The Mars in Scorpio Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She may have a tendency to impose some rules on others but she is usually very fun to be around.

Mars in Scorpio woman

The Mars in Scorpio woman is dynamic and action-oriented, always eager to try on new things, to brave new and risky challenges, and to further her own goals by doing this.

She is explosive and confident in her abilities. People seem to be naturally attracted to her intense and passionate personality because nothing seems to be able to take her down, no matter how difficult it is.

The Mars in Scorpio woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Eager and creative;
  • Negatives: Manipulative and moody;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is intriguing and passionate;
  • Life lesson: Not all desires can be satisfied in life.

Even though this woman may seem a magnet for trouble, her fervent and spirited character deliver her salvation every time.

The mystery within

For all her enthusiastic and dynamic approach, she never throws herself head-forward into battle without first observing her competition and the actual goal that she needs to achieve.

Causes that don’t harmonize with her inner principles and motivations are better left alone, as she prefers not to waste her energy and patience on things that she might not be satisfied with.

Only what promises hefty rewards and good prospects for the future can pass under her critical radar.

Her charming appearance and principled demeanor make for one hell of an attractive combination for all men.

However, in spite of the adorable and cute ladylike persona that she shows in public, deep down, she’s a total mystery, filled with plenty of dark secrets just waiting to be discovered.

The woman born with Mars in Scorpio is very compassionate and affectionate even though she’s also very rough around the edges when pursuing her goals.

Any challenge and the most difficult situations are nothing but opportunities to further hone her skills and developer herself.

Sexually, there are quite a few standards and rules that she’ll want to impose on her partners, as well as some expectations. Not just anyone can get in her bed, that much is sure.

There is nothing more infuriating than having your freedom inhibited and lacking the independence to make your own choices. This is the last thing that she wants to experience in a relationship.

Her energy levels can spike from high to low in short notice, but she can get some more from her partner.

Never try to deceive or manipulate a Mars in Scorpio woman. She will sniff it out moments after you’ve done it and call you out on it, if not prepare a more devious strategy to counter your ill-intended plans.

She also likes to get involved in others’ business just because she can, and because she has a special talent for observing how people act, revealing their inner contradictions and weaknesses.

Her watery sensitivity and emotional depth get riled up by the Martian energy. This burning spirit is often too passionate and overwhelming for a lot of people.

She is looking only for the mysterious and dangerous types of guys, those that go counter-clockwise as the rest of the world, the kind that has dark secrets about them.

She herself will go even deeper and make her affair a secret from all her friends and family. It’s not surprising that she chooses such a partner, given her interests in the occult, spirituality, odd and strange domains that the general public has no idea about.

She’s interested in whatever sparks that inner sense of intrigue and dark gusto, the instinctive and primitive instinct that calls one to search for the mysterious, dark, and unknowable. May tend to be masochistic, drug-user, illusionist, or part of a secret organization.

The Mars in Scorpio native gets her energy and enthusiastic mood from her odd interests, the side of the world that we don’t see but fear.

Each and every strange thing that has happened until now, she wants to use it to increase her knowledge and intrigue even more.

This adds to her creativity and imagination quite a lot. She then uses all these abilities and non-conformist persona to get herself a chair at the big guys’ table on the social ladder.

She’s very ambitious and immutable once she has made a decision. Fearless and committed to her goals, she makes do with whatever she has.

Gaining control

She’s not looking just to have some fun at somebody’s expense and relieve some pressure. If she’s really interested and begins to show you her deeper feelings, that means she’s looking for something serious, a long-standing relationship.

However, she might not be so lucky because most of her bonds end abruptly because of her tendency to control everything.

Moreover, she sees sex as a form of spiritual fulfillment, one that connects two people in more ways than one. If she even gets the suspicion that her partner might be cheating, it’s a problem too serious to avoid.

The Mars in Scorpio woman is a very passionate and sexual being, putting great importance on the act itself.

In fact, they use sex to gain control over their partners. Being in control and dictating how and when the pleasure is taken to another level brings them to a position of authority, giving them a certain degree of leeway over the relationship.

This happens behind the scenes, no showy excesses or theatrical bragging, just a subtle process of submission.

There is much more than meets the eye to a Mars in Scorpio woman, and she takes care so that her partner doesn’t notice her hidden agenda.

Attracted by …

You have watched Shrek, right? At one time, he says that ogres have layers, implying a certain complexity and depth of character.

Well, the Mars in Scorpio woman is looking precisely for these types of men with layers, those who are not just for show and hide tragedies behind their sexy and dignified looks.

A certain type of mysterious magnetism and electrifying attraction that exudes at an instinctual level, if she notices this from a guy, then she’ll fall in love immediately.

Her ideal partner should be humble and serious, a hard-working and efficient guy who never brags about his achievements.

Silence and long looks are much appreciated, as it gives him the impression of enigma worth discovering.

She wants someone with the same determination and willpower, the dominative and manly attitude that you would expect from an alpha male. Confidence is most welcomed, as well as a pure pleasure for engaging in hot and savage sex.

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Written by Denise

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