The Mars in Gemini Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She can’t be tamed or put under chains so she often says exactly what she thinks, regardless of the consequences.

Mars in Gemini woman

The Mars in Gemini woman is a free-spirited and free-flowing individual who never sits still for too long in one place. She’s an explorer who likes to wander freely, even though she might not like the many different places that she discovers on the way.

Her mind is never static, so she’s always transforming, finding new things to be enthusiastic about, going the extra way to further develop herself. Just like Icarus, she wants to fly as close to the Sun as possible.

The Mars in Gemini woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Persuasive and charming;
  • Negatives: Distracted and lazy;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is unconventional and fun;
  • Life lesson: Coping with less enthusiasm from other people.

A penchant for artistic endeavors

She’s forever enthusiastic and shining with a pleasing smile plastered on her face. Always keen on trying new things and talking about the most interesting of subjects with those who want to listen, the Mars in Gemini woman uses her mind in ways most of us can’t even imagine.

She can use her wit and sarcasm to keep her distance and punch anyone who tries to insult or otherwise hurt her feelings. And she can be very acidic with her witty language, so take care not to anger her.

The more she involves herself in artistic activities that put her imagination and intuition to work, the more she feels good about herself, and a little pat on the back never ruins the fun.

For her, sex is something that should be done simply because it feels so good. She doesn’t see it as something that should be put under strict supervision, and she engages in adventures every time she gets a chance.

Being an Air sign, she feels freer than anyone else, just like she can fly from flower to flower, unchained and independent.

This woman born with Mars in Gemini is both intelligent and curious, witty and funny. She can get quite intrigued by a man who offers her moments of pure joy and romantic escapades, but to her, even having a fascinating conversation about the nature of the world achieves the same effect.

She doesn’t behave like a needy princess who can’t even take her own shoes off though. In fact, most people see her as a very restrained and controlled woman who can take care of herself perfectly. This impression is based on her self-disciplined and resolute character.

Moreover, her intelligence is often underestimated until the evidence points to the contrary. Witty and smart as a whip, she uses her intuition and imagination to enhance her beauty and natural sex appeal.

Her personality can’t be tamed or put under chains, so she would really love a man with the same unwillingness to submit.

This individual is hyperactive, varying different types of activities and interests at the same time, just to make their day even more entertaining and dynamic. She is multifunctional, and she loves to combine her many passions and hobbies.

With a flexible and adaptable personality, the Mars in Gemini woman needs to do something that puts her brain at work, even the smallest thing would do, as long as she’s not procrastinating. Boredom, tediousness, and inactivity are her greatest enemies.

She’s chaotic, disorderly, and her natural rhythm seems as if it would break apart with each passing moment.

Nothing can stop her from breaking free from the societal shackles and just roam the world, do as many things as possible, and engage herself in plenty of social events.

She doesn’t have a problem with unfinished tasks, as she knows she’ll eventually come around and solve all her problems.

A straight line might be the shortest and most efficient way to get from A to B, but it certainly isn’t fun or innovative. Well, her path is anything but straight. She runs around amok, searching for things to do, ideas to uncover, mysteries to solve.

To put it into perspective, the Mars in Gemini woman is the type to do all the side-quests in a game before even starting the main quest line. Also, she’s a sensual and perverted woman who can’t sit quiet about her sexual fantasies.

An unconventional attitude

You would be very disappointed to find out that she’s into casual sex. She doesn’t do well with emotional connections or promises to advance to a higher level if everything is alright.

Experimentation is fueled by her endless curiosity, and she does want to live life at its peak, in that she wants to expand her perspectives beyond the natural limits.

Intelligence, mental compatibility is way more important to her. As weird as it sounds, she could be in a relationship with someone and feel fulfilled, without ever having sex.

It’s not that she doesn’t like sex or that she can’t feel satisfied in the throes of passion, in the melting of the bodies, but that she can do without that just fine.

It’s not a need for physical contact, but something extra that just adds some spice to a relationship.

Her ideas about sex are as varied and unconventional as her attitude towards the world, endlessly innovative.

She doesn’t believe sex is taboo, and neither are any fetishes attached to it, and her open-minded approach is actually very attractive to a lot of men out there.

However, this tolerance and lack of importance attached to sex also mean that they don’t see promiscuity or cheating as something inherently bad or immoral. They can do it without hesitation just because they want to feel good.

As intelligent and aware they may be in conducting their sexual experiments, the more ignorant and confused they can be when put in a situation when they are criticized for cheating.

Jealousy just doesn’t exist in their vocabulary, sexually speaking, and this creates a lot of problems for them, in time.

Attracted by …

First and foremost, she is attracted by a man’s personality, character, how he came to be, how he thinks, and the breadth of his knowledge.

His curiosity and plans for the future, his verbal skills and charm, all of these are way more important to her than mere physical attraction.

Even though, in the beginning, she may be unconsciously be attracted by his looks, communication, and intellectual stimulation take its place after a few moments. Her mind must be engaged in the relationship, more so than her body, in order to find fulfillment and satisfaction.

Physically, she prefers someone with an athletic and tall build, not skinny, but under the medium weight range. She is very intrigued by a lively and dynamic man who knows how to have fun and comes up with ingenious ideas.

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Written by Denise

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