The Mars in Taurus Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She may seem stubborn and rooted in her style when in fact, she is quite versatile and quick to react to novelty.

Mars in Taurus woman

The Mars in Taurus woman is reliable, clear-minded in moments of duress, patient, and has very traditional principles that she follows.

The good thing is that once she makes up her mind on a certain topic, few are the things that could change her course again. She’s confident and very stubborn.

The Mars in Taurus woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Pragmatic and creative;
  • Negatives: Distracted and rushed;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is passionate and instinctual;
  • Life lesson: Analyzing life decisions more thoroughly.

She is in perfect control of her own emotions

She prefers to abide by the rules imposed on her either by her parents, friends, lover, or society itself. She does this because it would create havoc and disorder by revolting, and this would, in turn, put her comfortable life in disarray.

For all her stubbornness, she is willing to change her ways if she’s proven wrong. Generally restrained and quiet, she never argues or enters a conflict of her own accord.

In her childhood years, and even later on, she lives her life on her own terms, with independence and the freedom to choose whatever she thinks is right.

However, there will come a time when she’ll feel the need to walk alongside someone, to fall in love and to welcome her partner into her life.

In this sense, she wants someone with approximately the same personality and disposition. A calm and stable individual who can build a secure relationship.

She is in perfect control of her own emotions and she usually doesn’t let them dominate her actions. However, in order to make sure that everything is perfect, she prefers to do something that fulfills her spiritually.

All her weaknesses and vulnerabilities are buried deep within when she takes on the role of caretaker for her loved ones. She is affectionate and compassionate, and this gives her a sense of belonging.

Romantically, she wants a successful man who can ensure a form of stability, clear future prospects, and a secure relationship. Moreover, she’s quite different when going out in public, compared to how wild and free-spirited she is while in private.

As a Mars in Taurus woman, you might take everything at a very slow pace, step by step, but this also means that you will make sure to do it all perfectly, with responsibility and attention.

It’s very annoying for you to put in a lot of effort and then find out that it was all a futile attempt, that the plan will eventually end up in failure no matter what you do.

For this reason alone, you want to make sure that it’s a safe bet, that you analyze everything thoroughly before you commit.

Practical and pragmatic, she almost never makes mistakes when it comes to taking critical decisions.

She might be interested in betting in the stock market or collecting old, antiquated things. With a passion for beauty and historical value in and of itself, the Mars in Taurus woman is a very interesting and intelligent woman.

She has quite the aesthetic instincts. Put this together with her intuition and naturally organized personality, and you’ll get a native who’s most certainly going to have success in the world of art. Her love for nature and everything natural only makes this passion stronger.

She nurtures incredible sexual tension

Women born with Mars in Taurus are quite materialistic and simple-minded when it comes to sex. She only wants to be pleased, to feel good, to fulfill her physical expectations and sexual desires.

Sensitivity, idealistic romancing, tender attention, she isn’t very interested in these things or at least she doesn’t focus on them.

The pleasure of the senses, this is the essential factor here. It’s an instinctual craving for the strongest feelings of pleasure, for reaching a paroxysm of the sublime where she forgets about her own self, in the melting of the flesh.

Now, even though this might as a little animalistic and primitive to a lot of people, she feels very accomplished and satisfied with her lifestyle, and she doesn’t feel like she should change her views. Her passion and intensity are taken to a whole other level.

Because she tends to emphasize her own pleasure in all sexual encounters, and even when in a relationship, she is still this much focused on pursuing the maximal pleasure.

She finds it very hard to think about what the other feels like during these moments because the passion and intense feelings are too much to bear.

She’s not selfish or incapable of empathy, but the joy and pure enthusiasm take away her reason.

However, this also means that she’s going to go through a lot of bad periods during her life because of this problem.

Sex should lead towards a more profound bonding between partners, the completion of a cycle and the beginning of another. Just having an orgasm without any sorts of feelings attached is called casual sex, and it is in no way satisfying on the long-term.

What’s good is that she keeps her sexual encounters private, just as they should be, and she ascribes to certain conventions and traditional principles.

But the truth remains that she nurtures incredible sexual tension, along with strange sexual interests, and a passion that most would not understand.

Attracted by …

She is attracted to masculine men who are reliable and responsible. She wants a safe future where she doesn’t need to worry about the following day.

Financial security, emotional balance, and guaranteed protection are the top traits of her ideal man. She likes everything to be real and straightforward, out into the open, conventional and traditional.

The Mars in Taurus woman is very resolute and ambitious, to begin with. She takes all her projects to a finish, and she will spend a lot of time, even years if that’s what it takes, but she won’t abandon her plans.

When it comes to resistance and grit, there is no one better than her. She obviously needs a man who can follow along and do his thing without announcing it to the whole world.

A strong, mysterious and action-oriented individual, the type who exudes a certain intensity of character, a demonstrative aura. A provider is what she needs, someone who takes care of her both financially and personally.

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Written by Denise

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