The Mars in Aries Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She is a strong and reliable old soul, ready to take on any challenge without flinching.

Mars in Aries woman

The Mars in Aries woman has a lot of raw, untapped energy, courtesy of her natural influencer, Mars, but this is a very impetuous and spontaneous combination that often ends up in shambles.

She won’t be able to finish all projects or take all her ideas to a conclusion thanks to this. She’s aggressive, dynamic, sometimes too much, and she has a crazy vitality that basically translates to a person who goes against the natural flow of the world.

The Mars in Aries woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Principled and honest;
  • Negatives: Big-headed and aloof;
  • Soulmate: Someone who will accept her need for freedom;
  • Life lesson: Letting go of pressure felt from others.

A soft inside covered in a shell of confidence

Fiery, with a hatred for tediousness and routine, the Mars in Aries woman is not one to mess with.

She might go for a low-key persona in public when meeting new people, but you shouldn’t let yourself be fooled by this attempt of hers to hide her outgoing and dynamic personality.

She’s a very independent and willful woman who knows when to be serious and when to just enjoy the moment. In fact, her humor is one of the best and funniest one out there.

Having strong principles and a respect for people with firm beliefs, she likes to defend those who can’t defend themselves, the oppressed, the poor, and so on. She doesn’t like to spill her soul out for the first comer, and her private life is kept a secret, mostly.

Even though she appears as a strong and reliable woman who can take on almost any challenge without flinching, when she truly meets her match, her emotional sensitivity and femininity start coming out.

She’s actually quite vulnerable in these situations, as well as when she feels like her partner is not honest. She’s a completely fantastic woman if you know how to take her.

The woman born with Mars in Aries likes independent and masculine men who know what they want from life and who won’t be clingy.

If her partner can impose himself, demand respect and understanding in a natural way that doesn’t scream for attention, she’ll be more than impressed. She’ll be a very devoted girlfriend and wife if her man can get her attention.

She needs to direct her intense and destructive energy toward something practical, useful, a kind of outlet where she can release all her aggression and pressure.

Sports, the more aggressive the better, jogging, physical activity, are one of the few things that she can do.

Otherwise, if she fails to let go of all the pressure and the anger that’s been piling up, her friends and close ones might suffer as a result of her emotional outbursts.

She needs action, dynamic activities that make her blood flow faster, and she might even become selfish just to take part in these events.

The Mars in Aries woman likes to chase her partner, to struggle and fight fiercely in order to even get his attention. Someone that gives up too easily is not worth keeping, and she wants only the most deserving, the confident and bold.

General cheerfulness and playfulness are the top characteristics of this woman, with a touch of sexual attraction and sensuality that drive any man crazy with anticipation.

She needs to feel strong emotional pressure

The Mars in Aries woman can spiral out of control in a matter of seconds when she’s in love, and this is probably what her lover loves the most about her.

That impetuosity, the crazy attitude that makes you wonder what she’ll do next, the unexpected kisses and hugs, all the energy radiating from her, these are killer moves.

She’s wholly passionate about her sexual life and romantic interests, not willing to hesitate in the slightest. Either she goes all the way or no way at all.

She wants to be in an all-consuming relationship, one where she can explore the outer limits of her understanding, where she can overcome herself.

She’s been through a lot of problematic relationships in the past, and she’s the one keeping them alive most of the time.

It seems oddly counter-intuitive to willfully stay in these types of relationships, to consciously fuel the conflicts and dramatic arguments that end up worsening the situation.

The thing is the Mars in Aries woman cannot simply love on a sensitive level, just enjoying herself and taking pleasure in that sense of belonging, in all the affection and tenderness.

She needs to feel strong emotional pressure, to feel tingling through her body, to be shaken up thoroughly by the surges of conflict. Only that could satisfy her.

This woman loves a good challenge, having to struggle and fight with all her powers in order to achieve her goals.

Romantically, she will want to go for the most confident, disinterested and independent guy in the room, the one who lacks nothing.

Her competitive reflexes wake up, those instincts that have kept us alive for millennia, and she just now realizes how strong hers are.

The only problem here is that she might get a wrong impression of what a relationship should be. Instead of being interested in the actual bonding between partners, she’s more intrigued by the actual challenge in and of itself, a sort of trophy system.

Attracted by …

This woman suffers from what is commonly known as emotional instability and a low tolerance for bullshit. No, really, she’s really quick-tempered and will rapidly start a full-fledged war with anyone who’s mocking or belittling her.

However, she easily forgets as well, not willing to keep herself uselessly focused on such things. Moreover, the Mars in Aries woman is very enthusiastic and dynamic.

There are a lot of times when she keenly starts making a plan for a personal endeavor, a business idea or a project, but she soon abandons them, in spite of all the initial drive.

What is her idea of the ideal man? Well, he should be a masculine and independent man, someone with a good financial situation and a clear plan for the future.

He must be confident, self-aware, with a firm and determined personality, a self-assured man who doesn’t let emotions get in the way of his plans.

Those pansy, sensitive, and emotional men who can get infatuated just like that are not to her liking. She likes danger, risk, a sense of unconscious respect and dignity that her man should exude.

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Written by Denise

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