The Mars in Aries Man: Get to Know Him Better

He is quite temperamental and being confident in their abilities, no one can defy or shake their own beliefs.

Mars in Aries man

The warrior Mars in Aries man is one of a kind, in the sense that he is courageous, bold, combative, and he will fight endlessly for his dreams. You won’t ever hear of such an individual scared or hiding in the corner when the real challenges are waiting out there for him to take them all on.

If you want to approach a Mars in Aries man and you don’t know how, don’t fret, because he’s probably noticed you, and you can be sure that he’ll take the initiative.

The Mars in Aries man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Dynamic and persistent;
  • Negatives: Domineering and procrastinating;
  • Soulmate: Someone who will fight for their desires;
  • Life lesson: Focusing more on creative pursuits.

This man is blazing with energy, when he’s set on doing something, his razor-sharp focus and mad determination will take him to the peaks of performance, but also exhaust him immediately.

A temperamental individual

These men know exactly what they can do, and how good they are in some respects. Confident in their abilities and willing to learn more, they act as though everyone else has something to learn from them, as though they have something the others don’t.

Spontaneity, boundless impetus, vitality, freedom are some of the things that govern these men born with Mars in Aries who don’t usually think things through before they act.

And they just let life take its course, only adapting as time goes on. If something isn’t challenging enough, they won’t be interested enough to put in the necessary effort.

Therefore, you won’t ever see this man shy in public or embarrassed to speak in front of a public. These are mere tedious things for him, and he does them just like that.

No one can shake his confidence, and he takes everything as though it’s a life or death combat. His principles and opinions are firm, something that other people will find to be admirable and respectful.

He’s possessive and very ambitious. When he really wants something, he will pursue it against all odds and he won’t stop until he either gets it or if he becomes unable to get it.

He easily gets angry and annoyed for the simplest of things, but mostly, he can’t stand it when people just can’t get off their couch to take care of their responsibilities.

Procrastination, the lack of ambition and perseverance, uncertainty, the waste of time. Everything that stops him from achieving his goals is bad and must be eliminated as fast as possible.

Why is traffic a thing in the first place? And long queues? Why doesn’t everyone act in an orderly, professional manner like he does if mystifying for him.

When he finds it hard to resist anymore and his temper just goes out of control, he’ll explode with a huge bang, a deafening one that will tell you exactly what you need to know: keep away from him.

Violence and aggressiveness were a part of his life ever since the beginning because he got into a lot of fights as a kid, and then a lot of arguments at school when someone didn’t agree with him.

He’s an athletic and active man, and he loves getting into the action wherever it may be. Doing sports and taking care of his physical condition will be a primary goal for him.

With all that energy swirling inside of them, it would have been strange if they didn’t focus all that spirit into creative endeavors.

These men can paint, they can sing and dance, hell, they could even work out as interior designers if they put in enough effort. No one can slow their pace in this regard because they know their potential enough.

He wants someone who will fight

He’s gotten into a lot of relationships and he has conquered a lot of women. He can tell you all about them for hours on end, all the adventures and emotional turmoil that he had to go through.

Most of his relationships were impulsive, created out of passion and intense feelings, just because he wanted to satisfy his cravings at the moment.

Over time, he’s formed his personality and quirks, so it would be a waste of time trying to change those.

He’s going to resist, you’re going to eventually find it impossible to continue, so why not accept and appreciate him for who he is? Just enjoy the boundless energy and sexual pleasure that he brings with him.

The Mars in Aries man is a hunter, a stalker who eyes his prey and waits for the right moment to unleash his surprise. He doesn’t want to get anything too easy or else his cravings would go down the drain.

He wants someone who will fight, a woman with a fierce temperament who won’t just let herself be subdued, even if that’s what will happen in the end. It’s sweeter when she gives up after a long chase, with all the adrenaline floating in the air.

Even if he gets serious later on when the relationship is underway, he won’t accept any attempts to undermine his efforts. He has a big ego, and he never does mistakes.

In conclusion

Let the Mars in Aries man work when you see him focused on the project. He may stay there for a few days, not even lift his head to see who’s been visiting him, but you’ll be surprised at his efficiency and productivity.

What happens is that he can’t let off a challenging prospect once it comes his way. It’s too tempting, and he’s also stubborn.

So, chew on that a little! He’s egocentric, self-centered and he wants his merits to be recognized. After all, he’s the one doing all the work, the one coming with all the good ideas, and also the one that brings the competitive spirit back to the surface.

He loves his freedom and his honesty will tell you exactly how he will react if you try to take it away from him.

He’s one of the most devoted men out there. When he deems his partner to be worth the effort, and if his feelings are true, he starts taking care of his lover with an unmatched love and affection.

He won’t try to charm or deceive you with sweet words and pointless promises because that’s a waste of time, and this native doesn’t like wasting his time.

He should learn to become a little bit more patient and calmer because of his impulsive and spontaneous attitude often get him into trouble or they destroy many opportunities.

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Written by Denise

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