The Mars in Scorpio Man: Get to Know Him Better

He doesn’t need anyone’s help in overcoming the obstacles in his path for he considers himself good enough.

Mars in Scorpio man

The Mars in Scorpio man is given a double dose of this planet’s burning energy because Mars is Scorpio’s natural astrological influencer in general.

As such, he prefers doing things behind the curtain without anyone seeing him, swiftly and with great precision. He likes tricking people, acting in the shadows, pulling the strings so that everything is in his favor, but with none being the wiser.

The Mars in Scorpio man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Perseverant and disciplined;
  • Negatives: Impatient and demonstrative;
  • Soulmate: Someone who awakens his real self;
  • Life lesson: He shouldn’t judge others’ mistakes so harshly.

If this man doesn’t control his raw energy and combative spirit, he could end up hurting those he loves or getting revenge on those that hurt him, when it would have been way more efficient to put his efforts to better use.

Like he has something to hide

If you thought that everything’s going to be a walk in the park with a Mars in Scorpio man, that you’ll get to know him in a matter of days, you couldn’t be more wrong.

This native always has something to hide, and he’s never willing to spill the beans about his secrets. He has this sort of aura around him that puts everyone in guard like he knows everyone’s deepest and darkest secrets.

A lot of people mistake their restrained and quiet demeanor for a weakness, for the lack of determination and will, but, oh boy, are they surprised when they anger the tiger?

These natives are in fact very ambitious and perseverant, but they don’t show it, and they actually despise having to abandon their goals.

He’s very stubborn, to begin with, expecting his loved one to shower him with attention constantly, to always be there for him, to fulfill his desires and wishes.

Moreover, the man born with Mars in Scorpio doesn’t like having to wait for anybody or being taken for granted. He will deliver a swift and painful punishment for all those who dare to make a mockery of him, so don’t even think about pissing him off.

Even in friendly competitions between friends, he often ends up eliminating the adversaries through trickery and mischievous tactics. He doesn’t want to lose, that’s all.

If this man learns to manage the incredible energy levels that Mars in Scorpio sends down on him, and to take control of his impulsive and aggressive personality, there is nothing stopping him from conquering the world.

He’s very attractive and passionate, with a steely gaze, not even The Rock would be able to copy, and he is very determined to achieve his goals. Anyone who even thinks of getting in his way is in for one hell of a surprise.

This guy doesn’t care about the number of bodies left in his wake as long as gets what he deserves. Prideful and stubborn, with a cunningness that often scares his enemies away, the Mars in Scorpio man has the potential to influence the world.

He doesn’t need anyone’s help in overcoming the obstacles in his path. He is confident enough in his abilities.

Plus, he is very disciplined, to begin with, so he knows the full extent of his power and ambition. Cold and calculated, he analyzes the situation beforehand, prepares the perfect plan, sets some traps just in case, and then he gets down to business.

What did we say? Stealthy, undercover, a master of shadows and deception. He’s a natural charmer who beguiles everyone he meets with his inner sexuality and obsessive drive.

When confronted with life’s toughest challenges, he prefers to rely on his innate instincts and reflexes, rather than ask for help. He can’t stand watching people hesitate and take decisions with uncertainty.

He is also very keen on keeping himself in shape and getting buffed up even. Contact sports and team sports are the top choices here because of the competitive spirit present in each of them.

No reason to play it cool

A lot of people criticize and speak ill of him, behind his back most of the times, but he is also confronted upfront from time to time. His response? Comical and satirical in nature, just like a competent and confident man would reply to attacks made on him.

He doesn’t care about people’s opinions because he knows himself too well to be influenced by such remarks. He also tries to overcome his impulses and wrathful nature.

Whenever someone angers him, he does everything in his power to tone it down a bit, otherwise, an explosion of epic proportions would follow.

Intimately, there’s really no reason to exaggerate, but he is a master in the bedroom, pure and simple.

When they fall in love, they start doing things that you wouldn’t even imagine them doing. In an attempt to impress and fascinate their lover, they will do just about anything.

Investing money and time is the least they are willing to do. These Mars in Scorpio men will flexibly change their approach based on the personality and expectations of the other person.

Aggressive and impetuous? Sure, they can pull that off quite easily. Romantic, tender, and affectionate? A little harder, but not impossible for this ambitious and stubborn native.

He is very interested in women who carry a dark secret with them, the kind that you immediately notice, the ones that stand out in a social group.

Physically, he wants only the best, the lascivious and sexy contours of the ideal woman. Everything is planned for even before he starts talking.

The beginning phase is where he gets to know the other person, shows off his confidence and bravado, the reliable and dominative personality, and if his feelings are mutual, then starts the adventure. And he hates having to wait for others to decide.

In conclusion

This man is determined to fight for his own ideas and principles to the death. He’s a dreamer who knows exactly what he wants from life and how to achieve, possessing incredible willpower and self-discipline.

Nothing can scare him out of going ahead, and his courage is legendary. When the situations turn dire, he is in full control, never losing his nerve because he quickly figures out how to overcome the challenges ahead.

Romantically, he can be possessive, jealous, stubborn, and sexually obsessed. For this reason, you should take care that he is always satisfied and fulfilled, and don’t even think about talking to other men in his presence.

He gets too emotionally involved most of the time, and this has adverse effects on the overall efficiency and productivity that he can deliver.

He is prone to irrational decision-making, uncontrollable bouts of anger and annoyance, and a total lack of empathy toward his competition.

He’s not very affected by whom he hurts along the way, as long as he gets what he wants. “Make love, not war”. This should be the very essence of the Mars in Scorpio man, one that he should live by.

It’s objectively better for him to invest all his energy and fiery temper in making love, emotionally and sexually, rather than fighting incessantly against the world.

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Written by Denise

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