Mars in Gemini: Personality Traits and How It Affects Your Life

If you have Mars in Gemini you are averse to boredom and prepared for any sort of situation occurring.

Mars in Gemini

Those born with Mars in Gemini are smart and resourceful people who are rarely caught thinking with their heart.

They are not only good at absorbing information, they also know how to apply everything they learn to their own advantage. With these guys, it’s not about who they know, but more about what they know.

Mars in Gemini in a nutshell:

  • Style: Quick and curious;
  • Top qualities: Agile minded, adaptable and versatile;
  • Weaknesses: Aggressive, cynical and irritable;
  • Advice: Stop to relax and “smell the roses” from time to time;
  • Celebrities: Al Pacino, Jim Morrison, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Aretha Franklin.

Their ability to come up with great ideas in extreme situations will make them wanted in groups. It can be impressive to see them coming up with ingenious strategies. This means they are usually prepared for any type of situation. If they set their mind to it, they can be the most innovative people in the zodiac.

Personality traits

Mars Geminis will never get together with people who are less intellectual than them. These guys want to be stimulated all the time. Nothing turns them on better than a good debate.

But if they want to be friends or lovers with someone for a long time, they need to have something in common with that person. Not to mention they need people that are flexible around them because they are changeable.

Brainstorming is one of their favorite things to do. Mars Geminis will never look for conflict and will avoid confrontation at any cost. Because they never act before thinking, they may seem slow.

Tenacious, you will never catch them off-guard. They are good at making things with their hands. When it comes to pleasure, soft touches on the naked body is their thing.

If it were for them to get the perfect job, they should become writers. When someone will complain about the most trivial things, they won’t even listen.

Not too clear about their own feelings in general, these guys won’t be able to express clearly what goes through their head. If they would keep a journal, they would have their thoughts more organized.

The fact that they think very fast is not all the time beneficial for them. You can recognize them easily because they are the ones who move the fastest and are alert to catch any conversation. If hurt or challenged, they become very vocal and sarcastic.

It’s important for them to flirt and socialize or they won’t be happy. These are people whose mind has to always be engaged and active. As a mutable sign, Geminis are changeable. Mars influences them to live fast and take action before everyone else has even understood what’s all about.

It’s impossible for them to have a routine because they hate boredom and need variety more than anything else. Those who want to be around them need to keep up with their fast pace.

They sometimes abandon projects and start new ones. And they are not bothered that they have left things unfinished because they know that they can always come back and take care of business.

Because they are so keen on variety, it’s possible they’ll work on more than one project at a time. Any new idea will motivate them. They don’t follow a safe and straight path as their approach is more diverse and ingenious. It’s important to keep them interested or they’ll get bored and won’t hesitate to leave.

A challenging lover

Imaginative, Mars Geminis will never bore their partner. They are the most turned on by intellectuality and people with a great mind. Everything that’s interesting will be experimented by them.

Because they want something new all the time, they may end up being unfaithful. When it comes to sex, they view it as another way to have fun.

It doesn’t matter how strange a new sexual technique will seem, they will try it. Flirtatious, they may not spend too much time with only one partner.

They need excitement for their relationships to last. Reading some erotic novels will help them get new ideas for their passionate nights. Dirty talk may also be to their liking and rough sex is something they would enjoy very much.

You can get them to unbutton their pants very fast if you stimulate their mind. Their kisses can impress anyone, and when they tease, they can make anyone go crazy. It’s impossible to get them into bed if you don’t combine poetry with lovemaking a little bit.

The Mars in Gemini man

Sociable and friendly, the Mars Gemini man is enthusiastic but not loud. He will always search for someone with whom he can talk about anything. Because he’s intelligent and fun, he’ll be known and respected by many.

A gentleman, this guy knows how to really treat a lady. As soon as he has committed, it’s very unlikely he’ll look for someone else. But the fact that he’s dual will make him a little bit difficult to understand.

At first, he may seem like he’s withholding information about himself. And it won’t be just an impression because he can be very private about his thoughts and feelings.

But as soon as he will learn to trust someone, he will open completely. And it’s thrilling to see a Mars Gemini man being himself.

The Mars in Gemini woman

A good observer, the woman with Mars in Gemini won’t miss a thing. She can be two-faced because the Gemini is a dual sign.

Whenever a person will talk to her, she’ll be able to see if he or she is being honest because Mars helps her in this direction.

Sexy and mysterious, she will be the one who makes the first step. Some men may find her intimidating, but as soon as she gets comfortable with a person, she becomes the sweetest person, especially in private.

It’s important that she knows she’s worthy of anyone’s love, no matter how dark she may think.

Because she’s open to change, she’ll adapt to any type of partner. But this lady needs to be respected if it’s for her to care about someone with all of her heart. It’s possible her partner will see the both sides of her personality.

Difficulties to overcome

Those with Mars in Gemini can be a little bit reserved, especially in the beginning, when you get to know them. They need a lot of attention and are prone to suffer from nervous breakdowns.

When it comes to love, they can be unfaithful because they are always looking for change and variety. Not to mention how much they like to flirt and to be free.

If a partner will make them feel tied down, they’ll decide to break up faster than lightning. If they are provoked, they turn into these verbally aggressive people who don’t hesitate to say anything that can make their aggressor feel very bad.

It’s suggested you don’t mess with them, or they’ll hurt you very badly. Because they have so much energy, Mars Geminis won’t stay still for a moment. They like to search, to explore and to engage.

It’s possible they will take more than one project at a time. With a good ability to create with their hands, they are great musicians or craftspeople. If they want to be successful, they need to focus more. Not known for being organized or practical, they will most of the time be surrounded by chaos. A Virgo in their life would surely be helpful.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.