Mars in Scorpio: Personality Traits and How It Affects Your Life

If you have Mars in Scorpio you are fiery and passionate about your opinions and try to find people who live as intensely as you.

Mars in Scorpio

With Mars all about the next moment and the Scorpio all about emotions, people born with Mars in Scorpio in their natal chart are strong, intense and determined. They are the fighters who don’t care too much about failures.

Whenever life will knock them down, they will rise like the phoenix from their own ashes. Intuitive and knowledgeable, they also don’t have problems guessing what others may feel.

Mars in Scorpio in a nutshell:

  • Style: Intuitive and persistent;
  • Top qualities: Strong-willed, sensual and masterful;
  • Weaknesses: Blunt, unforgiving, vengeful and exploitative;
  • Advice: Not everything that grabs your attention is that great;
  • Celebrities: Taylor Swift, Leonardo DiCaprio, Susan Sarandon, Alex Turner.

But they still want honesty and truthfulness, plus the Scorpio in them will make them search for the truth every time they sense someone is trying to deceive them.

Personality traits

Mars Scorpios don’t really understand different types of intensities, as they seem to do everything with great passion, even sometimes taken to the extremes.

That’s why everything they will experience is going to be memorable. Rather than being passive, these guys would take part in one of their friend’s drama or laugh until their stomach hurts at a good comedy.

It’s difficult for others to keep up with them, so they may often feel like they are not being understood. Romantic and looking for a soulmate, they want someone who’s capable of emotional complexities, like them.

A person who wouldn’t panic when they would cry or laugh too hard is perfect for them. Not to mention Mars Scorpios can obsess over people and things very often.

They crave that feeling of safety with a partner, but will never reveal this vulnerability of theirs although Mars intensifies their feelings even more.

It can take the Mars Scorpios longer until they find their perfect partner because they are very complicated persons. But they needn’t give up hope. What they have to learn is to stop believing anyone can be their soulmate.

Being more selective would be a great idea for them. Because they have a dark soul sometimes, someone brooding and mysterious would be more suited for them.

Mars makes them even more obsessive and possessive, so it will be difficult for them to break up with someone. That’s why they can waste their time with people who are not for them. Not to mention they can confuse true love with sex.

They will probably find their perfect partner after years of trying with different others. Because they are seductive and sexual, they will attract many people.

Intense and compulsive, Mars Scorpios can sometimes have outbursts of anger. They don’t forgive or forget easily and they tend to see the world in black and white, so it’s necessary they spend their time with someone more flexible. These guys will succeed in life because they have the power and determination to do it.

Love matters

Mars Scorpio people are full of emotions and hidden desires. They have a great energy and can achieve almost anything they set their mind to as they know self-discipline.

You can’t make them angry very easily, but they are very dangerous when they get this feeling. Proud and determined, these guys will get any partner they will fall for.

But when they hurt, they become these vengeful creatures that no one can cross. Sensual and passionate, Mars Scorpios want physical and emotional satisfaction.

Some people may find their magnetism too much for them. When having sex, they are all about depth of emotions.

Faithful, they would never even think about another person besides their partner. And don’t expect them to share things from their bedroom.

Possessive, they don’t particularly enjoy it when their lover spends too much time with someone else. In the entire zodiac, there is no other Mars sign to be more sexual and erotic than the Scorpio.

It’s like they have gathered the libido and the sexual power of all other signs. Because they are mysterious, you will never know what they are thinking or planning.

They can make a person want them just with a look. They are serious about lovemaking and romance, so someone who doesn’t offer the same level of seriousness is definitely not for them.

The Mars in Scorpio man

The Mars in Scorpio man is possessive and jealous. Some women may appreciate him for being so protective and domineering.

He likes to be stimulated both physically and emotionally, but he won’t express his feelings towards his lover when out in the world, although he will definitely be exciting and open in private.

While he won’t accept for his partner to pay attention to someone else besides him, he will look around for beauty from time to time.

The more someone will invest feelings and understanding in this guy, the more he will give back. But he needs a person who’s patient and can put up with his temper.

If the woman of his dreams doesn’t understand her guy needs to be left alone when upset, she will lose everything she has with him.

It’s best if the Scorpio man is never angered because he is always prepared to get revenge on the people who cross him. He will remember any mistake his partner makes, and when the time is right, he will attack.

The Mars in Scorpio woman

You can’t toy with a woman who has Mars in Scorpio. She will only be around people who are trustworthy and serious.

This lady is funny and intelligent, and she knows how to read other people more than anyone else. Because she wants to find her true love, she deserves to rest in a serious man’s arms for a lifetime.

And fate will be sure to offer her all this. The Mars Scorpio lady likes to be in control. She will want to set the pace in her relationship all the time. But this means she has to pay attention. Not to mention that she needs a partner who will allow her to lead.

Her man will have to be flexible and patient, someone who likes to develop next to a possessive woman who lives more intensely than others. If a Mars Scorpio woman is not allowed to do her job or to be free, she will ultimately leave.

Difficulties to overcome

People with Mars in Scorpio can be too emotional and jealous and of course their controlling and possessive attitude may not be appreciated by everyone. Lots of people, like Aquarius and Sagittarians, want to be free and to do whatever they want.

And Mars Scorpios would never be able to allow such things to happen. Because they also want power more than anything else, they will have problems when they’ll get together with people who are as ambitious and determined as them.

Not to mention they are the most vengeful in the zodiac: these guys can hold grudges for a lifetime if they have been incredibly angered.

When they’re unhappy and don’t make use of their good energy, they can end up being depressed and self-destructive. All their hate and negative feelings will be felt by others.

This is a dangerous combination as Mars is the planet of war and Scorpio the sign of vengeance, so you can only imagine what they can do. It would be best if you wouldn’t cross the Mars Scorpios or they will make sure to find out what makes you hurt the most and hit you when you are already feeling down.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.