The Mars in Capricorn Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She really wishes to rise to the expectations of those around so will work very hard for this to happen.

Mars in Capricorn woman

The Mars in Capricorn woman does everything in her power to achieve her potential and has a firm grip on their objectives.

She is the one with the initiative and determination, the ambitions and perseverance necessary to go the extra way for that lifestyle she always wanted.

The Mars in Capricorn woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Ambitious and perfectionistic;
  • Negatives: Manipulative and careless;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is enthusiastic about their goals;
  • Life lesson: There is no need to take revenge when trust is betrayed.

This woman is very responsible and thoughtful for her age, and this applies to her in general, in any social group. Planning is the most important factor in her life.

Quite a lot of patience

She may look like an old lady from the 50s with her colored dress and antique phrases coming along, but she’s certainly an innovator and a revolutionary. Her mindset is set toward the future in a progressive and evolutive sense.

Her hard-working and confident approach to professional life instills respect and admiration even in her male competitors.

This astrological combination is one of the strongest and most aggressive. This woman is filled with raw energy and dominative spirit just waiting to come out. She’s also very resistant and patient, waiting for opportunities to appear.

This native has so much patience, in fact, that she could spend an incredible amount of time planning and prepare for taking on her bigger goals.

She could stay cooped up in her home thinking about the best possible way to achieve her aims for hours on end, even all day long, and that would only motivate her further.

She’s motivated, determined and willing to further hone her skills and learn from experience in order to get to where she wants to be, to climb that social ladder.

All her friends and acquaintances confirm her abilities and unmatched ambition. Perfectionism and the need for control keep her on top of the game, always, and when the situation turns dire, she manages to confidently go through it.

The native born with Mars in Capricorn is very realistic and pragmatic. She thinks a lot about her own lifestyle and potential development, as well as what she needs to do an increase in her wellbeing.

Materialism thus comes into the picture. She does want to make a lot of money because money is currently the single most important element of a more than decent lifestyle.

Mars in Capricorn’s influence increases the likelihood of her gathering her courage and finally deciding to take the reins. She’s actually interested more in what money can bring, rather than the green bills themselves.

Also, she doesn’t even want to pay attention to all the superficial arguments and conflicts that people throw against her. Ignoring all of this is way better.

The Mars in Capricorn woman is a very enthusiastic and generous woman who is always on the go, watching the comings and goings of people around her, traveling, working out the ways she needs to go toward in order to reach success.

Socially, she’s very keen on meeting new people, but romantically, she’s a little naïve and superficial. This is to say that her emotional and sensitive nature is often the reason why a lot of people use and manipulate her into believing some high-paced stories about splendid future prospects, undying love, and other such things.

However, when her feelings are hurt, and her trust betrayed, she isn’t likely to forget that easily, and she might even seek revenge. She can act in a totally arrogant and self-centered way on the path to her goals, and she won’t care about whom she tramples on the way.

Her desire to get better and better at what she does, even perfectly so, matches this cold and resolute personality. It will ensure her unmistakable ascension.

Of course, she would be even happier if her way up would be ensured from the get-go, free from all the competition and people struggling against her.

But life’s hard, and she takes it face-forward, with determination and patience. Her plans and great persuasion skills are the telltale signs of a successful person.

Wanting to feel the real thing

The Mars in Capricorn woman believes that no relationship can be considered to be a good one unless purged through the fires of hardships, through difficulties and problems.

If the partners didn’t have to pass through such situations hand-in-hand, braving all the opposition together. In this sense, pain and suffering are what she’s looking for, no matter how odd and counter-intuitive that may sound.

She wants her love to be tested, to be tarnished and fraught with obstacles, and only when both she and her partner prove themselves worthy could they start a relationship.

Intimately, she wants to follow a certain code of conduct, the traditions that most people have followed for so long.

These conventions and orthodox rules are often broken by them though because, in their search for physical satisfaction, they go the extra mile and do what others won’t. Breaking the barriers comes too easy, but they still don’t realize that.

Moreover, she won’t enter a relationship with someone that she can’t control. This is absolutely a must, finding a partner that she can have some degree of control over.

Sexually, she wants to regulate the intensity and passion released, and she wants to know that she can manage the situation accordingly. What’s more, the Mars in Capricorn woman is a very traditional lover.

She wants to share the responsibilities of relationships with her partner, to sacrifice and compromise in order to make it all work, to put in a lot of efforts to get the best results. She loves to be pampered and taken care of in an affectionate and compassionate way.

Attracted by …

First off, we shall explain what the Mars in Capricorn woman is like, in order to then get to the type of guy she is attracted to.

Thus, this native is very ambitious and perseverant to attain all her goals and objectives, no matter the difficulties that stand in her way.

Moreover, she’s very rational and observant, so she will likely formulate her plans accordingly, taking into consideration every possibility.

Romantically, however, her confidence and typical determination get dulled down. Her uncertainty and lack of know-how make it especially difficult to get good results.

Her ideal partner should be serious and determined to fulfill his dreams, to have plans of his own, and to follow a set path.

It would be great if he had a stable material situation so that he can ensure a secure and healthy relationship. He must also know how to wait for her because this woman is pretty slow to respond to shows of affection, and her deliberations can last for quite a long time.

She’s instinctively attracted to handymen, those who are manly and know how to solve their problems without counting on outside help.

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Written by Denise

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