The Mars in Gemini Man: Get to Know Him Better

He may often find himself troubled by the excessive energy coursing through his veins.

Mars in Gemini Man

The Mars in Gemini man loves to play with the mind of his loved ones, but not in a manipulative, mocking way. Instead, he likes to put them to the test, to see how they can face up against his mind-twisting wordplays.

He’s an intelligent individual who just can’t get enough of exploring the world. He’s curious, skeptical, rational, and he won’t back off from an interesting conversation. Rather, he’s the one starting them.

The Mars in Gemini man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Free-spirited and easy-going;
  • Negatives: Skeptical and contradictory;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is mysterious and challenging;
  • Life lesson: Avoiding to leave things only half-completed.

A penchant for mind games

This man is very amusing, witty, with a startling panache for putting his interlocutors in intellectual deadlocks. He just can’t get enough of it.

Free-spirited and with an expansive mind, he will flirt with any woman as long as he’s intrigued enough. Their style is very subjective, flexible, fitting with their adaptative personality. He can do any style, depending on the type of social context he’s going at.

Moreover, he can be extremely persuasive and good with words when he’s put in situations that he must deflate quickly.

Against his opponents, he will often try to put them down with mind games and psychological tricks before resorting to anything else.

Of course, there are also those who won’t be tricked by such simple tricks that they’re putting forward, and these enemies are those who can match them intellectually.

The Mars in Gemini man is always troubled by his excessive energy coursing through his veins. He feels the need to be intellectually stimulated, to keep himself occupied with challenging interest, and this also means that once something turns into routine, he’ll be appalled and become disinterested.

This is why most of his projects will only go completed half-way, with the rest being suspended for an unknown time. One singular focus would kill him. He needs diversity, many simultaneous points of interest, each with its own level of difficulty, to really satisfy his needs.

Multi-tasking is how he finds fulfillment. He’s extremely able and dexterous, nimble with doing the more detailed things that other people would throw a fit over.

They can be very contradictory at times because Mars’ combative influence gets them going at times when their natural disposition would choose another way to go.

They could, for example, choose to act with a strong impetus instead of trying to talk their ways out, and the other way around, in totally incompatible situations. Moreover, their logical and rational mindset often gets in the way of how they express their emotions.

Thorough analysis is needed, and you’ll often see them space out at times, probably thinking about how they should react.

Fun fact – because they are so observant and meticulous, they can be the best sportsmen because they will literally study every little aspect and technique in order to perfect themselves.

Quite a joyful lover

The native born with Mars in Gemini tends to be a complete mess in his younger years, at least in terms of love. He’s moving from relationship to relationship, not really knowing what he’s looking for.

Uncertain, with a visceral hate for organization and structure, he won’t be able to always reach his goals because he abandons them half-way.

However, all these intellectual comings and goings will eventually turn into a very beneficial thing for him because he’ll accumulate plenty of knowledge, focus on a specific interest that he’ll later get to turn in a lucrative profession.

As for his ideal partner, that remains a mystery for most of the time. It’s going to be someone who can take his intellectual mind games and retort in her own way, that much is sure.

His endless energy can only be exhausted one way, and that is intellectual activity, more specifically by discussions and debates.

If you see them constantly bringing up a topic, you’d better realize right then and there that they are very prepared to take out their colossal amount of knowledge and beat you with it. They can get very ecstatic and giddy about this sort of things.

They are tensed and agitated, always looking for something to do. Their passion and intensity manifest in the most surprising of ways, certainly not in a violent way, but a free-spirited and cool manner.

Intimately, he can be a very joyful man, always willing to try something to spice things up, but you can really turn him on with kinky words as well. Seduce him with honesty and romanticism, and you’ll have a loving partner for life.

However, his levels of honesty and directness aren’t welcomed by many women. This is why he’s become apprehensive to keep silent about certain things.

He can be very uncertain about the course that he wants to choose for the relationship, so expect a sudden change of perspective with him.

One of the ways in which you can know for sure this native is serious about you is noticing how much time he’s willing to invest.

Also, you should know that he’s a casual flirter, and he won’t resist the temptation to get close to other women, just for the fun of it.

In conclusion

He is a very active and multifaceted individual who is both spontaneous and bright-looking. Optimism is his middle name, and he won’t ever despair over spilled milk.

Rather, he’s going to move forward and try to overcome the challenge (by talking his way out of it, most of the time). He’s a talkative character, and this is an underestimation. He can literally talk his enemies to death.

He might have strong principles that he’ll want to uphold for the rest of his life. He’s both socially active and communicative, respectful to women, and diplomatic. You won’t ever have to complain about him making a scene in public.

If he seems to be uncertain and apprehensive about moving forward with the relationship, it’s not an illusion, he really is unsure.

He first wants to know that you won’t just up and go at the first sign of danger or that you would be scared of his inner thoughts and emotions. First get to know him, and then he’ll open more to you, gradually.

He’s a multi-tasker, an erudite, someone with eclectic interests who just can’t focus on one single goal at a time. He needs activity, multiple activities to take part in, group projects, hobbies, passions, and so on.

However, he must really learn to complete his tasks once he starts them. The tendency to leave them like that will be a huge disadvantage in the future.

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