Pisces Birthstones: Turquoise, Bloodstone and Amethyst

These three Pisces birthstones protect against negative influences and enhance goal seeking for people born between February 19th and March 20th.

Pisces Birthstone

Pisces natives have Turquoise as their birthstone but respond very well to Bloodstone and Amethyst. Turquoise is believed to be the stone that conducts Neptune’s energies, which is the planet of the sensitive and friendly Pisces natives.

These people seem to be fighters for spirituality and want to save the world against greed. All Pisces are more interested in the spiritual realm than in the material side of life.

Pisces birthstones summary:

  • Turquoise was used, since antiquity as a protection amulet against negative energies and diseases;
  • Bloodstone is good against mixed feelings and abstract thoughts because it brings a realistic perspective
  • Amethyst is a stone of cause and effect, so those who wear it can make better decisions when it comes to matters of life.


Turquoise is an ancient stone that was worn by great leaders, courageous warriors and many shamans. It protects because it’s opaque and very resistant. However, when touched, it feels soothing and calming.

People in antiquity used to believe it was made in heaven and dropped on Earth because it has the color of the sky. Sometimes green-blue and other times just blue, Turquoise brings tranquility to its wearer.

It has veins and inner-webs in the colors brown and cream, which means it’s quite unique. A stone of healing and peace of mind, Turquoise is also very good for the body.

The more it works on emotions and puts people in a good mood, the more the body of those who wear it get to feel fit and healthy. It’s suggested to have it for more energy and uplifting spirits, especially for those who suffer from stress and heart problems.

People who don’t know why they’re feeling unhappy should also wear it because they’ll end up recognizing the reasons why they’re down. The term “torque” comes from French and it means “Turkish stone”.

This is all because this gemstone was traded through central Asia and Turkey before it was brought to Europe. In Venice, people used to buy it from Turkish merchants. Turquoise brings calm and makes anyone more energetic, ready to take action and aware of surroundings.

The more someone wears it, the more intuitive and able to see in the future he or she becomes. Known to also make individuals see the truth and to always be honest, Turquoise is great for making individuals more insightful and aware of their timing.

Those who happen to be journalists or writers should use it because it makes storytelling more fascinating. Just looking at it, the inspiration may come, and it can be of great assistance when it comes to any type of projects; not to mention how good it is for the writer’s block.

Because it has such great influence over the spirit, Turquoise is also great for the body by working as a healer. Ever since antiquity, it was used as a protection amulet against negative energies and diseases.

When danger or deception are near, this stone changes its color. Those who want to be more in tune with their spirituality and to communicate better with the Other World should definitely use it.

Any negative energy ca become dissipated since it purifies and is also good protector against pollution. When wearing Turquoise, all the chakras of the human body get aligned, giving the physique a chance to communicate with the spirit.

Therefore, it makes the Yin and the Yang function as one. Because it’s a stone off balance and them temperance, Turquoise can help anyone solve problems more easily. It has great effects over the throat, so those who have to speak in public for a living should use it as often as possible.

This is also a stone for the thymus chakra as it makes the Hara Line and the Kundalini communicate with each other around this gland. Whenever feeling sad about life, people should look at the Turquoise stone and heal their karma by eliminating any feeling of shame and remorse.

When placed on the forehead, on the Third Eye, it makes people more intuitive and meditative. Those who wear it around the neck become less inhibited and able to express matters of the soul more easily.

It’s a perfect stone for individuals who have divorced and feel committed to a relationship that’s no longer possible. When it comes to the healing of the spirit, it’s good at remembering things from past lives and identifying the problems in this life cycle.


The Bloodstone represents justice and looks a lot like glass. There are legends who say it was formed from Jesus Christ’s blood when it fell at the base of the cross. This is one of the main reasons why it’s believed to have incredible powers.

In medieval times, Christians were referring to it as the martyr’s stone and carved crucification scenes in its structure. Even today, a carved Bloodstone with the seal of Emperor Rudolf the Second can be found at the Louvre in Paris.

Together with Aquamarine, Bloodstone represents March, the third month in the calendar. It can be found in many shapes, but the most common ones are the oval, the emerald, the cushion, the octagonal and the cabochon.

It’s easy to guess it helps with blood related diseases such as anemia and nosebleeds while also improving the circulation. Many people used to believe it brings relief with tumors as well.

One method of using it was by crushing it, mixing the powder with honey and egg whites, and after applying the combination onto the skin. Indians used it as an aphrodisiac and to heal different sexual diseases.

It’s also good against mixed feelings and abstract thoughts because it brings a realistic perspective and it makes people more giving, intuitive, creative and self-aware.

Those who are anxious, have bad dreams, can’t make decision, have negative energy, are jealous, brokenhearted, unlucky and feeling down should use Bloodstone in order to make a change in their life.

When working with it, it’s suggested to have a very organized life and to not be surrounded by clutter. The interaction with its vibes shouldn’t be in any way interrupted. Therefore, it’s great to be used when meditating, going to sleep and relaxing in a room full of scented candles.

Those who have a sedentary life should take walks and meditate while wearing it because this way, they get to become more productive and are inspired to take action.

It’s good to take the Bloodstone when going for a walk in the park or when being surrounded by beautiful scenery because it’s strongly connected to nature.


Amethyst is the perfect crystal for meditation because its colors stimulate the Third Eye and bring about inner peace. Therefore, when placed on the Third Eye chakra, the Amethyst induces a meditative state in which people are still conscious and where they can be guided towards deeper levels of understanding.

When using this stone, individuals become humbler and want to give themselves to what’s larger than life. This way, they can understand the laws of the Universe and guide their life towards happiness.

It doesn’t matter if it’s in natural form or polished, the Amethyst is still beautiful and very different from other stones. As a matter of fact, it is a form of quartz and can be found all over the world.

Transparent and consisting of crystals placed in geodes, separate terminations and clusters, this stone is often used for jewelry and talismans. What produces it is the manganese present in the pure quartz.

A certain amount of iron gives it the purple color, but it can also be violet, opaque and transparent. Many people use it for their emotions, when they’re stressed, working too much or can no longer find their center.

Anxiety, tension and migraines can be dealt with by using this crystal. Those who get angry too easily can wear it in order to become more and more peaceful as it identifies the roots of negative behaviors and makes anyone aware of the imbalances in the body that lead to disease.

It’s a stone of cause and effect, so those who wear it can make better decisions when it comes to matters of life. Amethyst can be of great help when dealing with the nasty effects of alcohol and drugs over the brain.

It sustains positive energy and brings immense peace. Since it’s a stone of wisdom and deeper understanding, it should be used when grieving over the loss of someone dear. It will reassure anyone that death is nothing but a transformation by releasing sorrow, making people happy again and helping them be satisfied in their own body.

Also known as the “stone of the soul”, it obviously connects the physical body with the spirit, so those who use it have great experiences when soul-searching. Many spiritual leaders employ it in order to meditate and to think of death or their other self.

Amethyst can help with out-of-body experiences, inner peace and relaxation. It’s one of the greatest gifts for those who no longer have any hope for life because it prepares them to face death more easily.

Perfect for prayer and meditative states, it helps the mind to surround itself to the Other World. Those who use it will understand their higher mind and how the Divine works because they’ll day by day become more insightful and wise.

This stone protects and purifies, therefore, it’s great for cleansing the aura and bringing back the light in the body. Negative energies, psychic attacks, stress related to a change of location and even pollution, these are all things the Amethyst fights.

Psychics and people who rely a lot on their intuition at their job use it to be protected and to benefit from its healing powers.

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