates: Every year, between the 19th of February and 20th of March.

Due to their deep bond with their inner self it’s easy for these people to channel energy, even from others. Needless to say, they make for some of the most affectionate and caring partners out there.

The quiet one in the crowd

Most of a Pisces’s essence is held within the hope they have for a better tomorrow. Their ideals are what keeps them going through the darkest of times.

While it being the last of the signs might seem as a bad omen, foreseeing the finality of things, in actuality this meaning should be translated into the importance of rebirth.

After the night, there comes the day, similarly these people believe that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

The main strength of a Pisces lies in their ability to see beyond turmoil and negativity. Their imaginative, hopeful nature enables them to inspire others into believing in a better tomorrow for others. Compassion and love are key for making it through the day.

While there are other flexible signs in the zodiac, it’s the Pisces that has the greatest adaptability and potential for change. This can be seen as a perk, a bonus of the sign, however it can also cause these people difficulty.

Mainly because they can give up on their personality with ease, confusing what is real for what is simply in their heads. They also tend to give too much and receive nothing in return, losing their core spirit in the process.

Pisces is one of the kindest and most compassionate signs out there. But even that has its limits. While they give willingly to others, especially if in need, they can become rather fierce once someone starts ordering them around and asking for what is “rightfully” theirs.

They are flexible and adaptable, yes, but may fate have mercy on the fool that tries to force them into doing something.

The flexible signs of the zodiac tend to be the quiet ones in the crowd. Those that are harder to notice and don’t make much of a noise. But this shouldn’t be mistaken for weakness, on the contrary, the power to stay quiet and make a move when needed is something to fear or respect.

Which is exactly what they do. They change the world in the most subtle of ways, without others noticing.

It’s exactly because of the yearning for change that they sometimes become agitated and feel out of place. They need to learn to relax, after all, it’s well in their ability to bring forth balance and prosperity in their world, so there’s no need to rush anywhere.

The most difficult hardships they’ll encounter will be their fear of rejection or discrimination. They are after all the most sensitive of the zodiacs since they wear their heart on their sleeve.

But once they surpass such invasive thoughts, they can truly flourish and fulfill their destiny.

Due to the strength of their emotions they are often vulnerable to outside influence, as such they will often pick up on the feelings of others and even adopt a trait or two… or maybe a dozen. Who know?!

But because of this changeability of theirs they can easily go through a multitude of situations without having to struggle. They just adapt and overcome.

There is no self-boasting or praise when it comes to being a Pisces. Their modesty knows no bounds. The same stands for their humility.

They will often be seen doing their best in order to bring peace to everybody, not shying even from sacrificing themselves in order to accomplish such goals. Of course, in the wake of such efforts, they’ll end up emotionally drained and exhausted, but that doesn’t really matter for them.

Because of this nature of theirs, most people they come in contact with tend to take them as gullible and try taking advantage of their kindness.

It’s not that they’re ignorant or unaware of such treacherous behavior, but as long as they believe they’re helping, even if a tad bit, they’ll still expend energy on even such people.

Flexibility and freedom

People born between the 19th of February and 20th of March are those blessed with the sign of the Pisces.

Individuals born during the end of February are driven by the desire to achieve spiritual enlightenment. In order to reach this peak they can easily overcome any obstacle with their adaptability.

If a Pisces is born at the start of March, then they will always be conscious of their duty on this earth. Chasing after their mission is top priority and they should be afraid to adapt in order to bring it to completion.

Compromising or sacrificing some time and energy is also advised. After all, it’s for the sake of a higher calling.

For those born in the midst of March, emotional turmoil and conflict is all too familiar. There is a constant feeling of spiritual discomfort because they tend to be rather shackled to one place or one period of their life.

They must return to the natural state of a Pisces, flexibility and freedom. While being on the move comes at a price, it doesn’t not have to be a constant. They can find a place where they can settle and return to from their journeys once they’re finished.

The Pisces is a sign of contradictions. It represents the clash between two paradoxical forces that, as it may sound, bring an erratic life to those with this sign.

But it’s because of this very chaos that they are able to amass knowledge from all of earth’s corners and cultures. It makes them flexible and adaptable, so in the end they become all the stronger for it.

They are also deeply connected to humanity’s core spirit and essence. As such, compassion, affection, love, romance and socializing come with ease to this Water sign.

In fact, they are also known to have reached a higher state of consciousness because of this, that enables them to see into the future, only if a little. Somewhat of a clairvoyant eye as some would call it.

Due to their nature that mimics the fluidity of water, a Pisces can easily partake in acts of socializing with people from all over the world, from any sort of culture or origin.

They’re also able to dabble in matters of art, especially those that let them change up roles and personalities since they’re so good at it.

So it’s not that uncommon to see a Pisces in a leading role from a famous Hollywood movie.

While it is something that nourishes the soul, that isn’t the only goal for these people. The true calling of a Pisces lies in the enlightenment of the world as a whole.

Spreading their ethics, morals, kindness and love in today’s society is bound to make ground breaking progress in the development of humanity’s spirit.

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