The Mars in Taurus Man: Get to Know Him Better

He loves to take a step back and just observe the world and he’s opinions are often well-regarded.

Mars in Taurus man

The Mars in Taurus man is highly material, an individual in tune with the comfortable aspects of life, with strong desires that he wants to accomplish. He wishes to satisfy his senses, to feel good, to relax and to have a good time in this life.

And whether we’re talking about tasty food, drinks, long voyages on the sea, or a three-weeks’ vacation on the coast of a tropical island, this native is all over them. What’s bad about this predilection of his is that he will be content with his lifestyle if he’s comfortable and won’t try to better himself.

The Mars in Taurus man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Passionate and intuitive;
  • Negatives: Lazy and impatient;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is refined, tender and attentive;
  • Life lesson: Not letting a distance interfere between him and close ones.

High expectations in life

These natives take their time in admiring the beauty of the world, the perfect aestheticism, the chirping of the birds, the rustling of the leaves, the bright sunlight cutting through the clouds, the Mars in Taurus man finds it fulfilling to gaze at them.

Practicality is the way to go in their case, although they may be a little choosy in terms of clothing, picking out only those quality ones, and also strongly colored.

These natives also share a strong connection with their friends and family, so close in fact, that they will react violently and with great determination every time they perceive danger coming close.

Combine the natural tendency of a Taurus to take a step back and enjoying the view of his courtyard, of about any sort of beautiful thing in the world, with the combative influence that Mars has on him.

What did you get? You should have gotten a native who’s crazy about making his life a paradise, about fighting boldly and courageously for what he feels would fulfill his dreams.

In general, though, their dreams and aspirations concentrate on the desire to be comfortable. And what could be more comfortable than being a couch potato, staying all day long inside the house, watching Netflix, and eating chips?

They might go for sports, but not very active ones, and also, they will try to incorporate their creativity into something practical. Moreover, they could be very good farmers from the looks of things.

Now, knowing what the Mars in Taurus man is all about, would you see him skipping through relationships like Don Juan or taking them slowly, individually, with passion and romanticism?

The latter seems more plausible, right. He’s very affectionate and patient with his love, and he will want to walk every step of the way, from the initial encounter to the flowers, the notes, the kisses, and then the confession.

If she refuses to play along and tries to distance herself, this man will go through a rainy period where nothing goes as it should.

A dysfunctional behavior, antisocial attitude, his shyness will turn to depression, and so on. He doesn’t have anger issues for most of the time, although if he’s maddened enough, watch out!

He won’t be keeping an eye on the collateral victims, and just like an enraged bull, he will stampede everything in his way.

The man born with Mars in Taurus wants to focus all of his imagination and intuition on creating little things or even building himself a house. Hand-crafted things are most enjoyable to him.

This shows that he is ready to put himself to work if the incentive is great enough if he wants to truly achieve his goal. Also, he prefers to finish his projects before moving on to another idea.

His woman should be refined and devoted

This man is quite content with living the life of his dreams, a comfortable and happy one where his responsibilities are set in stone, a sort of routine that he quickly gets used to. He knows how to keep himself happy and fulfilled.

He believes that something, where you put in enough effort, will eventually turn out to have an incredibly satisfying result. Whatever you work for, spend night and days overlooking in, taking it to step by step, that’s worth it.

He wants his woman to be refined, tender, feminine, both physically and psychologically, and he wants her to get used to living a routine-based lifestyle.

In a relationship, he wants to take it slowly so that he has enough time to see whether she is compatible with him or not, whether she’s the right one after all.

He knows just how devoted he can be when he falls in love that deeply, and he wants to avoid unpleasant situations where he breaks up with that person.

For him, getting all physical is one of the most efficient ways to check things out, and it’s something he deeply enjoys also.

In conclusion

The Mars in Taurus man is generally much more sensitive and intuitive than most other men, and this means that he would try to break apart any social regulations, to do his own thing, to creatively create his own lifestyle.

However, with his lover, things could be different, and he may find it better to ascribe to certain traditional ideas. The fact doesn’t change that he is very imaginative in bed, so he doesn’t give up on his nature after all.

Possessive, jealous, and materialistic, this man cherishes his property and doesn’t want anyone else to interfere with it.

Yeah, he does perceive his woman as belonging to him, so don’t even think about trying anything funny. He can make money very easily given his responsible and perseverant nature, but he finds it hard to part ways with it.

One thing is true about him, and that is his stubbornness and determination to never give up on his principles and ideas.

Even when you thought you’ve won when he’s stopped speaking, just remember that some people realize they’re dealing with idiots and will give up rather than waste their time.

Just saying… If his wellbeing is directly implicated in an argument or debate, you’d better prepare for a lengthy, argumentative, and mule-headed discussion that will end with you driven out of your mind.

He’s the type of man who emphasizes his professional success and material situation first, the achievement of all his life’s dreams, and only after that would he get into a relationship.

He expects his partner to have a successful job, to be responsible and patient with spending money. He might start judging you on what you buy, believing it’s a waste of capital, and this will become annoying in the long-term.

Don’t anger him though. Even if it takes a lot of time and effort to get there, you won’t like him when he’s angry.

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